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  • anthill98

    hey max, what's up<<>>? i see you liked osr tapes on yr label site haha zach rejected my album

    25 Out 5h34 Responder
  • thainafalci

    Please, make it, I couldn't find for download :(

    13 Out 17h28 Responder
  • thainafalci

    Hey, sorry for this, you have any songs of Ferrari Jackson, you can share with me? Thank you.

    13 Out 4h08 Responder
  • optimistic_tour

    Definitely dug that! spot on rec. Probably gonna play it again today on a ride. Reminds me: has Torn Hawk done anything this year? that Ghostbusters song is nuts..

    11 Out 13h54 Responder
  • optimistic_tour

    Ah man, thank you! I apparently listened to one of his tracks on a split with Torn Hawk a year ago, but didn't remember at all. Just found the album on spotify, gonna listen today. Sounds like my kind of thing, indeed. Also: sorry, turned off posting on my wall a few months ago after my one (sort of) insane friend started posting... wildly inappropriate things on there. I'm like, I have a grownup job man! Noooooo! :D

    10 Out 16h30 Responder
  • AFatalCure

    well been listening to a lot of jungle drum and bass stuff lately. my radio show is gonna be on fridays (pretty excited about this) ill let you know how it develops. also just tell me if i should go to fun fun fun fest.

    18 Set 21h03 Responder
  • AFatalCure

    miss u 2 gimme sum music recs!

    16 Set 1h26 Responder
  • piribolygo

    Well this is actually pretty awesome of you, and I quite liked king clone, definitely going to give it more spins. I guess I found the tape through free cake for every creature's bandcamp recommendations, though I don't remember how I've found free cake but its sooo cute

    13 Set 19h05 Responder
  • piribolygo

    I did! :-D:-D

    13 Set 9h10 Responder
  • Radiogauze

    Please help me quit smoking

    2 Set 4h13 Responder
  • iMaxx

    frank cosmo make bad music, too drippy/weepy to be fart (of gas), yet too insubstantial to be turd

    31 Ago 16h34 Responder
  • bloodmaw

    yeh i don't fancy her much recently (her last album i thought was pretty bad) but my gf is a hardcore fan (moreso of pre-newest album) and this is probably the only shot we have of seeing her without breaking the bank. thanks!

    9 Ago 0h37 Responder
  • bloodmaw

    thx for the input meng, not even sure if i'll have time to stop by but was curious.

    9 Ago 0h19 Responder
  • bloodmaw

    are there any record stores by prospect park you'd recommend towards my taste boyo? gonna be there tomorrow with the gf to see st. vince and wanted to stop by if any were good

    8 Ago 17h41 Responder
  • vvvvwv

    yeah its actually no big deal, the other night at around 2 am i was like "okay im gonna do it" and now i'm so glad. i cannot wait to listen to the album.

    15 Jul 11h16 Responder
  • lauren_arr

    omg i would diiiee to see them in a hair salon. wwwaaahhhh. and i'm like 20 minutes-ish from youngstown. i hate driving in pittsburgh so much and traffic usually makes it like equal time to just go to the grog or w/e

    15 Jul 0h42 Responder
  • vvvvwv

    just an update on croatian amor: i'm getting the wild palms cd soon via mail (actual mail, not email) :-)

    14 Jul 19h44 Responder
  • lauren_arr

    next time yr in cleveland for a show just yell at me about it. i moved kinda in between there and pittsburgh so i like going to both. we can hang irl. i like going there to see cloud nothings b/c it's always like ~special hometown performance~ and the venues are kinda nicer than here. also i just listened to viet cong and that is sooo great.

    14 Jul 0h12 Responder
  • lauren_arr

    yay thanks! and omg good :))) i really like crying. i've never listed to told. also i was gonna maybe go to that ceremony show at ntc but perfect pussy is 2 much for me i think? idk. but im jealous of your foxes in fiction/emily reo show. orchid has been doing such good stuff lately. that new foxes song kills me!!!!

    8 Jul 16h28 Responder
  • lauren_arr

    guide me frankie cosmos king. what other album of hers should i download???? thanks :))

    8 Jul 1h18 Responder
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