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Dez 25 2008, 3h43

is a San Diego-based crew of ,
, , and
who share the same passion: MUSIC!
One thing is certain: music is the healing force of the world.
It is an undeniable fact that music can drive emotions
and unite the masses. 's mission is to provide
a platform for artistic expression, giving a voice to
those with the sort of message that would normally go
unheard in the mainstream media. From to ,
from to , music is a universal language
with no limits and no boundaries. reflects
that image of collective sound and illuminates
the people with an array of styles, formats and flavors.
Website for more info

Cerritos Allstars
every tuesday 11:30pm till 3am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
every Wednesday 1:30pm till 3pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
every Wednesday 1am till 3am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
every Thurday 11pm till 2am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
every Friday 2pm till 3pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

What do they put in the water in Cerritos?
Whatever it is, this former farming community and
current model of American suburbia is THE unlikely
breeding ground for bona fide .
The current generation of wizards
surfaced in the early . These visionaries
unplugged their Entertainment Systems and
traded them in for 1200s.
They pleaded with their parents to drive them
to in Garden Grove to buy the latest mixers,
and snuck into the parties thrown by LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT,
dreaming of the day they too would
drop and move the .
By the time the mid to early materialized,
the Cerritos D.J. scene was dominated by three groups:
Audio FX, Grand Groove, Icon Events.
The competition between the three groups was intense,
and claimed more than a few lives.
The future of looked grim, until
DJ Butta of Grand Groove decided to put an end
to the silliness, and unite the three powerhouses.
The troika put away their differences and united,
behind the Funky President, becoming The Cerritos All Stars.
Today, the All Stars, three in one, and one in three,
use their powers for good, and not evil. They aim to
influence the next generation of , and
complete the , ever mindful of the
that came before them. Cerritos All Stars Radio,
the brain child of DJ Kwest of Icon Events,
is the All Stars' voice, their chosen medium to spread peace,
love and . Long live Cerritos. Long live the All Stars.
Website for more info

Jesse De La Pena
every Wednesday 3pm till 5pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

I'm a / / / / Ex writer / /
(Actually I'm still a ...LOL!) DJ / Events Promoter & Musician.
I don't drink or .. (No real reason... I just feel like I don't need it.)
In Chicago most people know me as a & promoter,
I have been spinning records for over 20 some years &
throwing for nearly as long. I have never been very happy
doing things the easy way or even playing what everyone else is playing.
GOD!!! I HATE THE !!! Well.. most of the time ...
If you think you know what I'm going to play... your wrong.
I like to keep people guessing... Keep them on their toes...
I like taking chances ... mixing stuff that you wouldn't
normally hear played together. I know it may sound selfish but,
I only play what moves me. I think
I just give my audience more credit than most
do. Yeah, some folks want to hear the sing along stuff ...
but some don't. I try to take care of those peeps without losing everyone else.
I'm perfectly fine clearing a ...
this is how new classics are made. I don't worry because
I know exactly how to get them all rite back out there
(I have 50 Cent records too) I just don't play them
the same way everyone else does. LOL!
Website for more info

every Monday 6pm till 8pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
every Thursday 7pm till 9pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 ) is a site / / show dedicated to spreading the word
about (, r&b, , )
hosted by Major and Jmack (below).
hoodhype has delivers underground music to MILLIONS
of listeners from getting exposure artists may
have never had using traditional or .
Featuring some of the hottest underground music, interviews
with some of the best in the game and a show unlike
any other hoodhype is constantly evolving to become
a spot dedicated to exposure for the scene.

The lead host of the show, Major is no stranger to .
With 12 years of production and
his involvement in the local Lansing,
scene, Major has a passion for the music
like few others we've seen. Priding himself on
his diverse taste, Major says, "Since I live in Michigan,
I have a feel for all types of ,
I respect all types of MC's and
like many different production styles."

