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Jan 31 2012, 14h35

Andrew Morrison:
Andy's 3-hour February show focuses almost entirely on new bands and releases, including selections from His Electro Blue Voice, Mint Julep, Damn Vandals, The Big Pink, Kuedo, ?REDO FROM START, Stylus Rex, Childish Gambino, Spidersleg, Yeti Lane and a cracking new live version of a very old track by New Order. There's two exclusive session guests, with the second appearance on my show from The Horn The Hunt, and Cygnus X-1 in session for a third time with some epic progressive trance. This month's classic session track comes from Epic45's October 2007 guest spot, there's a Funky Five Minutes from Scott plus a competition to win new Sonic Cathedral records artist Fairewell's debut album 'Poor, Poor Grendel'.

Jeff Grainger:
Jeff opens his Dandelion Radio account for 2012 with a belting 2 hour show featuring a pick of recent and new releases in the shape of The Louche F.C, Full Toilet, Boddika & Joy Orbison, alt-J, Cut Hands The Proper Ornaments Pinch & Shackleton, Black Face and T.I.T.S.
There a couple of damn fine reissues from Jean Wells & Le mystère jazz de Tombouctou. To cap it all there is a 'Live In The Studio' Session from Rochdale's Ambassadors of Gypsy Jazz The Bigsby Brothers.

Two shows from Marcelle this month. New ways to rediscover her record collection are evident, last month it was all umlauts and this time it is sdrawkcab.
The regular show features a bunch of artists and a lot of bla bla bla.

Mark Cunliffe:
As I gear up to sell my limited edition lesser spotted Birdie Dance 7" by The Tweets at the Biggleswade Antiques Fair what can I palm off onto the unsuspecting listener this month????
Sinjin Hawke has got a duff maze trinket, stuff Ed Tudor Pole ... Ben kei is interfering with the Amazon, the fall out of which has The Lovely Eggs reaching for the antihistamines. Sleaford Mods has overdone the Senokot so it has curtailed him doing what Shaggy is up to all the time ... obviously life starts at 40 .... I have to say, there is a magnificent session from the old Peel favourite Chris T-T. It is his WHOLE SET recorded at The Victoria Inn in Derby last December. If it was an Antique, it'd be priceless ...

Mark Whitby:
Still without a copy of the new Gonjasufi album at the time of recording the show, I decided the only thing for it was to make the best damn Gonjasufi-less radio show possible. This effort was aided considerably by a session mix from Dementio13 and bolstered by new releases from the likes of Venetian Snares, Pindar's Apes and Black Dice.
From right across Europe came reinforcements to aid us in our quest, including tunes from Zabo T from Portugal, Switzerland's Argot Digamma, Belgium's Mumbai Science, Italy's Dziga remixing France's Guitoud with predictably stunning results and a couple of old but certainly far from jaded Hungarian tracks from Pajaro and Street Violence. News of our plight reached the southern hemisphere, the result a double feature of Metal Postcard releases courtesy of Australians Worng and Ollo and a further Antipodean brace from Feral Media's excellent Hinterlandt-inspired compilation.
From rather closer to home, for me anyway, get acquainted with show favourite-elect Long Hat Pins from Salford and bathe further in the glory of the magnificent Snailhead while sampling a melodic gem from Liverpool's Tear Talk and marvelling at the results of the rather wonderful Churn Milk Joan collaboration. Throw in a few more blinders from the Abaga, Bleeding Gold and Melting Records labels, add loads more I don't have space to mention, and you forget what it was you were missing in the first place. Until next month, anyway.

Neil Jenkins:
From his home studio (which is now slightly warmer than it was in January, it has to be said), Neil presents his usual odd mix of stuff, including some lovely and criminally overlooked tracks from Adam Donen & The Drought on Walker & Orfing, and starts things off with an old favourite from Etta James, who sadly left us at the end of January.

Paul Ackroyd:
Two shows from Paul Ackroyd this month. In addition to the usual three-hour slog, tune in to hear a two-hour Awesome Tapes From Africa special.
On the regular show, new Mississippi bits from Georgia Sea Island Singers, Agali Ag Amoumine, and Eddie Lee Jones & Family; new Shangaan remixes from Actress and Rashad & Spinn; plus plenty more new material, and a load of old stuff for good measure.
There is also a special show featuring huge stack of ace tunes from Africa found over the years by awesometapes.com.

