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Jul 9 2008, 14h08

After 12,530 scrobbles this is my Top 15 (Of everything) for my first year of (and my comments on them, of course).

1. Olivia - 1,270
I decided to put together her OLIVIA and her OLIVIA inspi' REIRA (TRAPNEST) stuff since they are technically the same artist and to SOME extent, the latter is only an album from her. Yeah, I love her music. Her pop NANA stuff, her experimental phase (which included everything from some pretty hard rock to rap). It sort of annoyed me when she announced a single and then canceled it, but I'll be a patient little girl and wait. :3

2. Lacuna Coil - 986
Aww! So close to the 1,000 mark... I've been listening to these guys since Junior High and I just can't stop loving them. I go through my different phases of music all the time, but these guys, for whatever reason have stuck out. I know the number of plays would be a lot higher, but there's just so much more music. =3 I remember there being talk about a new release sometime late this year~ So for a while, I'll be on a Lacuna Coil phase again. =)

3. Lullacry - 562
Wow, what a jump. Sweet Desire was eh. Be My God and Crucify My Heart are <3. Vol. 4 is... eh. Be My God is really the album that has kept these guys this high. There is something wrong with the new girls vocals... and it's not that her voice sounds annoying, because I listen to j-pop and there's a LOT worse out there, lol. Overall, this band is pretty good though. New releases? None that I know of. Hopefully it gets better or they might go down in the charts.

4. 土屋アンナ - 534
Like with Livey, I counted all her NANA stuff with this (plus, I have at least 100 mistagged songs from her). Well, damn. This girl has evolved, no? Taste My Beat was wonderful.~ It's unbeatable, really. And now, her most recent single has her doing hip-hop with a hint of rock. Much love for Anna. =D

5. Within Temptation - 431
Why haven't I listened to these guys more? For this band, you sort of have to be in the mood to listen to them, so that could very well be why. Sharon's vocals and the guys' instruments surrounding her is beautiful though. <3 New release next year! Can't wait for that. =D

6. GACKT - 424
Ouch, he was barely beaten by Within Temptation. I haven't been much into Gackt recently, I guess because of lack of new releases... but he has a movie coming out, so that most certainly makes up for it. ;D

7. 雅-MIYAVI- - 335
Aww! One J-rock star after another. It's too bad I haven't been listening to him as much either. =( His hip-hop phase was sort of... BLEH. There has been one or two singles I haven't downloaded from him because well... I don't care. ;_; Then again, for all I know, they can be extremely good and I'm not listening. ... Dammit, now I have to go download. XD

8. AFI - 306
Wtfh? Isn't this the band I swore to the gods was a horrible excuse for music? (Over-exaggerating, bear with me. Lmao, I really didn't like them though.) Well, way to go. That's all I have to say. ... I really have fallen for this band though. <3

9. Nine Inch Nails - 306
Ouch. Trenty-poo is about to get beat by Davey and his supermegahuge eyelashes. I really adore Nine Inch Nails though. <3 Thanks to them, they've opened the door to the industrial rock genre, which I should definitely explore more of. =)

10. Bullet for My Valentine - 270
Well, 270 isn't a lot of plays compared to 986, but that's still a ton compared to some artists who are still stuck in the double-digits. I really have my issues with this band... Before I got into, I was a HUGE metalhead and I would've never guessed I would've listened to something as horrible as metalcore. ... Aah, how times change.

11. Belinda - 255
Wtfh is this girl doing way up here? For some reason, I adore her music. I adore her POP music. ... ;_; That took a lot from me. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would've liked this girl. I wonder what's next? Paulina Rubio or something. Lmao. Technically though, she's my #1 spanish artists, which in a way depresses me. But oh well! I still love her.

12. Nonpoint - 207
Sadly, I got into these guys by listening to the music on my little brother's wrestling game... But either ways, these guys are gold. <3 Two of their band members are Puerto Rican, I think, and if that's correct, they are my two favorite Puerto ricans! I tend to stereotype Puerto Rico with reggeaton, sooo... Anyways, their few (5 or 6 maybe) spanish songs are the greatest. My goal in life is to find a spanish/latin (actual people from the countries, not someone raised in the States) band that can sound like their spanish stuff. I have a long journey ahead. ;-;

13. Evanescence - 204
I honestly don't like Amy Lee, but I have to admit that their Fallen/pre-Fallen music is pure <3. Well, most of it, anyways. I'm going to leave it at that... I don't want to get into an "I hate Amy Lee" rant because if I do, I'll end up finding signs of "Dessums: Wanted Dead or Alive". xD

14. Tommy heavenly6 - 183
Woo for! This is the first artist that the site has recommended to me on the list~ <3 Most people prefer her other Tommy stuff, but not me.~ Muaha~ I love her. =D She was the first artist that I officially knew most (all, pretty much) of her lyrics to that was of a language I didn't know.

