• everything.

    Mar 5 2012, 0h48

    i know this may seem a little stupid of me to put this on my profile for everyone to see but, i guess its a good way to let everything out and for people to know more about me.

    i was born and raised only by my mother and father, when i was almost 1, my dad passed away. so my mum had to raise me all by herself till i was 2 years old then met my step dad, i guess that was a good thing knowing my mother wasnt alone anymore. ever since then i was led to believe my step dad was my dad till i was 13, then my mother told me about my dad, which led me to a huge depression ever since then.

    ever since i was that age, things have become worse for me, i didnt get good grades, kept skipping school, was bullied throughout highschool and primary, took drugs and became an alchoholic, for about 2 years. i was 14 when i found my first ever long relationship, loved the guy to bits. he flirted with other girls. so the relationship ended. i have been in several relationships, but have ended because of flirting, clingyness, jealousy, lies & cheating. none of them was me doing them, i actually loved them to the fact i would actually die for them. but dont get me wrong, i actually had a couple of good guys that didnt do any of that shit but we just fell out of love, but its good to say that im still very good friends with them :)

    i dont know any other way to put it, and i aint being attention seeking or anything, i was literally suicidal because of what they all did to me, thought i would have anyone else, didnt trust anyone, always thought every one of my friends was using me.

    i love all my friends and camron and i appreciate everything they have ever done for me i wouldnt be here without them, seriously (:

    but thank you for taking your time to read (: i hope this will help you know more about me :)

    Take Care <3