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Dez 1 2011, 1h43

Festive 50:
Continuing a Christmas tradition started by the late BBC broadcaster John Peel in 1976, an assortment of our DJs will be counting down through the best 50 tracks from 2011, as voted for by listeners to Dandelion Radio. The show will broadcast daily (at different times) from Christmas Day until the end of January.

Festive Fifty Build Up Show:
Join a selection of Dandelion Radio DJs on Christmas Eve for our Festive Fifty Build-Up show. DJs will introduce some of their picks of 2011 that didn't make it into this year's listeners' poll, while warming up for the first play of 2011's Festive Fifty results at midnight on Christmas morning.

Andrew Morrison:
Andy's 2-hour December show has a session from JAG Records electronic artist Liquitex, recorded using only pre-MIDI analogue equipment. There's two delightfully offensive Christmas songs from The Pocket Gods; pumping techno from DJ Klubbingman; and an Andy's Old Chestnut from World of Twist. You'll also hear Scott's Funky Five Minutes and brand new music from Prince Edward Island, The Crimea, 2:54, Fairewell, Atomizer, Kele and more!

Jeff Grainger:
Jeff 'croaks' his way through a 2 hour December Show featuring not one but two exclusive Sessions. The long awaited Float Riverer's, and the third Xmas Session .in as many years by Rev Porl, with the Tea Time Trio. Other exclusives include tracks by Humanizer, and theDead Sea Apes, along with, a handful of, highlights of 2011; Eat Lights Become Lights, Joker, Koreless, Blasted Canyons, Peopling, and Beastie Respond, , You'll hear first time plays from Ghost Outfit, Begin, and the Absolute Super - Massive welcome return of Alisia Casper, ! Happ-eeee! Xmas!

'Meet and greet!'

Dissatisfied with the latest Fall album Marcelle redirects her attention to a new double album by what she feels to be the most exciting act from 2011: live techno band Elektro Guzzi from Vienna. Also exciting, because different and unclassifiable, is a new solo album from Black Dice member Eric Copeland. There’s a lot of meeting and greeting going on: The Bug remixes Ding Dong, Omar Souleyman performs in Western Europe and Lee Perry meets Digital Mystikz. Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit encounter Shackleton, Svreca meets Silent Servant and Ove NaXx brings Dopeness along. Pascal Plantinga goes to Japan whereras Mark Ernestus meets South African BBC.
Regular features include three Look Back Bore tunes (released, and bought by Marcelle, exactly 30 years ago), the very inspiring vinyl exchange with fellow Dandelion DJ Paul Ackroyd, Wax Across The Water (Paul provides Marcelle with a new Dekorder label release by Sculpture) and a couple of new Mississippi label (re)releases. With one exception it is a vinyl only show with not one Festive indie guitar in sight!

Mark Coles:
There's no Snow Patrol in The Dandelion Shed this month. You'll be glad to know, on the orders of Mark E Smith, they're barred. What we do have instead, are some of the best new music releases from around the planet. The moon is celebrated in sensational style in a new song from unsigned Egyptian/French act Egyptian Project - the best thing I've heard all month. There's angry rap from inside a Beirut Palestinian refugee camp courtesy of Katibe 5, Cuban RnB rap sensation Danay Suarez; Polish folk-punks R.U.T.A deliver a song thats just 14 seconds long, the Iranian vocalist Azim Ali sings a lullaby for her son and there's a track from The Fly magazine's album of the year - US band The Antlers "Burst Apart".
All that, a surfin' bird, a woman who thinks God is a bike, a stunning new singer songwriter from New Zealand ... and a bit of Ersatz GB from Peel favourites The Fall. I think he would have enjoyed their latest. Definitely no Snow Patrol.

