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Dez 30 2011, 13h13

Festive 50:
Continuing a Christmas tradition started by the late BBC broadcaster John Peel in 1976, an assortment of our DJs will be counting down through the best 50 tracks from 2011, as voted for by listeners to Dandelion Radio. Jeff Grainger, Rocker, Andrew Morrison, Neil Jenkins and Mark Whitby take it in turns to reveal the chart in reverse order, with Pete Jackson announcing this year's winner! To try to keep the suspense in the countdown, the track info is not shown until a few seconds before each song finishes. The show is repeated every day (at different times) until the end of January so if you join in somewhere in the middle, do come back and hear the rest.

2011 Review:
For January 2012 Dandelion Radio introduces a Review of the year 2011, as seen through the eyes of our DJs. Covering the long and the short, the abusive and the beautiful, each DJ takes a turn in guiding you through some of their musical high points from the past year. Tune in, enjoy, and give us your feedback. Who knows, we might think about doing this EVERY year from now on!

Andrew Morrison:
Andy's 3-hour January show features his pick of 2011, with highlights of last year's sessions including Before you die..., Jack Hayter, The Reject Club, Damn Vandals and Cygnus X-1. Along with Scott's regular Funky Five Minutes, you'll also hear the very best releases from the last 12 months, such as Epic 45, DELS, The Horrors, Niki & the Dove, Blood Orange, Rival Consoles, Harrys gym, Lanterns on the Lake, Burial and History Of The Hawk. Andy appears in two other Dandelion Radio shows this month: co-hosting the official 2011 Festive Fifty results show; and selecting a few more choice picks as part of the Dandelion Radio 2011 Review show.

Marcelle features in 3 shows this month. In her regular show, Marcelle tries to play some of her favourite vinyl from last year. Obvious choices like Elektro Guzzi sit comfortably next to Oubys, Rrose is in the company of Omar Souleyman and DJ Spinn and Tirudel Zenebe meet on this show again.
There is much more, including regular features, but in the end she ran out of time. So some more selections, with other DJs, appear in 2011 Review show.
She has another show as well - celebrating the Umlaut!
Marcelle dëlves dëëp into hër rëcörd cöllëction, sëärching for that grëät phënomënöm which is thë Umlaut, ä päir of döts aböve ä vöwel. She discövers änd pläys ä löt öf greät umlauting Germäns likë Einstürzende Neubauten, Knarf Rellöm with the ShiShaShellöm, Amon Düül, Trümmerfrauen, Guido Möbius and Östro 430.
There is plenty möre, from all over Euröpe, including ä British institütiön, Märk Ë. Smith.

Mark Coles:
On this month's Dandelion Shed, Mark Coles looks back - briefly - on 2011 and to a bright new future in 2012. He marks the passing of Cesária Évora, Jackie Leven and Hubert Sumlin and hands out Dandelion Shed Best Of 2011 awards to everyone from New Zealand's Tiny Ruins and Indian singerAsha Bhosle to Korean psychedelic rock guitarist Shin Joong Hyun and China's Xiao He. There are also brand new tracks from South Africa's Spoek Mathambo, Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf and The Cambodian Space Project.

Mark Cunliffe:
Well, we move into January and I hope I'm not celebrating Burn's night quite so literally and branding myself on the oven not once but TWICE like I did last year ... I think I'm going to invent oven sleeves to go with my oven gloves ...

How can I fire you up with music then? Covergirl has gone the same way as me but with a French flavour while Vybz Kartel has been much more sensible with his implement ... Teebs has got himself into a tight spot, either that or just into tights, while IntotheNorthSea are not recycling the alphebet ... onskeplr. Bolus aren't planning to stick around too long which Ben kei agrees with ... get in Pickfords ... and there's a wicked three track session from Derby based band Crushing Blows so you've no need to give me the third degree about my show now :-)

Mark Whitby:
In a show that's largely devoted to looking at reasons for being positive about the coming year, we feature an exlusive session from the amazing Matt Stevens alongside new tunes from other favoured discoveries from last year like Dissolved, The Fuzz and Snailhead and albums that have supplied much winter warmth over recent months from Lower Third, Hehfu, JD Meatyard and Prince Fatty.
We ponder over some of the best new stuff to appear in early 2012, including Dada Trash Collage, Errors, Vert:X, Gonjasufi and Standard Fare, a bunch of great cassette releases courtesy of HHOME VVIDEOS, Heavy Medical and Digital Leather, a tribute to a wayward football genius from The Pocket Gods and a brand new track from the always excellent Sugarbrute.
Plus, as the Festive Fifty continues to be broadcast across the Dandelion schedule, we look back at three tracks that made the chart in 2001 and speculate whether voters of forty years ago, had there been such a thing as the Festive Fifty back then, would have found room for a track by the extraordinary Lol Coxhill.

