The Last Shadow Puppets, live in Paris, l'Olympia 26/08/08 : live report


Ago 28 2008, 21h41

Mar. 26 août – The Last Shadow Puppets, Ipso Facto

Before saying anything about the fantastic live TLSP gave, I just want to apologize for my english which isn't perfect. So, now I've done that, let's begin =D

I got into TLSP when I was watching a French TV show (Le Grand Journal) and their song The Age of the Understatement was played. Then, during Cannes Festival, they came to play My Mistakes Were Made for You. I then bought the album, I found it really good and I thought that in live, it could probably be even better. That's why, I was expecting a lot from this live.

→ Ipso Facto : guest band.

As many people I think, I didn't know Ipso Facto before their musical performance that evening. This band is composed of 4 girls who were wearing kind of gothic clothes that remind me dolls' ones (without lace you found in gothic lolita style.). I've found them pretty good. The singer's voice reminded me Dolores' one (from the Cramberries) in a certain way, powerful but very moving. To give you a more precise idea of their musical universe, I think their music would fit in a movie setting in a desert gloomy circus. That's what the strange atmosphere emanating from their music made me think about.
As I didn't know their music, I found that each song sounded similar to the others but anyway, I found them very good.

The Last Shadow Puppets live.

We waited 30min before the live began. I was at the 4th rank, in front of Miles Kane. They started playing Calm Like You, one of my favorite songs on the album. It was a great live overture. Then rang the first notes of The Age of the Understatement, and people started jumping and shouting. Another time, the Olympia's floor was shaking, that was pretty cool. This song is one of the crowning moment of the album and in live, it takes another dimension, more impressive, more powerful.
On the background, there was a strings orchestra. One of the things I love the most on the album was that they managed to mix instruments which are traditionnaly classic instruments with their guitars. I don't say that they are the only ones who did that, but this surprising mix contributes in a big part to the album's success IMO. With this orchestra, My Mistakes Were Made for You was even more wonderful, such a stunning moment. With that orchestra, lots of songs increase further.

Like for miyavi's concert, I'm not going to do a 'real' live report, I'm just trying to say what I loved and what impressed me the most during this fantastic live.

- Even if Alex Turner was more famous than Miles Kane, he didn't have more importance than Miles Kane. They were a real entity, not just one guy playing and the other following him. We also truly have the impression that they had fun on stage, that was pretty cool.

- Alex Turner is one of the more talented guitarist and singer I know and I wasn't disappointed at all. He has a real presence on stage, I was very impressed. (By Miles Kane too, but as I didn't know him before TLSP, I didn't expect a lot from him.) Their enthusiasm was very communicative, especially from Miles Kane who 'cheer' the audience. (I don't manage to find the right word, but I hope you understand what I mean), that built a kind of link between the band and the audience. That's just a detail but I love when musicians just say a few words in the langage of the country where they play and when Alex Turner said "mes erreurs sont faites pour toi" to announce My Mistakes Were Made for You, I found that really kind.

- They played 1h15. I usually think that it's not enough, but as the album lasts 35min, it was a good surprise.

- V.V from the Kills has sung during one song ! She has such a fantastic voice. Great to see her here.

- I loved the way they made the end of I don't like you anymore last more.

- Lights and sounds always perfect at the Olympia, as usual.

- Just a few Alex Turner fangirls ... Bastards who imitated them were more annoying. Anyway, the audience was really good, people were singing on most of the songs, another way to create a link between the audience and the band.

To sum up, fantastic live, fantastic musicians, great atmosphere, nothing wrong to say about it. The only thing I could reproach to this live was the encore. 2 songs is a bit short, but that's not very important haha =D


Calm Like You
The Age of the Understatement
Black Plant
Only the Truth
The Chamber
Gas Dance
My Mistakes Were Made for You
Paris Summer (this one with V.V if I remember well.)
Separate and Ever Deadly (just AWESOME in live)
I Don't Like You Anymore
Little Red Book
The Meeting Place
Time Has Come Again
Standing Next to Me

encore :
In the Heat of the Morning
In My Room


  • Distraught_

    Oh, you went to their live in Berlin ? How was it ? =D (I was only to the concert they gave in Paris last August, the 26th T_T)

    Out 18 2008, 14h54
  • Distraught_

    Jetsem_wariatka : Yeah, I'm sure it was =D Alex Turner is a pure genius, and Miles Kane is also great on stage. Love KiRi -> Je l'ai vu quand il est passé sur Canal le week end dernier. En fait, c'était un concert privé dans les studios canal + (en gros, un truc pour privilégiés XD). Ils avaient à peu près la même setlist qu'au concert à Paris, V.V est aussi venue pour chanter Paris Summer. Ils avaient aussi l'orchestre de cordes pour les accompagner et Miles Kane était plus "expansif" qu'Alex Turner. J'espère qu'il repassera en multi-diffusions pour que tu puisses le voir =) T'étais au concert à Paris au fait ? =D

    Out 18 2008, 19h17
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