Pete Jackson:
On Pete's February show there's sixty minutes of mayhem from new findsSon Belly, Light Bulb Alley, The Infoiatis and Commercial Malcolm, the return of show favourites Lime Headed Dog and some proper classic stuff as Charley Patton considers moving, The Louvin Brothers consider the veracity of the devil and India's The Eruptions consider tackling a stone-cold rock n roll classic - and they might just win ...

Peter Nelson:
This month on Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi:
The first reggae highlights of the year are Suzanne Couch's sweet remake of The Israelite's "Nincompoop" and a couple of mash ups from Bombist Records.
Four Lions Hilarious Dubstep rmx on youtube.
Featuring Pregnant's album Life Hard I try and Irma Vep's Goodbye 33, Hello Plastic Furniture from Manchester label Icecapades.
"Proboscis" by Bunfly and Rachael Bond is an insectoidal masterpiece. I play a 9 minute edit. Here for the full 45 minute experience.
After 100 releases French singles netlabel Beko finishes with some compilations and a lovely final treat from Ela Orleans.
Brian Jefferies, uncle of pop saboteur Ryan Hardy, is understandably upset about the treament of his cat.
23id's comfortably disturbing classic 'Bird Flu' finally gets a release on my own wombnet label, from the album Kung Flu.
A down tempo affair overall, ideally for late night chemically assisted attention.
I'll meet you down by the river. Under the moonshine.

A three-hour show featuring new tracks from Allo Darlin'; Cats On Fire; Liechtenstein; Mark Stewart; The Whatevers; The Give It Ups; Knickers; Billy No-mates; McDowell; Colour Me Wednesday; Twinkle Twinkles; Tigercats; The Carbon Manual; and Guided by Voices.
There's also electronica from Mathew Jonson; Paul Thomas & Funk Agenda; Skream; and Dub Phizix & Skeptical. Max Cooper is working overtime, he remixes both a new track by Ripperton, and a chillout classic by FC Kahuna. Amerigo Gazaway of Gummy Soul mixes up De La Soul and Fela Kuti, while Pale Sunday take on The Trembling Blue Stars, and Crystal Stilts take on The Blue Orchids - and I play you the original as well.
This month's Peel's Big 45 was produced by Jack White in 2,000, while this month's Educating Elizabeth 7" is a 1973 Motown release.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Capricornia is the name given to that part of Queensland, North-Eastern Australia, around Rockhampton, which is crossed by the Tropic Of Capricorn.

Sean Hocking:
There are two shows from Sean this month.
In his regular show there are new tracks from Ollo and Cairo Knife Fight plus new from China is the 2nd album by Nanjing's Good Luck Good Bye.
Sean's second show features only mashups - an inspiration from the very beginning of Sean's label - Metal Postcard Records.

Ste McCabe:
Hello chucks! After a 6 month break, I'm very excited to return to Dandelion with a one-hour show for February. Has my taste in music changed much in my absence? NO! Should you expect a fresh new direction from me for the next hour? HELL NO!
This month is dedicated to the delightful Maria and The Gay, who released the best slice of lo-fi lady pop music in 2011 with their debut album "Greatest Hits Volume 1". Amongst my usual marathon of riot grrrl, bubblegum, queer punk and messy electro-pop, there are tracks from Berlin's finest electro-riot-grrrl singer Räuberhöhle, Manchester's most exciting punker Rachele Whatever, a lovely song from gay indiepoppers humousexual and so much more to thrill you endlessly.

Yank Sizzler:
February can be one of the worst months on the calendar, it is a scientific fact! But here at Dandelion Radio, we have the wonderful weapon of rocking music to comfort us well through the last chapters of winter. So buck up and take hold of the joy that is new recordings from Boris, The Twerps, The Everymen and EVEN The Murder City Devils after a long comatose existence!
There's treasure trove killers from The Blonde Bomber, Lee Moses and The Rulers and of course we pay our respects to the devastatingly phenomenal Etta James.
Envios aceitos
John Peel, Dandelion Radio


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