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Sobre mim

"Fanatism is highly contagious. You might easily infect while trying to conquer it."

"Fanatismus ist sehr ansteckend. Man kann ihn sich leicht zuziehen, während man versucht, ihn zu besiegen."

"Le fanatisme est trés contagieux. On peut l'attraper facilement en essayant de la vaincre."
Amos Oz

"This is Rock'n'Roll, politics have no place here. [...] Some bands think music should be political, but it shouldn't. Rock'n'Roll should be against policy, because policy makes slaves and takes your money without substantiation. They force you to work a job that you hate for all of your life and steal everything that makes you human. Fuck the politicians! Every word they say, may it be good or bad, makes them assholes. They only care about the money."
Ian Frazer 'Lemmy' Kilmister on politics in music.

Außerdem... FEUER:

“Every image of both living and dead
shall perish in flames.”
Mortuus for Marduk's 'Perish In Flames'

“Iron is glowing in pits of fire”
Martin Van Drunen for Asphyx's 'The Rack'

“Outside in the distance, the city in the fire
See the houses burning down, mile after mile”
Lemmy Kilmister for Motörhead's 'Burner'

“For those whose Deeds
Shall become Song
And for those whose Eyes
Shall light up the heavens
With a single Fiery Glance
This... is your season”
A.A Nemtheanga for Primordial's 'Glorious Dawn'

“Mach es sehr schnell
Rein und raus
Magisches Schwein
Bis es spritzt, spritzt, spritzt ...Feuer!
Aber beklecker' nicht das Sofa, Sofa!
Make it go fast
In and out,
Magical Pig
Till it squirts, squirts, squirts, squirts ...Fire!
Don't get no jizz upon that sofa, sofa“
Frank Zappa 'Stick It Out'

„Don't fear don't, this deity, don't!
Rebirth of the Nemesis has been foretold
Return with wings of liquid fire
Fate was never sealed in stone”
Ashmedi for Melechesh's 'Rebirth Of The Nemesis'

“Fffiire... FFFFFIREEE!!!”

“Let thy wrath consume all of thine enemies.
Scourge them with flames of fire.
Lay thy feet on the pile of those slain by thy mysteries.”
Martin Eric Ain for Celtic Frost's 'Ain Elohim'

“Down your throat, gasoline to ignite”
Chris Barnes for Torture Killer's 'I Killed You'

“Smoldering ashes remain
Targets have been attacked”
Brett Hoffman for Malevolent Creation's 'Ravaged By Conflict'

“Put my hand in the fire
Put my head in the flames
I can believe
I know it hurts
My skin is melting
I know its real
My skin is melting
And it feels so right”
Ross Dolan for Immolation's 'Put My Hand Into The Fire'

“Praise the flame!
I killed thy god - my will is done!
Thou art lord”
Nergal for Behemoth's 'Christians To The Lions'

“The pyres in the distance glow beyond the haze
The hypocrites bear witness to the end of days”
Warrel Dane for Nevermore's 'Bittersweet Feast'

“Burning flesh, drips away
Test of heat burns your skin, your mind starts to boil”
Tom Araya for Slayer's 'Angel Of Death'

“Ashes and promises share a bond
Through the winds of change
Words are blown away”
Chuck Schuldiner for Death's 'Empty Words'

“Sekhmet Teareth Out Thy Bowels and Casteth Them into Flames.
She Filleth Thine Orifices with Fire.
Uadjit Shutteth Thee in the Pits of Burning.
Nevermore Shall You Breathe or Procreate.”
Karl Sanders for Nile's 'Cast Down The Heretic'

“Fly throughout the sky... set fire to the land”
Demonaz for Immortal's 'Sons Of Northern Darkness'

“And now I'm just waiting for this world to burn!”
Albert Witchfinder for Reverend Bizarre's 'The Wandering Jew'

“On my knees and burning.
My piss and moans are the fuel that
Set my head on fire.
I'm dead inside!”
Maynard James Keenan for Tool's 'Bottom'

“A man stands on the hillside
Watching the blackened sky
Memorizing times from another age
Now make his soul and spirit glance like fire”
Demonaz for I's 'Far Beyond The Quiet'

“Let God sort them out
Devastation by fire
From the sky
Serve to die”
Lars Göran Petrov for Entombed's 'Warfare Plague Famine Death'

“What sayest thou, oh king?
Shall you exercise justice during thou reign?
Or shall thou commit us to the flames? To the flames!“
Eric Rutan for Hate Eternal's 'The Victorious Reign'

“But my fire cleans those rooms
My fire cleans that filth
Firebringer - I'm a watcher in disguise
Firebringer - call me so”
Piotr Wiwczarek for Vader's 'Firebringer'

“As night has fallen
Far distant horizons afire”
Karl Willets for Bolt Thrower's 'Honour'

“I was born in the flames”
Grutle Kjellson for Enslaved's 'Entroper'

“If it's too loud
And you're burning hot
Fill your heads
With heavy metal thunder”
Biff Byford for Saxon's 'Heavy Metal Thunder'

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