At heart, Jmack is a purist. "
I grew up on it. We Can't Be Stopped
" and "Licensed to Ill"
were my first cassette tapes. That makes me late
to the game in some peoples' eyes, but
I love this music more than anybody I know"
he confesses. When he's not enjoying the music,
you can catch Jmack screwing around with his
or on a suburban sidewalk.
Website for more info

Turtle Brown
every Tuesday 7pm till 8pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

Originally from Houston, TX, Tagg
started traveling the world when his mother joined
the in 1986. Having listened to
music off and on, he moved to Tokyo Japan in
where he became immersed in the culture
that dominated his school and the city around him.
Getting into the music from an outside culture (being overseas),
he began listening to artists from all over the US
and world, rather than defining his taste by
any coast or genre. In the late 90s while
living in Seattle with a roommate who DJ Tagg
found his own love for the .
He quickly began learning to as
well as how to spend all of his on them.
He began spinning with his roommate at
and the rest is history. After joining the
himself in , he moved to Albuquerque,New Mexico in where he took off.
He began spinning at New Mexicos legendary Vinyl
and Verses
in and was the resident by
the end of that year. He also worked with local
promoters such as Slo Motion entertainment as
the opening for numerous , , and
that came through New Mexico. He's resided
in Macon,Georgia for the last couple years since
completing an scholarship program at
The College of Santa Fe and University of New Mexico.
You can now catch him rockin' the weekly
Thursday party - , at the
in downtown Macon with Dj Roger Riddle ;
every Tuesday on; or at
various events in ATL, usually with Red Reign Entertainment
and family. In addition to , Tagg does
production on his and has even been known
to rock the mic on occasion

Artists worked with: Opened and
shared the stage with Kanye West , Cassidy, Young Gunz,
Dilated Peoples, Tech N9ne, Jin, Mop, People Under the Stairs, Pharoahe Monch, Main Flow,
Binary Star, Time Machine, J-Live, and tons
more national, regional, and local acts.
DJ Tagg will rock your ass like you don't even know...
For booking and more information email
Website for more info

DJ Johnny Blaze
every Monday 4pm till 6pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
Los Angeles, Ca – With the continuous fall of ,
many people have ventured into the world of satellite
and o. In early So Prup Enterprises
founder TuSlic started M.E.T.H Radio. After only three episodes,
M.E.T.H Radio had already become popular throughout
the scene reaching up to 5000 listeners.
Known for playing all styles of and
breaking in unknown artist, M.E.T.H radio was
labeled “ the last of a dieing
breed in .” M.E.T.H radio interviewed
the likes of Spider Loc, The Young Hogs, Spit, 4en6,
Young Klev (formally of Black Wall Street) &
others. Met by lots of controversy M.E.T.H Radio
was banned from some popular websites
and host TuSlic was barred to real or “overly-opinionated.
After almost a year hiatus M.E.T.H Radio came back
with a new name and format. Now called ,
TuSlic brought in LaMotte to co-host & DJ Johnny Blaze
to in the at the end of each show.
continues to break in new artist
but maintains a versatile play list that attracts all crowds.
TuSlic & LaMotte discuss many issues ranging from
politics to life issues during the topic
of the week segment of the show.
has already bypassed the success
of M.E.T.H Radio and is climbing to new heights each and every week.
With there straightforward approach, TuSlic &
LaMotte have gained a love-hate relationship among
there listeners. has garnered interest
from many online publications and companies
to syndicate the show to a bigger audience.
has also merged with the popular
website and created, which is spearheaded by the show,
has already emerged into one of the premiere
/ websites online.
, which has been operating for nearly
a decade has closed its doors to concentrate completely
on building and into a powerhouse.
Also online community has teamed up
with on a mission to bring various online
communities together into one forum.
is a strong supporter of unity in all forms and hopes
with and that it can create
a movement that not only can benefit other musicians but also the fans as well!
Website for more info

Basement Radio
every Wednesday 9pm till 10pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

