• I Will Have Scrobbled 500,000 Tracks When I'm 69 Years Old

    Dez 7 2007, 1h28

    With average 27 tracks a day, DeadlyBrad42 will reach 500,000 tracks on 19th of November 2056. He will be 69 years old.

    ..I'll be 120 when I reach 1 million...

    I stole this information from this sweet page.
  • Finally...

    Nov 10 2007, 3h16

    After way too long (5 months and about a week) I have finally finished listening to every song I have on my computer in order. I'm not sure why it took so long, but I'm pretty happy that it's done. I ended up deleting over 500 tracks, which totals to a full 24 hours of music that I deleted. It was all random stuff that sucked, so it's alright. Well, that was fun. NOT.
  • My New Music Project

    Jul 3 2007, 21h18

    Sometimes I feel like my music collection isn't anything more than a collection of songs. Often, I'll download a whole CD for one song, and not even listen to anything else on the CD. Well, that's gonna change, because I've decided to listen to all my music, from start to finish. I currently have 4,134 tracks, which is apparently 10 days, 2 hours, 40 minutes, and 38 seconds of music. I have a few more to add, then I'll be starting. It should be a good time. Well, that's it.
  • Woooo First Journal Entry

    Jan 10 2006, 2h41

    Well, I just thought I'd write because I have nothing better to do. I would also like to say that this site is awesome, I check it like once every five minutes. I have been looking for new bands to listen to lately, and this site is the perfect way to find something new to listen to. It's also pretty interesting to see what everyone else listens to. Pretty soon I'm going to just compile a giant list of new artists that I want to listen to. I don't have time right now though, so that's going to have to wait.