• Of Mud and Tents

    Jun 28 2007, 19h33

    Fri 22 Jun – Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts


    So we set off at 6am to get there early, hit traffic at around 12 coming into Glastonbury. Surely not everyone has set off early for the queues to be coming 9 miles outside the festival? ...No, they hadn't, it turns out we were stuck behind horse drawn gypsy carts for around an hour and a half. Fucking Hippies!

    So I get into the site and ring Tim.
    "Where you camped mate?"
    "ermmm...In the Dance Field I think"
    "You absolute cleft, all our shits gonna get nicked if you camp there, but fair one, I'm on my way"

    So I go and set up camp, Katie arrives shortly after and we go for a wander over to the brothers bar, via the greenfields, and chill out drinking pear cider. I end up having 3 pints whilst everyone else has 1 and considering I was already on my way before that I was soon ploughed. The night continues in a drunken fashion. Me and Katie mut have done something that night but I cant actually remember what we did.


    Thursday starts off a bit slowly. A mild hangover but luckily my head was ok. I feared the worst after drinking the pear.

    Charlene Jones: This girl can really hit some high notes. Sadly I think that might what she relies on as apart from that she came across a little bland.

    Kid Harpoon: Wow! When you see someone on Thursday in the Leftfield tent you dont expect to be blown away. Fantastic performance

    Emmy the Great: Had sound problems. Half her band was stood playing with no sound feeding through the PA. This sadly affected her set in quite an extreme manner.

    I cant remember the order of Thursday but at some point we went to the Banyan Tree Cafe and saw some guy called Splish do an open mike. He was ace. Imagine a David Bowie type, singing about the M25 with a massive beard. Proper quirky character. Tim decides that he's gonna play later on too.

    Tim and Sam's Tim and Sam Band with Tim and Sam: Considering 2 of the 3 people on stage are totally wasted it went pretty well indeed. yay for Tim and his playing Glastonbury anyway. It sounded as fresh as ever.

    We'd met up with Wincy for Tim and Sam and then shortly after they'd finished we went to Lost Vagueness and met up with Dom and Kellie and someone else, who's name escapes me. We very quickly lost Kellie but we went to an Insect Circus Museum which proved to be quite interesting. We just got wasted the rest of the night. Katie and Wince ended up disappearing at some point and we met up with Maz and headed to the park. We'd attempted to watch Simian Mobile Disco but it was shit so we headed to the park where we lost Maz as quick as we'd found her. I dont know how that happened. I seem to remember dancing round the Glade for a brief period, and also the Hare Krishna tent but I'm not entirely certain. Hazy Night!


    Once again a slow start, Katie still wasn't even back when I got up so I just mooched around for a bit as you do and tried to sort my hangover out again. Yeo Valley yoghurt proves to do the trick every time.

    Modest Mouse: Great stuff. I hadn't pre-empted that they be as good as they were. Float On was obviously the highlight, and in hindsight it seemed a pretty apt song considering the torrential downpours. "Don't worry even if things end up a bit to heavy, we'll all float on alright" indeed.

    Ralph Myerz And The Jack Herren Band: I'd decided to go for a wander around Dance Village and found myself venturing into the West tent for some reason. No one was playing, just the resident playing some typical mix of standard dance beats. I got involved and had a little boogie with some folks in there, then Ralph Myerz and the John Herren Band walk out. A full band playing dance tunes live? Surely not. Turned out to be a spectacular show. I enjoyed it massively, danced like a knob and will be looking further into them. Go Scandinavia!

    Super Furry Animals: Walking past the other stage it becomes quickly apparant that the Furries are on. 12 Welsh flags up the front and Gruff Rhys wailing away. Then they started to play "Juxtaposed With U" so I stuck around for that one then continued on my way. It sounded good but I'm not a massive fan and wanted to get upto Lost Vagueness to see the 80's Matchbox B-Line Disaster

    One Nation State: Oh! what's this? I thought 80's Matchbox were on? It would seem they've changed their set to later on tonight and put this ska band in their place. Oh well, let's skank! So I found a couple of girls up there who were working on the bars on site and danced away for a bit. Fun times when you dont expect them. This is the stuff that Glastonbury is all about.