Website for more info

DJ Muggs
every Thursday 9pm till 10pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
every Friday 1pm till 2pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

Website for more info

Lokalize Show
every Thursday 5pm till 7pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

Lokalize Show
With globe & Siaka
every weeks they bring the latest
on ,,,,,
with guest artist for and .
Website for more info

Strong Foundation
every Tuesday 4pm till 6pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

Strong Foudation
With Farsh
Website for more info

Couvre Feu
every Tuesday 6pm till 6:30pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

Hosted By:
-Jacky Brown (Neg'Marrons)
-Faya D (Desh musique)
/// --
Website for more info

lord issa

Website for more info

every Wednesday 7:30pm till 9pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

Website for more info

Conspiracy Worldwide
every Friday 5pm till 9pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
Show With Special Guest Every Week

Website for more info

CTA Radio
every Wednesday 10pm till 1am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

Pugslee Atomz
& Thaione Davis
& DJ Lajik
Pugslee's Website for more info
ThaiOne's Website for more info

Groove Temple
every 2 Saturday 12:30am till 4am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

Website for more info

Afrika Bambaata
every tuesday 8pm till 12am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

WHCR's Website for more info
Zulu Nation's Website for more info

Straight UP Sound
every Monday 2pm till 10pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

Selecta Bus High & Dj Weedim for a every Monday
Straight Up Dj's myspace

DJ Dirty Swift
every Sunday 2pm till 3:30pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

Marché Noir, that's 15 years of culture,
crazy sound (rap U.S, ) ,
some . Marché Noir,
it's 90 mn of unlimited sound. Marché Noir,
when it start we never know when it gone end.
, , , , , ...
Fréquence Paris Plurielle, market parallel...
If you Seeking for sound, some passion, you will find it on Marché Noir...+
DJ Dirty Swift
Bounce2dis (Creator & Webmaster)
Dirty Show (Animator)
-> Access with Orange et SFR with 3G cellphone (channel )
Marché Noir (Animator - every thursday Midnight 106.3fm)

Learn more about DJ Dirty Swift at his own personal website
Website for more info

Record Playas

Record Playas, the three-man production team from the South Side of Chicago, consists of DJ Mind,DJ Noble and Jesus. They first appeared on Audio 8 handling the production on Nico B's Flo Products. Their fine Audio 8 full-length, Soundtracks for Days, finds Record Playas tailor fitting sounds for a who's who list in the thriving Chicago scene. Appearances include: The Knomadz, Rhymefest, Pugzlee Atomz and Infinito of The Nacrobats, Seel, Nico B, Bamski the Bigot of Family Tree
Official Website

every monday 1am till 6am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

Magazine Review
DJ 3RD RAIL a.k.a. the "Hip-Hop Avenger" is on a mission...
To keep the 'good' original records, from conception to present, mixed live on .. with integrity .. for the world to enjoy.
The "Hip-Hop Avenger" doesn't go for the Commercial-. If the song is dope, it gets love.
Artists like: BDP; Public Enemy; Special Ed; Rakim; Akbar; Wu-Tang Clan; Ultramagnetic MC's; King Sun; Masta Ace; Chino XL; Rise; Last Emperor; RUN-DMC; NWA; Black Sheep; Wordsworth; Big Daddy Kane; Biggie; Ed O.G.; Akrobatic; Onyx; Grand Agent; ATCQ; d.i.t.c.; Gangstarr; X-Clan; Frankenstein; Arrested Development; Tim Dogg; M.o.p.; Black Poet; Pharcyde; Heavy D; Flava Unit; Rass Kass; Ice T; Lakim Shabazz; Biz Markie; Family Tree; Cypress Hill and on and on and on and on... stay in rotation.
The "Hip-Hop Avenger" has been collecting and spinning original pressings for the last 15 years without selling-out the culture to our mortal enemy...The $$Green Man$$ and their band of peddling yes-minions.
The "Hip-Hop Avenger" has taken the forefront in the battle to keep the "realness" alive. Whether it be screaming on wackness in the industry; our communities or putting together a dopely blended mix-cd / show.
The "Hip-Hop Avenger" does not pollute his body or cloud his mind with alcohol or smoke. And because of his honesty and integrity, listeners have loyally tuned in for the last decade+ for the
Stop sleeping.
The "Hip-Hop Avenger" says listen to him live every week, Sunday night / Monday morning * midnight - 5am central on "".
If you call yourself a fan of the music called Hip-Hip .. you owe it to yourself & the culture to tune-in online
Official Website

