2008 acoustic addictive aggressive and now can anybody tell me how it is possible to not love them and weeeeeeeee awful songs from quite good bands baile funk bands that have something in common with arctic monkeys or alex turner bands that i personally discovered in 2006 best albums of 2008 bis britpop can anybody tell me how many instruments they play canadian classic dance-punk disco dos favourites electronic everything thom yorke touches turns to gold example of wonderful b-side extremly long songs titles that make people mad and i love them family bands favourite feburary 2007 female vocalist folk folkotronica france good songs from boring bands hang on thats from advert how could he be so handsome i am such an accent junkie i miss this band so very much i want to sing along i was listening to this artist waaaaay before you because i try out new music before… i was listening to this way before you because i like to try new music i was singing this for months if this band doesnt get huge i will buy a hat and eat it if you were curious why i have problem with my sleep now you know im fiddleeeee junkie im forever unfullfilled im quite suprised that i like it cos it kind of pop that i hate but my feelings are… im trying to play this on my guitar indie electronic indie pop inspiring instrumental inteligent new indiealtwrnative band ipt ironic its so beautiful and sad that kills me softly everytime i listen to it kind of funny and happy songs that i really like kind of weiiiird protest song love at first listen lovely cacophony loveydovey-me-oh-my melancholy more than favourite music for a rainy summer day my city my tie rocks better than yours new rave nice bands name nice remix north america one of my favourite songs all the time polish powerful pure magic reminds me of the summer time robbers and covers sligtly creepy smile with me so good so polish solo some classic from matthewch songs that dont mach artists style sounds like sun spirrrriiiing static craziess for me tears and sadness thats so clever the fact that this is the name of a band makes me want to check their music out even… this really puts me into christmas mood top 2007 trip-hop underrated vocalist is too handsome so he has too be a filthy bastard vocalist is too hansome and he has too be a filthy bastard stealing my dreams vocals that should belong to a women but the vocals are done by a dude and since ive… we love backing vocals we love collabs welsh wet what an outstanding voice why are you people so obsessed will you marry me sir you are welcome in poland