15. System of a Down - 166
Considering that I haven't had any of their music since at least the beginning of this year, well... this is really good. I'm almost positive these guys will be higher next year. We'll just have to wait and see. ;3 It's too bad their on HIATUS. ;-; Oh well, I have their side projects to look forward to.

1 and 2. Comalies and
Karmacode - 482 and 242
Um... wow? XD That's most of my Lacuna Coil listens right there! It's sad, really... but whatever.

3. The Lost Lolli - 228
Not surprised that this is number 3. OLIVIA is simply <3.

4. Worlds Collide - 152
That's my only album from Apocalyptica. ;-; I NEED MOAR NAO! They're so wonderful.

5. The Melody and the Energetic Nature of Volume - 143
Also the only album from a band that I have. They have the album with The Pursuit, but for some reason, I really didn't like that song. I should give it more of a chance though. Especially since on this album, my favorite track probably had no chance of making it as a single.

6. Todo Vale - 118
<3333. :3 To my knowledge, this is his only album. ... VIVA LOS COLOMBIANOS! ;___; I'm not Columbian, but I had the urge to say that! Leave me alone!

7. The Poison - 116
I don't think I have a comment... good lyrics, good vocals, good instruments. All making it #7 on my list. xD

8, 8, and 8. Sing the Sorrow, The Heart of Everything, and Dulce Beat - all with 111
Sing the Sorrow is just insanely great. =3 The Heart of Everything... really? I love the album, but I didn't think it's the one I listened to the most. Dulce Beat... yeah, that's waaay surprising. I should listen to more of Cocktail and their new one. I don't quite remember what it's called and I'm too lazy to check. XD

11 and 11. Zerospace and Decemberunderground - 106
Zerospace = <3. Decemberunderground, wtf? XD I feel emo.

13. Tommy heavenly6 - 103
Wow, my obsession with her died. That 103 was in like.. a two week span. I feel so bad. =/

14. Faith - 95
Lyrically, this is HYDE's best album. Hell, instrumentally also. =3 It's the greatest.

15. Sweet Desire - 93
WTFH?! ;__; I just noticed Be My God isn't ANYWHERE on my list. I guess Be My God isn't registered as an album or... something.

Tracks: (almost done, be patient, GEEZE. *Referring to her sleep.*)
1. a little pain - 113
Yeah, I counted her 'inspi REIRA and the regular one. Why not? It's the same song. But yeah, I was madly in love with that song. There really aren't any words to describe how much I love it.

2. SOS (Anything But Love) - 67
Cristina + cellos = <3333! It's that simple.

3. Swamped - 53
My favorite Lacuna Coil song after I got over how great My Wings was. XD

5. Wish - 52
It's all the times I listened to the album, I swear. XD Nonetheless, it is great.

5. They Say - 52
The reason why I didn't put the two songs together is because this one is really special. XD For no particular reason except for the fact that the band hasn't released an album yet and this song is already tied for 5. I have HUGE expectations for this album, so don't let me down! >O

6. Starless Night - 51
Omg. o_o; I thought this song would've beaten out Wish. I seriously had an obsession with it.

7. Stiff Kittens - 48
This song is the GREATEST! XD I don't care if you hate AFI, but everyone MUST listen to this song. It's genius.

8, 8 and 8. (Sound familiar?) Heaven's a Lie, Endlessly, She Said and Winter sleep - 47
Um... wow? If I had earlier, Heaven's a Lie would be pwning the charts. So I truly don't think this song belongs so low. The other two... Endlessly, She Said was <3. I honestly didn't think AFI could do something this good. It's the song that actually made me wonder if I should give the band a chance. And Winter Sleep is wonderful, very pretty song.

11. Sin Querer Queriendo - 46
;_; I want Alicastro to marry me... It's that simple.

13 and 13. Lettuce Garden and All Around Me - 45
Lettuce Garden is probably OLIVIA's most underrated song. =/ It is... wow. <3 As for All Around Me, I basically disliked a song I heard from Flyleaf before, but I decided to listen to this song and give it another shot and well... here were are.

14. No One Knows - 44
I really need more of this girls' music. She's just... so great.

15. Luz Sin Gravedad - 43
Beli! This song is so sad. </3 And it's also fun to hear people try to hit her little "verdaaaAAAAaad" note. XD Great song. Very good for someone who I didn't expect much from.

Side note: According to iTunes LoveFuryPassionEnergy has been played over 100 times. o_o I don't know how didn't count all those 100 times, but well.. yeah. This song would be number two. =O It's decent, I guess. It's good because it mixes their whole acoustic guitar + electric guitar + random screaming thing really well. XD


Finally. I truly doubt anyone would look at this. XD But I have it here for my own reference really. Especially if I do end up starting all over from my charts. Future reference for next year's journal. =D I really adore and I honestly can't get enough of it. <3 But yeah, I'm off to bed. My brain is screaming at me telling me, "GO TO BED. If you don't, I swear to the gods I will shut down and make you hit your head on the keyboard and hopefully, you'll get a bruise. And dammit, you'll deserve it!" ..Lack of sleep makes me act extremely weird. XD


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