The Hip Hop Project
every saturday 8:30pm till 12:30am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

(L to R: Rev. Rob, TernAround, Cosm Roks, DJ Monky, Eves, & Roper)

Lional Freeman founded the Hip Hop Project in 1995 in an effort to give artists a media to express their opinions and showcase their talents. Now, eleven years later still airs every Saturday night and has become a staple in 's hip-hop community. Broadcasting out of Loyola University's Rogers Park campus, The Hip Hop Project combines live mixing and social commentary that you cant hear anywhere else on the dial. It's 7:30-11:30 pm timeslot provides Chicago with a better opportunity to hear what's going on in the city we call home.
Local talent has always remained our concentration, but we still offer the highest quality from across the globe. During their tenure on our show, TernAround, Roper, Eves & DJ Monky continue to mix live weekly; a procedure still not used in most college radio shows in Chicago. Combined with Cosm Roks, the show's host and executive producer, offers a one of a kind experience by staying fresh with old school tradition as a foundation.
Now, in 2006 The Hip Hop Project have released their first nationally distributed mixtape; "Street Triumph: The Official Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles Mixxxtape (Hosted by DJ Premier)" is selling out all accross the world (Fat Beats). Working with icons aside, the THHP crew continues to rep their city in the game by working with Chicago's up and coming talents year round.
Official Website

DJ Emiliot
every sunday 3pm till 5pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

DJ Emiliot EL DJ Loco was born on May 23, 1982 in Togo (West Africa). In 1985, he went to France with his family and spent 6 years before returning to the Togo. In 1996 he has left Togo for Senegal where he discovered Senegal's hip-hop culture which showed him the way of real . He started listening to sounds like Krs One, EPMD, Naughty By Nature, and lots of as IAM, Supreme NTM, and of course Bands as Positive Black Soul, and daraa-j. In 2002, he met Saymon on and present the show with him for the first time.When Saymon moved to , DJ Emiliot met Edouard Rogers and Carl Rogers.Few weeks later, DJ Emiliot created a new show named "" with Edouard Rogers.During, a concert with Dj Lord Chamy (Ex- of MC Lyte), he fell in love with the and started and songs.Emiliot moved to France for his studies and in 2003 he came to Belgium where he was with his cousin in a private Club named "" during few months in 2006, he released his first "Let's ride" free to download on the net...
Dj Emiliot's myspace

Webradio @ from Las Vegas,Usa. Couples of there are on e..p Radio

Red Lite Hip-Hop Mix Sessions

every Thursday 12pm till 2pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
Hosted by Nick Haycock
Bringing you innovative and from across the globe.

every Friday 2am till 3am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
Hosted by Barney Canson
Third Coast Classics brings the best of the to the airwaves.
Tune in to hear all the dope created below the ,
from to high-energy . In the South, anything goes!

every Friday 6pm till 8pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
Hosted by Will Scott
Tune in for a live weekly mix of the finest flavors in and ,
including rare , , , , and .

every Saturday 8pm till 8:30pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
Hosted by Kunle
In-advance airing of the latest music, featuring acts such as Juice,
J-Live, Rhymefest, AZ, Rasco, L the Head Toucha, KRUMB SNATCHA, and many more.

