Gavin Bryars


Fev 7 2006, 12h31

For some reason Brian Eno doesn't feature on Last.FM's list of artists similar to Gavin Bryars. This is a terrible omission. Eno produced Bryars' first four albums and Bryars conducted the strings on Eno's Discreet Music. What is more Eno was part of Bryars' Portsmouth Synfonia.

Theres some great information (and fotos) on Bryars in the 70s when he still had hair in Michael Nyman's book *Experimental Music: John Cage and Beyond* (forward to the second edition by Brian Eno.)


  • captainjjb

    certainly it would seem an obvious comparison, yes. I did a journal on My First Homage by Gavin Bryars last year. It's a bit like a jazzy Music for Airports Part 1. And he had hair on the cover of that album!

    Fev 8 2006, 7h14
  • DoctorEno

    When was it released? Do you have copies of the Obscure releases by Bryars, Machine Music, Ensemble Pieces etc. As the Obscure releases have been out of print for decades I'd happily send you an MP3 in return for one of My First Homage.

    Fev 10 2006, 20h44
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