• Gojira, Devin Townsend Project, The Atlas Moth

    Fev 13 2013, 8h59

    Sun 10 Feb – Gojira, Devin Townsend Project, The Atlas Moth

    Amazing concert. Absolutely crushing. I loved The Atlas Moth, but I am not familiar enough with their music to post a set list. I will be definitely listening to them now. Devin Townsend just left me in awe once again and was happy to see him play Kingdom, Planet of the Apes, and Grace. Gojira was unbelievable. I was glad to see all the new stuff. I did wish they would play songs off The Link a little more, but I can't complain. They made up for that with Flying Whales! ^_^

    Devin Townsend Project

    1. More!
    2. Kingdom
    3. Planet of the Apes
    4. Truth
    5. Lucky Animals
    6. Juular
    7. Grace


    1. Explosia
    2. Flying Whales
    3. Backbone
    4. The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
    5. L'Enfant Sauvage
    6. The Art of Dying
    7. Toxic Garbage Island
    8. Wisdom Comes
    9. Oroborus
    10. Drum Solo
    11. The Axe
    12. Vacuity
    13. The Gift of Guilt
  • Maybe Then Someday.

    Fev 12 2012, 4h40

    Maybe Than Someday

    by Abandoned Pools

    What's this thing that's haunting me.
    Won't my mind just let me be.
    With you I have to be so sober.

    Have our plans washed out to sea?
    Did we drown too easily?
    It's not sinking in that its over.

    Maybe then someday.
    Maybe then someday.
    Maybe then someday.
    Maybe then.
    Maybe then we'll make it right.

    If I rip you from my chest,
    Live my life like a scientist.
    Only logic will destroy me.

    I will pull apart my bones,
    To build a fire to keep you warm.
    And if that's not enough then its ok.

    Maybe then someday,
    After all this time,
    Maybe then someday.
    We got a lot to loose,
    Maybe then someday.
    Maybe then,
    Maybe then we'll make it right.

    Well maybe,
    Such a desperate word to say.
    And maybe,
    Gets me through another day.
    And maybe something's got a hold on you.
    Just maybe,
    Is becoming maybe not.

    Maybe then someday,
    After all this time,
    Maybe then someday.
    We got a lot to lose.
    Maybe then someday,
    After all this time,
    Maybe then someday.
    Maybe then,
    Maybe then we'll make it right.
    After all this time.

    Armed To The Teeth

  • Galneryus - Chasing The Wind

    Jan 20 2012, 4h38

    Alone, I had lost my way.
    You gave your love to me every time.
    Chasing the wind,
    I feel your love in the air.

    So, all I need is you,
    but your soul is in the wind.
    I'm there for you.
    I ain't gonna leave you.

    Do you remember the days?
    We lived on the edge of the world.
    Now I just lost the days of suffering and love.
    We had been looking for the tail of the warmness showing the way.
    We always spent the days of suffering and love.

    When the dream had been over,
    I tried to understand my life.
    I'll be there for you, your love and your soul in the wind.

    Can you feel the seasons?
    In the end, the time will tell.
    I know you lost the days of suffering and love.
    If you can't go on anymore, you don't give up to live.
    We always spent the days of suffering and love.

    Chasing the wind, I remember you.
    Tracing your life, I'm begging you.
    Chasing the wind, I remember you.
    I'll be there for you.
    Your love and your soul.
  • Dream Theater at Royal Oak Music Theater

    Out 8 2011, 7h17

    Mon 3 Oct – Dream Theater, Trivium


    Dream Is Collapsing Cover[Hans Zimmer]

    Bridges in the Sky
    These Walls
    Build Me Up, Break Me Down
    Endless Sacrifice
    Drum Solo
    The Ytse Jam

    Acoustic set:
    The Silent Man
    Beneath the Surface

    The Great Debate
    On the Backs of Angels
    Through My Words
    Fatal Tragedy

    Under a Glass Moon

    Brilliant on every single aspect. It still shocks me at how utterly flawless they are and how simplistic they make the most difficult passages seem. Dream come true seeing them again.
  • Seijuro Hiko

    Ago 13 2011, 17h37

    "The moon peers down on a diseased world. There is no cure for the disease. An entire race volts mindlessly into destruction. Not even a man of colossal power would be able to prevent the inevitable. Death no longer terrifies man. The smell of blood is as common as the smell of white plumbs. So... he creates slavery and savagery which surpass the horror of dying. These can only be fought with more blood shed. And the cycle never ends..."
    Seijuro Hiko

  • Ganbare!!

