2010: top tracks


Abr 5 2010, 11h45

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Aya
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Conscience Killer

Matthew Herbert - Porto

Digit-All-Love - Flesh
Digit-All-Love - Do Ciebie Poprzez Czas

Smokey Bandits - Cracker Jack

Dream Theater - Raw Dog

Autechre - see on see

Opeth - The Throat of Winter

Caribou - Odessa
Caribou - Found Out

Daughters - The Virgin
Daughters - The First Supper

The National - Sorrow
The National - Anyone's Ghost

Vex'd - Disposition (feat. Jest)

Xploding Plastix - The Coma That Failed
Xploding Plastix - Pretend You Owe Me Nothing

Deftones - Royal
Deftones - Prince

A Silver Mt. Zion - I Built Myself A Metal Bird
A Silver Mt. Zion - There Is Light

Massive Attack - Babel
Massive Attack - Girl I Love You

Four Tet - Angel Echoes
Four Tet - This Unfolds

Gorillaz - Supefast Jellyfish
Gorillaz - Some Kind of Nature

Candle Nine - Kerrianne's Spine

CocoRosie - R.I.P. Burn Face
CocoRosie - Lemonade

Red Sparowes - Giving Birth To Imagined Saviors
Red Sparowes - As Each End Looms And Subsides

Altered:Carbon - Imposter
Altered:Carbon - Dimi The Twin

Berry Weight - The Lotus (Feat. Astrid Engberg & ASM)

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Farewell, Mona Lisa
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Widower

UNKLE - Caged Bird ?
UNKLE - Joy Factory

Slash - We're All Gonna Die (Feat. Iggy Pop)
Slash - Beautiful Dangerous (feat. Fergie)

Hybrid - Empire

Buckethead - Sled Ride
Buckethead - Inward Journey

Junkie XL - Made for Each Other
Junkie XL - Heart of Darkness

Xiu Xiu - Gray Death
Xiu Xiu - Chocolate Makes You Happy

Holy Fuck - SHT MTN

Coheed and Cambria - Made Out Of Nothing (All That I Am)

We Are The World - Lie Like a Forest

Asia - End of the World

Shining - Fisheye

The Ocean - Firmament
The Ocean - The First Commandment Of The Luminaries

65daysofstatic - Go Complex
65daysofstatic - Piano Fights

The Smashing Pumpkins - A Song for a Son
The Smashing Pumpkins - A Stitch in Time

Nice Nice - Big Bounce
Nice Nice - A Little Love

Lis Er Stille - send in the scouts

God Is An Astronaut - Age Of The Fifth Sun

Ratatat - Mandy

Liars - Scissor
Liars - No Barrier Fun

The Dead Weather - The Difference Between Us

Anathema - A Simple Mistake

Faithless - Not Going Home

Pain of Salvation - She Likes to Hide
Pain of Salvation - Road Salt

How to Destroy Angels - BBB
How to Destroy Angels - A Drowning

Orbital - The Gun Is Good

Hurts - Blood, Tears & Gold

Cynic - Wheels Within Wheels

Mouth of the Architect - Buried Hopes

Year of No Light - Perséphone I
Year of No Light - Perséphone II

Brendan Perry - Wintersun

Carbon Based Lifeforms - M

Demdike Stare - Forest of Evil (Dusk)
Demdike Stare - Forest of Evil (Dawn)
Demdike Stare - The Stars Are Moving

Balmorhea - Bowsprit
Balmorhea - Steerage and the Lamp

Clogs - Last Song

Arcade Fire - Spawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Arcade Fire - Month of May

Spock's Beard - The Emperor's Clothes

Tricky - Kingston Logic

Grinderman - Evil

Apocalyptica - 2010 (feat. Dave Lombardo)

Haken - The Point Of No Return
Haken - Celestial Elixir

World's End Girlfriend - Les Enfants du Paradis
World's End Girlfriend - ULYSSES GAZER

Iris - Xwires

Mystery - Wolf

Black Mountain - Old Fangs


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