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  • MadAzAHatter

    lol!! ... ok then.. i'll send you some stuff.. check your Inbox in about 5 minutes

    2 Jul 4h08 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    Broken is such a strong album with some great lyrics to match the music... currently i'm trying to stay away from Skywatchers as i'm afraid i will burn myself out on them if i play their album as much as i want to and i certainly don't want that to happen.. i just wish they had made another album................. are you ready for another rec David?

    2 Jul 2h54 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    seriously, give Broken a spin.. i really think it would be an even better fit for your personal music sensibilities

    28 Jun 23h34 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    you didn't like it.. did you?.................. i should have offered their album Broken to you... it's more your style... especially tracks like Praying Ground.. very haunting and a bit offbeat... don't give up on them just yet David

    28 Jun 22h17 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    oh, so you pretended to be an evil informant who carried a flick-blade!!... haha... you probably are going to hate me for saying this but i actually think that's all pretty cute... but cute was not what you were striving for when you used to dress up as Orihara, was it my friend?... oh course not!... it's like, no kid wants to be thought of as cute when they dress up or pretend to be a vampire or The Joker...... ok, now, back to music... first let me say that this group is in no way a correlation to Skywatchers... they're completely different... and i also want to impress on you how good this is David!... you must check out Soulsavers album It's Not How Far You Fall, It's The Way You Land... give it a spin... i think you'll be impressed

    28 Jun 15h15 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    a nickname???..... so you were an evil informant who carried a flick-blade??????

    27 Jun 11h23 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    since Fake Plastic Trees is dealing with a real relationship which is phony, like the rest of the world portrayed in the song, and since you have had boyfriends (or relationships) in the past, then i would conclude you are not at all happy with the lack of truth, passion and/or depth of any of those relationships... it is what i perceive David ~ i'm not saying it is or isn't this or that ~ it's just what i take from your meaning.... i won't be revisiting The Wormhole Act 1 or 2 again but i might go back to Pocket Handkerchief... i've heard 69 Love Songs in the past (under a previous last.fm account) and i was only slightly impressed by it back then but i'll try it again and also your other suggestion but i'm not going to try and compare them to Skywatchers... it's futile to do so.... one quick question in dealing with your heritage... Orihara is a very prominent surname from the Philippines, correct?.....

    27 Jun 0h42 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    and about Kevin Pearce... Pocket Handkerchief Lane is close to Skywatchers Handbook without the asterial aspects but Matthew Hopkins And The Wormhole: Act2 (Treatments) is more experimental and lots of electronic sound shit..... so yah, just in case you needed to know :P

    26 Jun 19h07 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    how funny... yesterday at the office i went on Spotify and listened to I Monster's album Neveroddoreven... there are difinite hints of Skywatchers but a number of the tracks are a bit, ummmmmm, how should i put this?........... cartoony??... i enjoyed the album and thought it fun but it lacks the sadness and isolation that is felt in The Skywatchers Handbook... but then, i don't think i'll ever find something that is unique to that album... i'll check out Kevin Pearce link.... ummmmmmm, about your About Me... i don't mean to be intrusive but "He tastes like the real thing." references a possible boyfriend?? oooooorrrrrr what?

    26 Jun 15h48 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    ....listening to Skywatchers again.... i think it goes without saying that i've not heard anything quite like this in all the years of buying and listening to music... if you know of anything comparable i'm sure you would tell me about it but let me just encourage you to do so David, just in case the thought had not crossed your mind... now then, let me offer you something... a friend of mine from Australia suggested a comparison group that he knew of... the lead singer does make me think of the vocalist from Skywatchers but the similarities end there... if you're interested in hearing their work then try out the group Cordrazine... again, i want to emphasize that their music is nothing like Skywatchers, only the lead vocalist sounds the same... that's where the comparison ends

    25 Jun 15h18 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    you're quite a handsome fellow David... you should share your good looks my friend because not everyone in this world is so blessed as you.............. btw, thank you

    24 Jun 3h14 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    i will tell you the truth David... i would MUCH rather see YOU in your profile pic!

    24 Jun 2h17 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    Spotify is the one app that's never let me down as far as scrobbling... sometimes the password gets fucked... try wiping it out completely and reenter it David... let me know what you think of The Fool and the Star when you hear it... i think it's as distant and magnificent as some of the best tracks on Handbook

    22 Jun 18h57 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    wish i had it to give you David but the only thing i have on my iTunes player is their full album... i've listened to The Fool and the Star on Spotify...... i'm not sure, do you have Spotify in Mexico?... i'm guessing you do cause they just recently expanded down to Brazil

    20 Jun 12h38 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    haha!!... you couldn't wait for someone to post to get to your 800??... truth is, that's really quite adorable David...... i actually stopped by to say that i have found the Skywatchers track The Fool and the Star (from the Serves Me Right EP) to be wonderfully haunting... especially when played on repeat!!

    17 Jun 14h49 Responder
  • David_Orihara


    15 Jun 3h49 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    "Being completely weightless to me sounds like being dead." ~ this line of thinking absolutely fascinate me David since it is exactly how i would invasion such a condition... so have you found and listened to the Peter Schilling track yet??... please, let me know what you think of it!

    9 Jun 21h36 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    i agree with you on every single thing you stated on The Skywatchers Handbook and the songs you mentioned... Space Oddity has always left me with an unsettled feeling within me (and not in a bad way cause i love that track!)... it is the unknown... the feeling of being alone and totally without control in a situation which you must just surrender..... i got the same feeling when watching the film Gravity in the theater........ have you ever heard Peter Schilling's continuation of the saga of Major Tom??... if not, then i HIGHLY recommend you give his track Major Tom (Völlig losgelöst)... seriously David, you MUST hear this!!

    7 Jun 1h29 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    i've never had a problem with scrobbling from my iTunes player on my iMac in my studio but i can't say the same for my Dell at the office... for awhile i had to listen to all my music on Spotify when at work cause the scrobbler would only work on and off.. was never consistent and i lost a lot of scrobbles because of it!... then all of a sudden it started working and i haven't had any problems since.... who knows why?..... btw, thanks for Skywatchers!!.. Do You Want to Go to Space Young Man is a very haunting and melancholy song, isn't it?? loved it!!

    6 Jun 2h04 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    i know right?... i LOVE their harmonys!!...... hmmmm, dunno why it wouldn't scrobble though.. were you using Spotify or your own player, like iTunes or Media Player??

    5 Jun 11h59 Responder
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