    Ago 12 2011, 6h14

    Toriyama Akira drew two of his famous characters Goku (“Dragon Ball“) and Arare-chan (“Dr. Slump“) shouting the word “Ganbare!!“, which translates roughly to “Do your best!!“. He also wrote a message for earthquake victims next to the art:

    “To everyone affected in the disaster, it is really very difficult, but please don’t give up and do your best!"
    – Toriyama Akira
  • Take Me Somewhere Nice

    Jan 25 2011, 7h53

    Take Me
    Somewhere Nice

    By Mogwai
    From Rock Action

    Ghosts in the photograph,
    Never lied to me.

    "I'd be all of that"
    "I'd be all of that"

    A false memory,
    Would be everything.
    My denial.
    My Elimenant.

    What was that for?

    What would you do if you saw spaceships over Glasgow?

    Would you fear them?

    Every aircraft.
    Every camera.
    Is a wish that I never granted.

    What was that for?

    Try to be bad.
  • Suicide Choir

    Jan 17 2011, 7h17

    This song exemplifies why funeral doom is so utterly breath taking and so purely powerful. The lyrics at 6.30, "Kneel before the suicide choir. Be judged by your... suicidal desires." This album as a whole is an epitome to what it means to be funeral doom. There are no words that I can say to express the majesty. It is comparable to a crushing avalanche, trapped beneath it's powerful maw. Bitter, freezing cold temperature nips at every nerve. Terrifying. Tumulting. Utterly crushing. Grand and adventurous. The heart of winter.

    Suicide Choir by Mournful Congregation

    Sometimes I feel, long ago life took the last breath from me.
    Life itself, the grand enemy.
    The white bride of wretched death, did guide me through gardens grey.
    The fruit of which, would only fall to rot away.

    Amidst such vast gardens, even the sun itself doth seem so pallid.
    And the once glorious moon, its pallor so unhallowed.

    Seven statues of saddened stance,
    perhaps the craft of a man still sadder.
    Fallen leaves of the thrice dead oak,
    a morbid portrayal of a once grand majesty.

    What would one tear filled glimpse stand to reveal?

    The subtle fragrance perhaps? Of a bloody wretched death!
    Up on his grey green throne,
    stained with the horror of a thousand bloodied suicides.
    Sate the Suicide Choir.

    Kneel before the Suicide Choir.
    Be judged by your... suicidal desire.
  • Marrow of the Spirit

    Jan 7 2011, 19h58

    Agalloch's new album "Marrow of the Spirit" is absolutely and utterly breathtaking. It is the epitome, the grandeur of mountainous proportions, of their catalog and it greatly surpassed any expectations. It was well worth the three years I waited and the forty Euros I spent. I have a copy that only two thousand people in the world have. It is a journey. I listened to this album three times today complemented by the gray clouds and light rain. It was destiny I would get it today. The weather is what Agalloch would want while listening to this album, I believe.

    A word of caution this is completely different from any album they have done in the past. As their previous albums could be described as grey, "Marrow of the Spirit" is of the darkest black with a little grey. This album was recorded entirely in analog on vintage equipment. It feels so pure. There is very little music these days that is not digitally recorded. There is something so oddly cold and real about this. The absolute haunting cello melody in the intro track "They Escaped the Weight of Darkness" is an ode to the absolute foreboding nature of this album. "Into the Painted Grey" erupts in a sea of bombastic insanity. From this track you can hear that Agalloch was going for a completely brooding, raw, and mature sound. "Black Lake Nidstång", a seventeen and a half minute epic, creates such a dense sonic scape. One part in particular has a droning counterpoint guitar melody that gives a feeling of the chaotic peace of being in a dark lake and drowning. The album closes with the jaw dropping To Drown. A Beautiful passage is sung over an equally haunting landscape. The cited post-rock influence is evident in the climax of the album.

    "They escaped the weight of darkness,
    To forge a path into the marrow of the spirit.
    They chose to drown in a deeper vacancy,
    An emptiness that quells the null.
    A pool for the forgotten.

    They escaped the weight of darkness,
    To drown in another..."

    1. "They Escaped the Weight of Darkness" – 3:41
    2. "Into the Painted Grey" – 12:25
    3. "The Watcher's Monolith" – 11:46
    4. "Black Lake Nidstång" – 17:34
    5. "Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires" – 9:40
    6. "To Drown" – 10:27