Ulrich Schnauss


Jul 21 2006, 21h44

This musician is the first in many years to sweep me off my feet. I have never been taken away by music like this. I am grateful for finding such a powerful escape tool.Ulrich Schnauss


  • akaspick

    Agreed. Ulrich is my #6 top artist. Discovered him a year or so ago... good mellow music. You should check out Secede. He's my #7. :)

    Jul 21 2006, 23h18
  • dudge

    I came across him about 6 or so months ago. He's now my #1 artist by a considerable distance. Every time I listen to his music I'm amazed. It's my perfect type of music.

    Jul 27 2006, 17h45
  • Woodawgy

    I agree. Been listening to Ulrich since Far and Away Trains... blew me away a few years ago and have since gotten ahold of everything he has done. He is one of a handful of artists that consistantly deliver the goods. Everything he touches turns to gold. When I first heard Between Us And Them I was blown away. It remains one of my go to tunes for getting me in a good mood. Very uplifting/happy tune without being sappy. I would have to say Monday Paracetmol is my favorite of all his tunes though. It is just an incredible piece of work. I can't wait for his 3rd album which is due early 2007.

    Jul 29 2006, 15h29
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