Shuffle survey once again


Nov 26 2006, 0h02

Turn on the shuffle in your player, play all your songs and let the music be your prophet...


Where do you live?

Song: The Treason of Isengard
Comment: Wow, I have my very own epic obsidian tower?

Describe your first love:

Song: Brother Wolf, Sister Moon
Comment: Well, quite correct.

Describe your current crush:

Song: Freak Like Me
Comment: One word: LOL.

What is your challenge?

Song: Now We Are Free
Comment: Being free? Yeah, I guess so.

Who are your friends?

Song: Tutankhamen
Comment: That's cool, I didn't know I was hanging around with ancient Egyptian pharaohs. :D

Describe your appearance:

Song: Sister Misery
Comment: That sounds like some goth girl. O_o

What did you do last night?

Song: Kielletyn puun hedelmä
Comment: Why yes, I WAS attending a Kotiteollisuus gig last night.

Where were you last night?

Song: Ocean Soul
Comment: Well, I was in a place where there was also an Ocean Soul. :D

What is your life endeavour?

Song: O Fortuna
Comment: Hmm...

When do you have sex?

Song: The Last Day of Summer
Comment: Umm, good to know.

How do you have sex?

Song: Hallelujah
Comment: Religious sex? Riiight... O_o

Where do you have sex?

Song: Broadway
Comment: So... I'll have religious sex on the Broadway on the last day of summer? Right.

How do you want to die?

Song: Zombie
Comment: No, I DON'T want to become a zombie. Or have the IRA assasinate me or something.

Where do you want to die?

Song: Svart djup
Comment: Black Abyss? Well...

What do you want to say to your parents?

Song: Reise, Reise
Comment: Uhh, right...

Where do you spend your time?

Song: The Gravel Road
Comment: Spooky.

How do you spend your time?

Song: Only Happy When It Rains
Comment: Being depressed?

What are your views on the society?

Song: System
Comment: Well, yeah.

Describe your latest heartache:

Song: Hiljaisen talven lapsi
Comment: *dry chuckle*

What is your explanation for everything?

Song: Sirius B
Comment: Yup, blame it all on a white dwarf...

What do you think about during Fridays?

Song: Summoning of the Muse
Comment: Eeh...

What are the questions in life you would like to have an answer to?

Song: Wo Bist Du?
Comment: Where are you? Yep, that's what I want to know.

What would you like to do right now?

Song: Save Me from Myself
Comment: Sounds like a good idea actually...

Describe your best friend:

Song: Wildfire
Comment: Well, in a way. :D

What do you have under your bed?

Song: Wooden Pints
Comment: Cool, I've always wanted one.

What has been your greatest achievement?

Song: Skogens Hämnd
Comment: The Forest's Revenge? Yeah! \,,/

Where will you go for honeymoon?

Song: Ad Astra
Comment: \,,/

What do you have on your To Do List?

Song: Winter
Comment: O_o

Where would you rather be right now?

Song: Symphony of Destruction
Comment: Eh?


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