• This is my band: Hordasken

    Abr 26 2008, 14h38

    We've played a few gigs here and about and now we're finally going to record some songs.
    iTunes say they'll happily have us onboard, woot.
    Also had some interest from the Terrorizer 'zine.


    Watch this space.
  • Enjoying

    Out 10 2007, 16h57


    Hey everyone,
    Just enjoying listening to some of your recommendations from Bebo and MySpace, thanks for all the feedback!

    Discovered some more Dark Moor as well as a helluva lot more viking/folk/power/black/death/whatevergenreyoulikehere music tbh (Y)


  • Welcome

    Set 8 2007, 14h43

    Welcome to my account.
    Hopefully you can find some new music and go home a few tracks richer.
    I'd appreciate it if you recommend me artists, songs etc.

    Well since this is meant to be a 'music journal', I figured I'd say:

    My first CD:

    16 Volt: SuperCoolNothing, Wasn't I a cool 6 year old?

    16 Volt