every Sunday 7pm till 10:30pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
every Thursday 2pm till 4:30pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
Producer(s): DJ Skizz (
DJ(s)/Host(s): DJ Eclipse, DJ Skizz
Tune in weekly for the best variety of music
as DJ Eclipse (Non Phixion) & DJ Skizz cut up
the newest in independent and major label releases.
Throw in an occasional show,
and an anniversary show in March, which boasts
a dozen or so M.C.'s over
from 's best producers, and you got the best show in NYC.
Plus guest artists & DJ's every week, give-a-ways, and
live phone calls from our listeners. Past guests have included
Slick Rick, Gang Starr, Eminem, Dilated Peoples, J5, Arsonists,
El-P, Cage, Ghostface, RZA, Method Man, Redman,
X-Ecutioners & The Allies, just to name a few

JP Chill and live mixing by
every Friday 11:30am till 4am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

every 2 Saturday 4am till 7am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

Industry Shakedown
every 2 Saturday 4am till 7am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

DJ Lajik & tundi

Molemen Radio South
every 2 Sunday 1am till 4am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

And More Dj & Info Too Come
Envios aceitos
Psychedelic, BetiZFest, AJ Turntablism, Skateboarding Is Not A Crime!, People with no social lives that listen to more music than is healthy who are…, Fuck Bush, People with inconsistent musical taste - who yet prove a certain indy-attitude, Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to, Winamp, Addicted to, Mac OS X, Fans of real Hip-Hop, Music Advice Center, The Simpsons, Ed Banger Records, Scrobblers Against Bush, We Love Last.Fm Painted Black, Music Is My Girlfriend, Japan, Smoking Music, The group for people who might be clinically insane but have never been tested and…, TOKYO, destroying bedtime one hour at a time, Okayplayers, Wu-Tang, 2Pac, DILLA, Underground Hip-Hop, Experimental Hip-Hop, Lounge Sounds, Old School HipHop, Homer Simpson, Rap & Hip Hop, Hip Hop not Hip pop, French is NOT the greatest language, Dirty South Music, We Like Playlists With Special Meaning, Barack Obama 2008, MF Doom, France against Sarkozy, We Don't Care What People Say, The Juice Box Crew, ANTI I Hate Hip Hop group, Old School Hip-Hop, lasttube, Underground Hip Hop Crew, Stanley Kubrick, Yes, I have more than 30 gb of music., People who are online a questionable amount, and may or may not be addicted to the…, Hip Hop to Psychedelic to Jazz and Everything Inbetween, DJs Make The Music, We Live Hip-Hop, Gang Starr, People who hate people with a crap taste in music., SOS 団, The Harlem Diplomats, Notorious B.I.G., Group Ring, Jamaican Rocksteady, Being in a lot of groups makes you hip, Gangsta Rap from Late Eighties and Early Nineties, East Coast Rap, illRoots, 1975 - Born, Instrumental Hip Hop, Hip-Hop_Rap Group, Eric B. & Rakim, Africa, real underground hiphop, Rap Français Underground, Dilated Peoples Group, Reggae ca 1974-1984, BBC Radio 4, All Black Music Connection, Skaters, The Soulmind Movement, Snowgoons-Babygrande, Toshiro Mifune, Hip To The Hop, Last FM user's who lived in PARIS france, Rhyme sayers, Ethnicity in hip hop, Count Bass D, Lyrically Abused (the spoken word), United groups network, The 1 Percenters, Cocaïno-groupe Du Roi Heenok, Fuck P. Diddy, mostly-hip-hop, Galapagos 4, AJ Underground Rap, Afrika Bambaataa and Zulu Nation Group, daf8 & friends chart, La Classe Américaine, HARIBO addiction, AJ Hip-Hop, Treazy Radio Show, j-urban, Skateboard, Audio 8 Recordings, The IRC Collective, Radio, Legendary Music, Jus Anotha Hip Hop Group (79 til Infinity), Paris Ina Jungle, Fingerboarding is not a crime, Canadian Hip Hop, African music


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