    Rufus Wainwright: Didn't catch the whole of his set which I'm a bit miffed about now but I did catch his highlights I think. Just finishing one of his own songs when I got there then he disappeared off stage and reappeared in a dressing gown, sat at his piano and started playing Jeff Buckleys 'Hallelujah' for which his sister Martha came out and duetted with him opn. Sounded spot on. Then hesits on a stool at the front of the stage and applies some lipstick, stands up and removes his dressing gown andgoes into a fantastic Hollywood-esque version of Get happy in full transvestite manner. Ace!

    Arcade Fire: I've waited a long time for this one. My first time of seeing them. They pull out all the stops. The stage looks amazing, donning neon tubes all over the place and they sound immense. Was stuck in the front with a group of hardcores. Everyone was in the spirit singing every word to every song. I even had some fine young philly on my shoulders at one point dancing round like a tool in the mud with a set of muddy legs and wellies next to my face. Fantastic show. One of the best of the weekend.

    Bjork: This is why I went to Glastonbury this year. When you buy a ticket regardless of the fact that no one you know might be going just so you can see one artist you know it's dedication. She looks amazing, sounds amazing and I nearly wet myself when you wails "Torment" to open up her set. Massively varied set, starting off quiet and led to an amazing climax when she played Pluto. Didn't quite manage to get offstage before she came back on to do her encore. The best thing I've ever seen live by far. The fact that it followed 2 amazing sets previously too just rounded it up to be the perfect night...

    ...That was however only until I started walking back to my tent where I received a message from Tim, who'd got back just before me, which read "Where's Your Tent?" I ring him back to see what the hell he's on about to find that my tent and all my clothes and alcohol and other supplies for the weekend have been completely lifted and I was left with just an airbed and a chair. What an anti-climax. Totally surreal situation but it was one of thse where I just thought, Oh well, lets just take it in the stride and carry on. Took a while to fully get my head round the fact that it had gone but I got there eventually and the night continued.

    The Whip: They were ok if you like the sounds of The Rapture and !!! but personally I'm easy with those style bands. Not a bad show but not my thing.

    On to the Silent Disco. What an experience, walking into a club that has no music playing, just people dancing and trying to sing along to something. Then you're given headphones and suddenly it all makes sense. Weird experience listening to the same thing as 1000's of other people through headphones and exactly the same time. Had a good time though. It's a novel idea.


    So I spent the night in Katies tent and got a very rough nights sleep. A single airbed is not meant for 2 people but we managed. It was hideously warm in the morning too but I eventually got up and left her in bed. She stays there till 3 but I go and report my tent missing and shit and try and work out what I'm gonna do.

    Luckily Lance has a tent in the caravan. It been in the bag since 2000 and he doesn't know what it's like but it'll save me buying a new one. He was coming down to watch Biffy so I said I'd meet him there hence:

    The Long Blondes: Quite good actually. The guitarist is pretty hot

    Biffy Clyro: Played fantastically. You couldn't fault their performance. Sadly I dont like their music at all so it didn't really grab me. Good band though.

    With my new tent in hand I went back to camp and put it up. I open the bag and it absolutely stinks. The fact that it's been in there 7 years has clearly took it's toll. I get it up though and then make my way with Tim to the park.

    Ed Harcourt: Played a really nice set. Not really herad much of him before but he was really good. Played some song about an apocalpse which I think swung it for me.

    Bat for Lashes: Wow! What a woman, she looks like Bjork. Her music has Bjork elements. She obviously isn't as good but I just zoned out to her set. I think I nearly fell asleep at one point because i got too far into it. Definately be checking her out more.

    Patrick Wolf: Great stuff again. Couldn't watch the whole of his set because I wanted to get over to see Editors but what I did see was fantastic. I even predicted his red wellies right too.

    Editors: I quite like Editors but never expected them to be as good as they were. Put on a real good show. Thoroughly enjoyed.

    The Horrors: Playing in the little pub I though I'd go see these on the way over to The Killers. The hair is massive. The set is loud and the crowd is pretentious as fuck. Lovely stuff. I just stood at the back monging out.

