Pain be thy prayer... (Mefitic - Signing the Servants of God demo review)


Mar 14 2010, 1h43

I had not heard the name of Mefitic until recently, when I was trying to find something new to aurally absorb in an attempt to alleviate my oh-so-fascinating existence. I will admit that at first, I was tempted to relegate the band to the "do not care" filing cabinet inside my head; It has been long since the time I used to check out every band shoved under my nose. My attitude completely changed upon hearing samples of this demo.

This is Mefitic's second demo that was made available to the public, consisting of six tracks and clocking in at twenty seven minutes. The first track starts off with some dark ambience while the guitars fade in; the atmosphere created literally ooze with evil atmosphere. A minute into the track, all the other instruments join in and the aforementioned atmosphere is magnified tenfold. The band has strong Archgoat influences mixed in with a dash of Teitanblood and a heavy dose of evil death metal akin to Dead Congregation; however, their darkness is their own. The riffs are crushing and oppressive, emphasizing the best elements of each genre they garner inspiration from. The drumming is competent and plays a key role in the similarities to Archgoat. The vocals are reminiscent of the type offered up by Mors Dalors Ra in Necros Christos and Drowned recordings, with a heavy echo effect on them that emphazises the cryptic element of the music. The production on this demo is very clear, a surprise in this genre; There are also various ambient effects as well as samples used sparingly throughout the recording that can only be picked up if paying the utmost attention to it.

While certainly not original in any sense of the word, Mefitic play their brand of aggressive bestial black/death metal with a skilled hand. In terms of atmosphere and musical competence, I would not be surprised if this release were to be deemed one of the best demos of this year. If you are a fan of obscure death metal, this is definitely for you.


  • CallumJBS

    Excellent review, it was my favourite demo of the year.

    Jul 16 2010, 1h07
  • DeviantDCLXVI

    Danke! Have you heard Antediluvian's Under Wing of Asael? Different sound, but very similar evil vibes.

    Jul 16 2010, 5h32
  • CallumJBS

    Yep, great demo too, killer atmosphere to it! There were a lot of good demo's last year, Wrathprayer was one of the best too.

    Jul 16 2010, 13h35
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