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  • theBlackWhite

    Halloween was fun, though admittedly, it is not my favourite holiday. My sister loves it. It is also her birthday. I had to dress up for work to hand out candy to kids, which was fun. I was Mickey Mouse and my boss was Minnie. What is the day in February called? By the way, your new profile pic is gorgeous (though they always are)!

    15 Nov 23h29 Responder
  • MrMister7

    May I use your nice pic for my friends wall of photos on the right of my site, please?

    15 Nov 8h47 Responder
  • MrMister7

    Oh, what a pretty new pic. Can you sing and play the guitar? When yes you should going to become a country star. ;-)

    15 Nov 8h45 Responder
  • K3-y

    You cannot even put sugar in your coffe >< I made that mistake once and then I had to repeat all the studio recording, because the noise was unbearable on that supersensitive radio microphone ^^ You should try with the radio, it's so much fun ^^ Gorgeous photo btw ^^

    14 Nov 17h01 Responder
  • K3-y

    Jogobella are too expensive for me, especially if I eat/drink a lot of yogurts daily. I don't mind sugar in any of them though. With my metabolism and intensive lifestyle, I really need a lot of energy and sugar provides a decent amount [I just remembered that I have a marzipan chocolate bar in my backpack and it's time to eat it :D]. There is one situation where I avoid any sugar - when I need to speak to the microphone and my voice has to be clear, because sugar makes saliva more dense and when you speak, distracting noise appears >< 2 days ago was a day like that, because I was recording a reportage in Warsaw :)

    13 Nov 16h49 Responder
  • MrMister7

    Yesterday I was listening to Pistol Annies another time. I hope for the next album coming soon. Sorry for my mistake on the shout of Nov 2nd - the correct artist name is Kacey Musgraves. Give her a listen as well - yeah, too less time for too much good music. I got the same problem but some things I can listen while lessons. ;-)

    13 Nov 15h42 Responder
  • K3-y

    I just don't like the taste :P Milk is good as an addon, but not to drink :D Oh, there's also another usage of milk, as a neutralizer ^^ I'm into yogurts. I eat them every single day at least 2-3 times a day ^^

    12 Nov 0h37 Responder
  • K3-y

    It's hard to say that I am more on the sweet side, because food is food and it's good :D I cannot eat sweets only, but at the same time I need something sweet almost every day ^^ I am one of the lucky people who can eat a lot and don't get fat, so I use this privilege ^^ I cannot eat gummy bears though, because my organism doesn't like them :P I like most of the food. The exception are products based on milk (except yogurts, because I eat them a lot ^^).

    9 Nov 10h12 Responder
  • K3-y

    No worries, I had to memorize the same :D That's why I think Bosnian political system is so messed up. Especially your triple executive ^^ Yes, ćevapi are good. I ate something similar today ^^ But still, I miss your sweets the most ^^

    7 Nov 18h58 Responder
  • Anderson_BTH


    5 Nov 13h51 Responder
  • MrMister7

    Oh, Pistol Annies are really good - I very like them as well. What about Dixie Chicks or Court Yard Hounds? And not to forget Alison Krauss or The Wailin' Jennys! Since I was watching for amazing country music I found a few very good artists. I'm mostly interested in younger artists. Nothing to say against Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson for example but I more like the fresh and new country sounds.

    4 Nov 20h58 Responder
  • K3-y

    I read some books about Bosnian political system and I can say that there is no way it can work properly in a society with such diversity. Back to food - you wouldn't get fat, because, like I wrote before, our food is fat, but healthy :D I know what burek and ćevapi are ^^ I ate burek on almost every breakfast wherever I was in Balkans and ćevapi wasn't a rare case for lunch either ^^ Oh yes, your sweets are so good. Especially different pies and cakes :D In Belgrade I was living in the center, right next to the bakery and world of chocolate shop. Oh yes... Good memories, which made me hungry now ^^

    4 Nov 9h57 Responder
  • theBlackWhite

    That is good to hear :) I am doing well. Just very busy with work. We just had Halloween here in the States and was able to visit a lovely coffeehouse that some good friends just opened yesterday.

    3 Nov 2h20 Responder
  • K3-y

    I really like Balkan food, but I've never tried anything typical for Bosnia. I'll need to fix this and bring some recipes to Poland :D

    2 Nov 22h12 Responder
  • K3-y

    Oh, our economical situation is not very best. Year by year our debt is raising. Unemployment as well, which is sad, because getting a job nowadays is really difficult. It is better than in Balkans, because war in Yugoslavia ended up (formally) 19 years ago, so you needed to rebuild everything, but it's hard to say that in Poland there is a noticable progress. I can say that our political situation is much better, because we have no minorities of risk and our political system is more clear than yours (BiH). To be honest, I've never seen more messed up system ever :P About food - our traditional cuisine is really good. The most popular ingredients are noodles, potatoes and different kinds of meat. Our cuisine is fat, I need to say, but at the same time it's quite healthy. If you ask a foreigner about Polish most popular dish, you would probably get this as an answer: http://hr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piroge :) I love food as well ^^ I am always hungry xD

    2 Nov 22h10 Responder
  • MrMister7

    Problem is there are not as much Country music fans in Europe as in the States. For myself spoken I discovered that kind of music lately as well. Now I very like it but in fact it isn't a typical European music. Do you know Katie Armiger or The Band Perry? Now I'm going to check Miranda's back catalogue. Nice greetings. ;-) PS.: The song "Silver Lining" by Katie Musgraves I sing with my choir. The girls like it.

    2 Nov 18h00 Responder
  • areooo

    Hello from Poland :)

    1 Nov 16h56 Responder
  • MrMister7

    Hello Croatia again - I'm fine as well, thanks. We got some stuff in common like some younger American singer ladies. I very like Kacey Musgraves and Miranda Lambert. Have you got their new albums? Nice greetings from colder Germany in Autumn. ;-)

    27 Out 16h05 Responder
  • theBlackWhite

    You too. How are you?

    27 Out 3h19 Responder
  • K3-y

    Traditional Polish and Ukrainian food :) I liked most of it ^^ Old Town in Warsaw is a nice place, but not in rush hours. It is so cold last days in Poland. Nights are already on minus. Need to start wearing winter clothes, otherwise I'll freeze to death >< I checked the temperature last days in Balkans and I was like: 'oh, I wish it was like this here'... :D

    26 Out 15h30 Responder
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