• Adolescents Live

    Jul 25 2007, 10h08

    I saw the Adolescents live this evening at The Sets in Tempe, AZ. It was easily the best show I've been to in a while because of its intensity. The Adolescents were opened by an awful performance by Sigma. They seemed to lean more on the notion that retardation makes good punk rock. After the atrocity, local warriors Parkway Wretch satisfied the laid back punks in the audience. With music sounding like a blend of a more eccentric Face to Face and the vocals of Tom Holliston from Nomeansno, Parkway Wretch had few lulls during an act that got the crowd very motivated.

    When the Adolescents began, the crowd began, and with the crowd's enthusiasm rising, I gripped the front rail with great expectations. The opener "No Way" led to the first elbow delivered to my head and marked the beginning of chaos. The circle pit took no time to unfold at full force and really expanded into everyone else's territory with "Wrecking Crew." Crowd involvement was at a maximum and a request to join the band onstage was granted for an individual who would later to prove they could fly from the stage to the top of my head with ease. When "Creatures" came on, the crowd shook me up to the point where my shorts started to fall down, and then I fell down, leading to a few people helping me up because punks are civilized underneath their jackets and mohawks. As the night wore on, the Adolescents reached their last two songs that would truly make the crowd lose their minds. Their hardcore classic "Amoeba" was met with an eruption and punks began to climb the failing railing that proved no match for dedicated fans singing each word at the top of their lungs. The end of the song marked the transition into "Kids of the Black Hole," as well as the jump from stage to crowd by the absurdly large individual who used my front-row forehead as a target. Though I got blasted, everyone recovered from the fall and we all chanted the chorus with an energy provided only by the sounds of loud guitars and the grins on the faces of the legendary musicians.

    After the show, I approached drummer Derrick O'Brien (Social Distortion, Agent Orange) and thanked him for the remarkable performance. He was more than happy to give me a drumstick to mark the occasion.