• Save Up Money & Dj Equip Goal

    Fev 9 2011, 8h51

    i Been Saving My Money Up Which Is Easy For Me since it Been 4 Weeks Without Smoking At All. Boo ya I Beat My room Mate On Who be the First One Too Chicken Out to Back Smoking. So 100.00 Save and Thinking Buying A Dj Equip With a I pod Dock in it. But I Don't know Yet If I what. Dang it My Brain About to Blow Up.. LOL.
  • Super Bowl XLV Ads And I -Tune Download

    Fev 7 2011, 7h44

    i Been Bored All Days So I Have to Watch The Super Bowl XLV because of the Ads. I Was Shock that Green Bay Have Won the Super Bowl XLV Game Which is Great For them. I Mostly Like Is the Ads And The Half Time Show With the Black Eyes Peas Is Better then Last Year The Who Play which Was Not As Good As I Thought. so I Download Music Since Friday Till Now So here the List Of Music I Download From I-Tune.Old Skool New School Music.

    1.Bass Down Low (feat. The Cataracs)
    2 Bob Marley -.One Love/People Get Ready
    3. Chris Brown - Look At Me Now (feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes)
    4. Dr. Dre - I Need a Doctor (feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey)
    5. Nicki Minaj -Your Love
    6. Lil Wayne - 6 Foot 7 Foot (feat. Cory Gunz)
    7. Diddy - Dirty Money & Skylar Grey - Coming Home
    8.Public Enemy - Fight The Power
    9. Run- Dmc - Walk This Way
    10. Biggie Smalls- Juicy

    Dj Clash Of Jockey Fav Super Bowl Ad 2011 Is.

    House M.D. - Super Bowl Ad 2011
  • DJ COJ Album Review 1# : The Black Eyed Peas - The Beginning [Deluxe]

    Fev 6 2011, 7h02

    Artist: Black Eyed Peas
    Album : The Beginning [Deluxe]

    My Friend Bought This Cd On Friday and I Been Listen Since Friday And Loving It.The Album: The Beginning [Deluxe] Is Really Good, There About four Song I Like Out of it Even The " The Time { Dirty Bits} " Song I Like Out of 15 Song. The Song I Like Besides the Popular Song Is " Do It Like This " Is a Great Beats Song that Makes you Feel Like Dancing Your Butt Off. The Next Song I Like On it Reminds Me Of a Reagan Song Is " The Coming " is Another Great Song In the Album. It's Have Great that Reagan Beats Mix with USA Beats. My Third Song I Like On this Album is " Don't Stop The Party " Slow Beats But Great To Be Use as A DJ Mix's style . last one i Pick is " Light Up The Night " this the Only Last One I think it's Actually Good. The Album is Very But Only one Song Out of the 15 Song is Great Because The Song " The Time [Dirty Bits] Got popular Because the Music Was Sample Of the Song " Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes - (I've Had) the Time of My Life " the Song Is Still Great even if they Use a Classic Song From the Album. I Give this Album Rated 9.5 out of 10.If you Want To Get this Cd I Think you Should.
  • Back Only 2 Days Gone. A;bum Review Coming Soon.

    Fev 5 2011, 7h52

    Im Back Listen to my Play list So i need to Re fix it After Finding the mistake of Song together. So the Album review For Album I Have. So Right Now I Been Busy Since Weds.
  • Takein A break from Internet for 3 Days

    Fev 2 2011, 8h34

    I what to Work On my DJ Play list for 3 day since the V Day Dance is Feb 11,2011. this Mean I Want to Work On getting My Music Right For the Party So I Don't Mess It Up. For as 3 Days I'm gonna Try Getting More Sleep and Less Work On my Music List. So wish Me Luck
  • New MixPod Account ?

    Fev 1 2011, 8h44

    i Made a New Account Because I wanted to Have a Account With My DJ Name Then My old Funny Joke User name i made When I was Bored One Night. So here is the Link

    Mixpod User : DjClashofJockey
  • Not Busy At all. Bored To Death. No Fans Yet

    Jan 30 2011, 7h11

    I Have Not Been Busy at because i haven't Been Doing Much. I Went to my Fav Store In Missoula But Nothing I wanted to Buy. Rocky Rudy is a Great Place to Buy Cd and Vinyl Records. i Been Trying to Buy a Vinyl Turntable But I Mostly Waiting Saving My Money On my Mixer. i Still Have No Fan On I tune Ping Even If My Name On it Is : Dj ClashOfJockey . Only 3 Follow Because I'm Not Using Twitter Or Face book or My space just to Get Fans. I what to Do it Old School.

    here my Big Fans.LOL
  • New Playlist Made In I Tune Ping And Last.Fm

    Jan 28 2011, 8h00

    i Have Made a Daft Punk Mega Play list of 27 Song From the Best Daft Punk Song And Other Artist Sample there Music.I Don't Have the Ping Link But the Last.Fm Play List Link So here it is.

    Last.Fm Daft Punk Mega Play List
  • Daily Blog Jan,25,2010 : Tiredness & Saveing Money

    Jan 27 2011, 6h44

    Well I been Tired Since There Been Not Much Work This Week so it Been Very Slow. I Mostly Fall Asleep At work Which Is OK i Guest.... LOL . Well this Whole Month I Have Save 150 Bucks for the Equip I what. I Can't Wait For My Taxes. Mahahaha
  • Daily Blog 2 : Working On DJ Project.

    Jan 24 2011, 7h14

    OK My Weekends Was Alright.It Seem I Haven't Been Doing Much Suff Beside Listen to The Same Music.It Seem i Been Trying To Think Of Remix But it Not Easy As It Sound. Been Mostly my Pain On My Leg is Lagging Me to Work On My DJ Music Because Of The Pain I Have From it.. the Other Thing on my Mind Is i Feel No One Even Read These Blog So I Feel Life Out of Social Life Of Blog About My Life.Oh well i think im going Crazy, Well that what i feel Today, Ir Have Better Post Next Time