Fish - Return to Childhood - 22nd April Southampton


Abr 27 2006, 16h05

I had somehow also talked my parents into attending the Fish gig at The Brook, Southampton, being a long drive and it costing a bomb to get public transport all the way down there they used it as an excuse to go out for the day and actually come to the gig which was a suprise, my parents have never been to a gig so I thought it would be a good experiance for them, mainly my mother.

So the drive down to Southampton took around 3 hours, cutting out the crap of navigating Southampton we made it to the venue.

The Brook is the tiniest venue I have ever been in, the stage was small along with the ground floor, there is an upstairs where another bar is like a lot of venues but very small being a venue mainly for small acts (Blues and rock)

My mum being in a wheelchair meant we got to get into the venue 10minutes before the doors opened. This really helped finding a good spot for my mum and making sure she was okay.

The venue filled up and the support act came on to my suprise, Anne-Marie Helder a girl with her acoustic guitar who was the support at the Mean Fiddler gig too. I quite enjoyed her set although the acoustics meant the snare drum behind her kept vibrating, however her voice was amazing and songs quite enjoyable. I wanted to buy her CD but didn't get the chance.


Now came the time "The Big Man" would grace our small stage. The band members came out the tiny door next to the drum kit, the lineup being the same as the Mean fiddler, minus the female backing vocalist and a new drummer Dave Innes.

I was right at the front (being no photopit) touching the stage in front of Andy Trill on guitars.

Fish's solo set kicked off and went along rather good. The same setlist as last time I saw him on this tour but that was good.

The new drummer was really impressive although this was only his second live gig with Fish!
What I admire about Fish's band is the stage presence, they really enjoy themselves and you couldn't tell they are practically a backing band for Fish, in my opinion topping the stage presence of many bands i've seen before.. but I think Fish's band is carried mainly by Fish's amazing charisma on stage.

I enjoyed Fish's solo set much more than at the Mean Fiddler. In those few months i've really got into the solo material more and more, finding out what a gem it is.
Fish chatted with the fans a lot and as usuall was quite funny!

The ending of his solo set was something else. An EPIC version of Credo, all the fans chanting "CREEEEEDO" as fish kept singing, one by one the band members left the stage after doing a solo leaving the remaining ones still playing as the fans chanted on.
It ended up with the new drummer boy Dave innes left on his kit going mad still playing as the fans chanted "CREEEDO!" still. He did some pretty nifty drum solo'ing. After he had stopped and left the stage the chants continued for a bit until "the Thieving Magpie" played through the speakers.

Now was time for Misplaced Childhood. The Thieving Magpie blasted a few more times, a memory of Marillion past! then the band members returned as The Theiving magpie faded out for us to hear Tony Turrell on keys playing the start of Pseudo Silk Kimono.
The fans were singing along to just about every line of the Misplaced Childhood set.

The band members were also on top form, drinking wine when they could and really having a good time.
Blind Curve was amazing, like most of the album live. Fish really gives it his all when he performs, even though he is getting on, being 48 the other day.
His voice obviously isn't the same as it was when Misplaced Childhood was recorded but it doesn't really make much difference. The fans help him along..

After White Feather they left the stage once more, Fish introducing each member like he did with Credo.

The fans chanted for more and the band returned, after Fish chatting to us for a while they kicked into Incommunicado, what a great track live, even better was when it kicked into Market Square Heroes. It was really amazing live and its great hearing all the fans singing along.

The set list on the stage listed Market Square heroes as the last song. However at some other gigs of the tour Fish does Fugazi for the encore. I really wanted to hear Fugazi live... being one of my favourite Fish Marillion tracks.
When the band left the stage after Market Square heroes I shouted Fugazi as Fish's roadie peeped from behind the door to indicate to the sound man that htey were done (I assume) However all the fans started chanting Fugazi aswell, it was quite an experiance.

Much to our delight the band came back on the stage where Fish talked then introduced Tony Turrell where he did the keys intro to Fugazi (Wow)
Fish sat on the speaker I was leaning against as he sung the first part of Fugazi.
It was great live. I often get amazed how bands go out touring and give a top performance every night..

D-d-d-d-d-do you realise?!
That this world is totally Fugazi!

As it ended Fish said how it was an amazing night, it was! The Southampton gig was his launchpad into Europe (Again on this tour!) so it was great we gave him the reception he needed.

Fish was on top form.. as always?! such a small venue yet he brought the house down. Hes been to Southampton TWICE on this RTC tour and according to the sign outside the venue Fish brought down the house last time!

My parents were impressed.. a lot and are Fish fans now!!! I was so happy I gave my mum the chance to see a band live and I couldn't have chosen a better gig, she really enjoyed it!
And me? Well it topped the Mean fiddler 100x over and I deffinately have to catch Fish again on this tour on one of his remaining England dates when he returns from Europe.. My parents are up for it?! (Should I be worried?!)


Big Wedge
Moving Targets
Brother 52
Goldfish & Clowns
Plague of Ghosts: (5) Raingod's Dancing
Plague of Ghosts: (6) Wake-up Call (Make It Happen)
Innocent Party
Long Cold Day
==== Thieving Magpie intro =====
Pseudo Silk Kimono
Bitter Suite (I. Brief Encounter II. Lost Weekend III. Blue Angel)
Heart Of Lothian (I. Wide Boy II. Curtain Call)
Waterhole ( Expresso Bongo )
Lords of the Backstage
Blind Curve
Childhoods End?
White Feather
===== Encore ======
Market Square Heroes
===== Second Encore ======

Overall it was (Topping the Mean fiddler) the best gig i've been too. Its the charisma Fish has on stage, the fans singing.. everything.
The drive home at night was fun but tiring, getting home at 4am another new experiance for my parents, however they really enjoyed it all!

My advice is to see Fish while you can on this tour, its a chance to experiance Misplaced Childhood live after 20 years.
How can anyone see Fish live and not come home a fan?

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  • unevendays

    Nice photos! And I'm still jealous that we didn't get Fugazi.

    Abr 27 2006, 16h46
  • Jibriel

    Yeah well you know what? Fish owns XD <3 Fish looks like hes 20ft tall.

    Abr 27 2006, 20h15
  • solus_bellator

    Awesome review, makes me wish I was there experiencing it right along with you. And, it piques my interest more in this man called Fish. :)

    Abr 28 2006, 14h37
  • Svrakata

    Thanks for the review! You reminded me of my great experience at the Fish's concert in Sofia :)

    Mai 4 2006, 17h38
  • RudolfTG

    "How can anyone see Fish live and not come home a fan? "- my wife become a great fan of Fish :) after first gig. Excellent review Dave.

    Mar 20 2009, 7h23
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