    The Killers: Sounded shite. I couldn't move through the mud at all, was just getting stuck and slipping and sliding all over the place. I wish i hadn't have bothered with this one. Some good sing-a-long moments but that was about it. Very average.

    Afterwards I trekked back to the tent which took amazing amounts of effort. I was meant to be going to see the Brakes acoustic set a bit later on but just fucked it off because I couldn't be arsed and went and sat round peoples fires in the campsite instead. Met some lovely people from Royal Leamington Spa. Got back to my mouldy tent around 6 and realised that I was gonna freeze to death as I had no sleeping bag and I had to take my jeans off because they would've rotted my legs if I'd kept them on. Froze for about 4 hours then got up.


    Aqualung: Amazing stuff. Been looking forward to seeing them for a while but they really outdo what I'd expected from them. Brought their kids on at the end too to play tambourine on the last song. The John Peel tent was absolutely rammed, especially for a slot before 12 on sunday morning.

    I decided I'd not sleep in the freezing mould tonight and so I drop the tent that I'd lent Katie and take that, my airbeds and my chairs up to the caravan that Lance is staying in and decide I'll just kip there instead. It makes sense as we were setting off at stupid o clock on monday anyway. I get up there and am amazed to see grass. I had to sit on it even though it was wet.

    Mark Thomas: You've gotta love him. So funny it's untrue. Also the current world record holder for the most political protests in one day. 21 different protest within one day at different points across London. What a legend.

    Manic Street Preachers: 9th time of seeing them. It's a very bland set by their standards. The new stuff sounds well though. Seemed very much as though they were just going through the motions

    The Go! Team: After watching them in Iceland I swore I'd never watch them again, but Katie wanted to see them and it was on the way to watch Adem so I went through with it. Better than last time I saw them but it is not my thing at all. Katie seemed to enjoy it. Personally I think they need to chill the fuck out. Too happy for my liking.

    Adem: Awww, how good is he. Absolutely amazing set. One of my highlights of the weekend. 'Love and Other Planets' sends shivers through me. I've been listening to him loads recently but this just confirmed my love for him even more. Far better than the previous times I'd seen him. The addition of a live female vocalist really boosted his sound and it was all a bit more upbeat than previous times. He had a lovely starry backdrop to the stage which worked perfectly and I just loved it all.

    Pendulum (live): Got there just as Blood Sugar was starting. Woop. 1000's of people all proper going for it. We end up stood in the overspill outside the tent. The sound immense though so I dance around like a tit for a bit.

    The Chemical Brothers: 11/10 for their light show. Never seen anything like that before, absolutely mental. Danced for a bit, my feet felt like they were glued to the floor. Was a strange experience trying to dance and not be able to move your feet because of the mud. Brilliant show though and a good end to the festival.

    After that I wandered up to Dance/Fire to try and see Bill bailey but there was so many people there you could see or hear him. On to of that I was completely goosed so I retired to the caravan. Slept all the way home on Monday, blistered feet and aching joints. The shower at home was amazing.

    All in all I had an amazing time. Obviously the tent thing was a bit of a fuck up but aside from that what an amazing weekend. The most fun I've had for quite a while. I also have a new addition to my Glastonbury writband collection now. woop. Bring on next year is all I can say. :o)
  • Wow!

    Abr 25 2007, 17h54

    Tue 24 Apr – James, The Twang

    What a gig!

    Back on form in full force. Plenty of classics and some proper random tracks. I dont think I've ever heard a track off Wah Wah played live before.

    Early tracks were played too.

    Set List was:

    Come Home
    Destiny Calling
    Ring the Bells
    Who Are You (new track)
    Chameleon (new track)
    Honest Joe
    Really Hard
    She's a Star
    Out To Get You
    Five O
    Upside Downside (new track)
    Getting Away With It
    Say Something
    Sit Down


    Hymn from A Village
    Gold Mother

    Can't wait till Saturday now. It's gonna be soooo good. Hurting today though. James gigs have to be some of the harshest i've been to. Dedication is fairly clear. I loves it