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Mar 9 2008, 14h43

Post your top 15 bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

1. ayumi hamasaki
First: [trackartist=Ayumi Hamasaki]no more words[/track]
Love: [trackartist=Ayumi Hamasaki]evolution[/track]
Favourite: [trackartist=Ayumi Hamasaki]Who...[/track]

2.Koda Kumi
First: [trackartist=Koda Kumi]D.D.D feat. SOULHEAD[/track]
Love: [trackartist=Koda Kumi]Cutie Honey[/track]
Favourite: [trackartist=Koda Kumi]Cherry Girl[/track]

3. L'Arc en Ciel
First: [trackartist=L'Arc en Ciel]Dearest Love[/track]
Love: Dearest Love
Favourite: [trackartist=L'Arc en Ciel]flower[/track]

4. Olivia
First: [trackartist=OLIVIA]a little pain[/track]
Love: a little pain
Favourite: [trackartist=OLIVIA]Devil's in me[/track]

5. Disney
First: uuh, I don't remember, problaby songs from Lion King
Love: [trackartist=Disney]The Lion sleeps tonight[/track]
Favourite: [trackartist=Disney]Colors of the wind[/track]

6. Rurutia
First: [trackartist=Rurutia]ABINTRA[/track]
Favourite: ABINTRA

7. Boa
First: [trackartist=BoA]Be the one[/track] or [trackartist=BoA]Listen to my heart[/track]
Love: [trackartist=BoA]Every heart[/track]
Favourite: Every heart

First: no idea
Love: [trackartist=KOKIA]The Power of Smile[/track]
Favourite: [trackartist=KOKIA]Follow the Nightingale[/track]

9. Anna Tsuchiya
First: [trackartist=Anna Tsuchiya]ROSE[/track]
Love: ROSE
Favourite: [trackartist=Anna Tsuchiya]Lucy[/track]

First: [trackartist=KAT-TUN]Real Face[/track]
Love: [trackartist=KAT-TUN]SIGNAL[/track]
Favourite: [trackartist=KAT-TUN]Yorokobi no Uta[/track] and [trackartist=Jin Akanishi]kimi wo omoutoki[/track] [Jin Akanishi solo]

11. DBSK
First: [trackartist=DBSK]Tri-angle[/track]
Love: [trackartist=DBSK]Hug[/track]
Favourite: Hug

12. Antique Cafe
First: [trackartist=Antique Cafe]Smile Ichiban Ii Onna[/track]
Love: Smile Ichiban Ii Onna
Favourite: Smile Ichiban Ii Onna

13. ]Namie Amuro
First: [trackartist=Namie Amuro]Can't sleep, cant eat, I'm sick[/track]
Love: [trackartist=Namie Amuro]Rainbow Moon[/track]
Favourite: [trackartist=Namie Amuro]It's All About You[/track]

First: [trackartist=Miyavi]Ashita, tenki ni nare.[/track]
Love: [trackartist=Miyavi]kimi ni negai wo[/track]
Favourite: kimi ni negai wo

15. Cocco
First: [trackartist=Cocco]Mizukagami[/track]
Love: Mizukagami
Favourite: [trackartist=Cocco]SING A SONG ~NO MUSIC, NO LIFE~[/track]


  • PedroAsak

    you have to write track artist, not trackartist. This way: Niji (Album Version)...etc... [track artist=L'Arc~en~Ciel]Niji (Album Version) ^^

    Mar 10 2008, 19h36
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