LOLLA. PALOOZA. day two.


Ago 14 2007, 4h56

Ludo was first, Quig's's request. A good request it was, they were the most charismatic band EVER. Looked kind of like if weezer was the type of band to rock out and lick their guitars. I definitely recommend them, they were PRIME. Don't know the music too well, but they definitely played these:
Good Will Hunting By Myself
Drunken Lament
Love Me Dead
Save Our City
Hum Along
Go-Getter Greg
and of course the finale, a cover of Epic. It was brilliant, really. A power-pop-punk band actually nailing it perfectly. Not much innovation, but who cares? It was awesome! Made my afternoon.
(as usual, none of the youtubes were filmed by me. BUT I WAS THERE.)

Next was Motion City Soundtrack. They delivered. Same spunk and weathered positivity I expected. The new stuff didn't wow me too much [though fell in love... was pretty good], but it could still live up to the other two albums - it was on par with the average-er stuff from the second album i think - definitely room to grow on me too. The mosh pit was great fun, the kids would give high-fives and return lost flip-flops between songs. Good show. Setlist:
Better Open The Door
Capital H
Fell in Love Without You
Modern Chemistry
Time Turned Fragile
Everything Is Alright
This Is For Real
Make Out Kids
My Favorite Accident
Broken Heart
Attractive Today
Perfect Teeth
Throw Down
Hold Me Down
The Future Freaks Me Out

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were cool, but not too exciting live. We left a little early to catch the beginning of regina. Note: Satan Said Dance was superb.

Regina Spektor was cool. Huge crowd + loud band at the next stage and quiet regina = hard to hear, but her singular charm and quirky-good songwriting still showed through the jumbotron and over the crowd. We missed the last few songs fo gooder spots for the YYYs, but she was nice. 'specially when she stopped in the middle of a song to tell everyone to "make a row!" for girl that passed out to be brought out of the crowd. If she can say Regina Spektor saved her life, that's pretty sweet.
Ain't No Cover
On the Radio
The Flowers
Poor Little Rich Boy
Baby Jesus[track]
[track artist=Regina Spektor]Better

Bobbing for Apples
That Time
Apres Moi
Summer in the City
Real Love
Ghost of Corporate Future

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are one of the coolest bands around. They're still extremely cool. They'd have been one of the best shows ever if the setlist had been a tad greater though - The cuts from Is Is and Fever to Tell were great, but Honey Bear and Phenomena are probably my least favorite songs off of Show Your Bones. Replace them with some pre-fever tracks [art star, anyone?] and it'd be flawless.
(then a new song that i can't find the name of anywhere)
Cheated Hearts
Gold Lion
Kiss Kiss
Down Boy
Turn Into
Date With the Night
Y Control

Patti Smith was great. Rain and big crowd and Muse next meant i didn't get close and wasnt there for the whole set, but I'm aware she played Gloria and that one super-controversial one. Yeah! She's still kickin.

They say Muse is one of the best live bands around. I disagree. That said, they were very very good. Besides the light show and theatrics, the music and everything was all stellar. I found myself noticing, though, by the back half of the set, how his guitar tone never really changes, and how their little ascending/descending synth scales [the same thing in apocalypse, stockholm, take a bow, starlight] are done in half their choruses. Still, many of the songs were even better live, with guitar solos and passion that the overproduction lots of their stuff kinda drowned out (New Born and Hysteria and Butterflies/Hurricanes and Time is Running Out and Starlight and more). Anyway, although they werent the life-changing dynamo they often get hype as, they were still a really really good live band and i left happy. Setlist:
Take a Bow
Map of the Problematique
Supermassive Black Hole
Supermassive Black Hole
Butterflies & Hurricanes
Apocalypse Please
Feeling Good (meh)
Sunburn (glad they're still playing older stuff)
Invincible(reminded me why I never really got into the new album)
Starlight (If coldplay had written this i would have become a huge fan. Not sure how Muse did and they didn't, now that I think about it)
Time Is Running Out
New Born
Stockholm Syndrome
Plug in Baby
Knights of Cydonia (probably the most epic song ever, a perfect ending. I won a dollar betting they'd play this as the last song of the encore)

Overall day two was pretty sweet. Every band that I came to see was great, and as I'd been started to expect, there were some pleasant surprises too, that I could come home looking forward to fetching discographies of new bands. DAY THREE AFTER NEW YORK.

oh yeah ill be in NYC from tomorrow to Sunday nite. BYE!


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