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  • isitbeer30yet

    Hows about some 4th of July sound effects? Glug glug, boom boom, cheer! Not necessarily in that order. Have a great holiday weekend brah!

    30 Jun 18h27 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    TGI1/2DBF! Salute!

    19 Jun 12h53 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    I know right?! My oldest daughter is a junior in college now. Yeah, things could be a bit better for the Memorial Day weekend but at least we have some time off to reflect a bit. I'm planning to open my pool this weekend finally. Just getting it started though. You know there won't be much swimming goin on. Maybe one crazy dive when the levels are normal just to say I did it.

    21 Mai 18h49 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    So I didn't run through your library or anything but do you ever listen to the Atomic Bitchwax or Sheavy? If not, those are my recommendations for you. TGIBF! I may finally open my pool this weekend... we'll see.

    1 Mai 14h30 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    TGIBF Davos! Have a good weekend brotha!

    17 Abr 15h37 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Tornado season is here my friend! Its been an interesting evening.

    26 Mar 0h49 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Yep, same here... I'll be moving a desert willow and some rudbeckia maxima and also trimming and dividing some of my cosmo grass on saturday. I'm pretty happy to be able to do some gardening. TGIBF! Enjoy the warmer weather this weekend!

    6 Mar 16h50 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Yeah, I think I've had my fill of winter. I'm thankful I'm not living in the northeast. I would never live there however... at least not in one of the major cities. It's not in my blood. I need open space and blue sky and lush green plant life. They can have the concrete jungle and the overpopulation problems. Anyway, brrrring on the thaw. I'm ready to put away winter things and open the pool. Peace be with you Davos!

    5 Mar 22h53 Responder
  • southstarmusic

    likewise to you brotha, may 2015 be full of good vibes and the necter geologists like to drink CHEERS!!!!

    27 Dez 2014 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Man the season sure goes by quickly :) Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend! Wishing you the best for 2015!

    24 Dez 2014 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Pop! Fizzzzzz.... glug gluggg. Repeat B) TGIBF brotha! Short week next week and looking forward to Thanksgiving. Wishing you the best. Cheers!

    21 Nov 2014 Responder
  • mottly

    BTW - Hey man do you use the Liquid Bear App on ur Android - it Rocks!

    9 Nov 2014 Responder
  • mottly

    Davos! Whats up! Here comes the cold! I knew these mild temps wouldn't last... Have a great week man and keep warm! Cheers

    9 Nov 2014 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Hey thanks man! It was a good one. Yeah, the freeze is going to hit us tonite as well. I've got the pool closed and everything wrapped up for winter so I'm ready for it. We've got another game of Hold'em set up for Saturday night... might be a chilly one :) This is the only time of year I drink rum. Might have to pick some up and get the firewood ready too. Cheers!

    31 Out 2014 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Two words... Warsteiner Dunkel

    24 Out 2014 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Alright alright! Have a good one Davos!

    10 Out 2014 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    SALUTE! B)

    3 Out 2014 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    TGIBF and such! Two words: Warsteiner Dunkel

    19 Set 2014 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Greetings brah! Well half-day Fridays are now officially over (unfortunately) for the year. Back to beerFriday celebrations til next May :) I actually have a chilled out weekend in store (can't believe it). The whole summer has been really busy. Have a good weekend... and cheers!

    5 Set 2014 Responder
  • isitbeer30yet

    Davos! Drilling water wells? Sounds interesting. I haven't done any of that since I was an asst supt for one of the courses I worked for way back when. Sorry I am behind on my reply - been a little overwhelmed lately. I'm around but not if that makes sense. Right now I'm just looking forward to a little R&R this weekend. Have a good week brotha!

    13 Ago 2014 Responder
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Whas goin' on from Kansas.

I could tell you how cool I am and all that but cool is a subjective concept. What I think is cool now I used to think was weak when I was younger....except for music. I still seem to enjoy the same bands I grew up on in my youth and college years. The only difference now is the additional bands, styles, and genres I have taken in over my brief lifespan.

I am a licensed geologist handling the clean up of spills occurring in soil, surface water, and groundwater. I am married and I have two boys. I listen to Last.fm mainly while at work working on reports in my office but my computer or 360 blasts Last.fm when I get a chance at home.

My tastes in Tunes are ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Anyway, Cheers to you all and turn it up.



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