Neil Jenkins:
No post-Christmas or New Year hangover in Neil's studio during January 2012, with rip-roaring featured albums from not one band, but two. The much-awaited new album 'The Long, Slow Death of Big Joan' dropped through the post and was too good not to play immediately, and the album 'Liquorice' from French For Cartridge was also fresh from its soft, warm jiffy bag. Three tracks from each for your delight, dear listener, all glued together by some eclectic beauties from around this replica of Kepler 22b.

Paul Ackroyd:
Two new Demdike Stare EPs, a new Mark Fell album, a couple of new Sandwell District singles, from Rrose and Silent Servant, new Vladislav Delay album, a couple of offerings from Opika Pende, the mega new Dust To Digital African 78s boxset, some other African bits, sinister strings from Edgar Varèse, three new albums on Dekorder, a couple of reggae bits, some gospel, and a bunch of old Arabic 7-inches in Wax Across The Water. Many good reasons to tune in ...

Pete Jackson:
Pete kicks off 2012 with ace new surf-on-downers band Heroin in Tahiti, the pick of 2011's sessions, some awesome 70s goings-on from Turkey and Indonesia and a bunch of new and old tunes from the likes of Coki, The Wedding Present, Rella the woodcutter and The Fall. One face looking to the past, the other to the future - that's January.

Peter Nelson:
This month on Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi:
I'm listening. A few top reggae tunes of the year; Angie Angel, Natalie Storm, Dirty Dubsters and The Viceroys. Classic prog rock from David Bedford. You've got to hear Tickle's superb anti-capitalist rap that opens the show, and milch of source's stunning Mahler rmx.
Also; Jazz.K.lipa, Digi G'Alessio, Hervé Provini +++
..squealing, shouting, fake African accents, pointless abuse...
..depression, rage, loss, joy, abandon, triumph...

No mask and no gang. So there you are, if that matters to you.

In summary then, Streaker Red Lunch Soldier Mahler Pig Fake Feeling Hypnotic Sassafras Blanc Lynch Drugs Spiral Sun Sun Ancient Bantu Thunder Unite.

A packed three-hour show featuring an exclusive new session from Short Stories and tracks from the new LP by 2010's Festive 50 number ones Standard Fare.
There are new tracks from Liechtenstein; Big Wave; Billy No-mates; McDowell; Twinkle Twinkles; Doyle & The Fourfathers; Spook School; Hehfu; and The Carbon Manual.
There's also electronica from Four Tet; DNYO; Pinch & Shackleton; Luke Abbott; and Max Cooper. Burial remix a previously unreleased Massive Attack track, while both The Wedding Present and their sister band Cinerama take on The Smiths.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is a release on his own Dandelion Records label from 1970, while this month's Educating Elizabeth 7" is played in tribute to the great Dobie Gray, who passed away in December.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Although Dobie Gray's biggest hit was "Drift Away" in 1973, he is probably best remembered for "Out On The Floor", which was something of a flop on its release in 1966, but became a collectable item in the mid-70s, one of many such poor-selling 60s records rediscovered as dancefloor classics by the UK Northern Soul scene.

Sean Hocking:
In this month's show Hong Kong Garden features some Indonesian punk mp3s. A country where punk actually means something still. See this article from ABC Australia about punks being prosecuted under Sharia law in Aceh.
We also feature a fantastic half hour mix of old and new Cambodian sounds by Phnom Penh based Professor Kinski producer, musician and dj. As well as something new from The Cambodian Space Project, some old Thai funk and the latest electronic underground from Sydney & Melbourne.
Envios aceitos
John Peel, Dandelion Radio


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