Mexican Space Train: Halloween (Neutral Duality)


Nov 4 2008, 0h27

This Halloween was the public debut of Mexican Space Train, a non sequitor-style joke of a band. With a keyboardist, guitarist, a preselected playlist of sample material, and a delay pedal to run it all through, it was an interesting sound result.

For posterity, here's the playlist that time allowed.

1.) Unpleasant Alley At Night
2.) An Urgent Reconstruction
3.) The Twilight Zone
4.) Broadcast Frequencies Converge
5.) Dream Song
6.) Ubu Noir
7.) Pretty When You Cry
8.) Impaled Butterfly
9.) Eraser
10.) Nosferatu (feat. Mr. Lif)
11.) Aisha
12.) Tourniquet
13.) Ürdögűzės
14.) For Whom the Bell Tolls
15.) Help Me I Am in Hell
16.) Black Light District
17.) Tubular Bells - Part 1 (Exposed Edit)
18.) Music Box
19.) Doll's Polyphony
20.) Elegia

Deepest thanks to Jackson Diner and Philip Spann, respective guitarist and keyboardist. Couldn't have done it without them.


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