Mark Cunliffe:
Derby's street light show this Christmas was nearly limited to a 60W coloured bulb from Wilko as thieves stole the entire light set just days before they were due to be put up. Perhaps, rather than getting scrap metal, this was to save the public from Gareth Gates, Linda Robson and Mike (Squeaky) McClean at the switch on. So, to avoid the risk of being polluted by hearing them, let my show illuminate your day ...
Nosaj Thing are indulging in pea soup for which tOtALcULt has a secret ingredient. Unusually, Lapti's sampling fruit for the first time which Great Skies wants to stay away from. George has been watching too many Brookside repeats while Chris T-T is trying to win a penalty but hasn't quite mastered it yet. There are TWO featured albums, one from Pinch & Shackleton and one from Derby's Mallard the Wonderdog. There are also TWO sessions, a 4 track affair from Bearsuit and a mix from Sydney's Mackai ... :-)

Mark Whitby:
Our end-of-year shindig comes partly, as usual, out of the bowels of Old South Lancashire and partly from the equally ravaged post-industrial outlands of Detroit, Michigan, courtesy of a December double session from Melting Records artistes Nameless and The Fuzz. Both bands, as you might expect, jostle for postion with eight other much loved musical discoveries of the year as we reveal the sixth annual Listen To Me Top Ten.
In addition to this, there's brand new Gonjasufi and The Sinatra Test, delicately fragranced offerings from DefDFires and Girls of Porn and prime fodder for yer Xmas stockings from JD Meatyard and, in a clear mood of 'bloody hell, haven't played anything from these yet - better do something about it before the year finishes', his Probe Plus label-mates Half Man Half Biscuit and Lovecraft.
Lying under the tree in a box marked 'yet more exciting new discoveries of 2011' sit bountiful goodies from Sarongs, Giraffes? Giraffes! and Infernöh while the equally bountiful 'loved by Peel' sack includes an obligatory track from The Fall, a seasonal offering from Darren Hayman, a distinctly unseasonal one from Shitmat and, in this month's Peel Back ... segment, two high-fliers from the Phantom Fifty of twenty years ago.

Neil Jenkins:
Despite the proximity of the festive season, our intrepid DJ Neil remains grumpy enough to only play three festive tunes, but also features the double CD tribute to James Joyce's 'Chamber Music' by Fire Records as well as giving you a sneak preview of next months feature.

Paul Ackroyd:
Without a shadow of a doubt, the most important piece of music in December's Kamikaze show for Dandelion comes from French-born tape artist Ghedalia Tazartes, on one of three PAN records to feature in this month's show. But that's not to say the rest ain't great. Comical pronunciation aside, be sure to tune in for gospel offerings from Isaac Haney and Hickory Bottom Harmoneers, field art from Steven Hess & Christoper McFall, talkover reggae from Charlie Ace, tribal drumming by Gilla and the Wageira le Drummers, skronk-funk from Ural Thomas, throaty blues from Blind Willie Johnson, sludgy prog-hop from Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting, industrial reissueness in the shape of Throbbing Gristle, and traditional Mailian band music from Orchestre Regional De Mopti. Aside from those bits, you can catch some New Orleans funk with Bonnie & Sheila, trippy synthpop by Heatsick, massively varying improvisational string pieces from Marissa Anderson and Eli Keszler, techno singles from Ventress, Silent Servant, and Powell, treacle-house from Andy Stott, shoegaze prettiness from Tropic of Cancer, plus new minimal electronica from Senking, Actress and G.H. And in Wax Across The Water this month, Marcelle sends us a belter by Elektro Guzzi. Get in!!

Pete Jackson:
Pete's December show is crammed full of festive treats, not least of which is a brand new session by all-conquering behemoths The Chasms, along with new exclusive yuletide recordings from Lovecraft, Dementio13 and Blue Giant Zeta Puppies. Songs from new albums by The Fall, Half Man Half Biscuit and Psychic Ills nestle alongside songs stretching back to 1957 and a good number of increasingly unpronounceable international artists, and there's a minimum of two songs that feature the work of sleigh bells. Come and have a rummage and see what else is in my bulging sack this month!

Peter Nelson:
One and a half shows from me this month. On Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi:
Top of the poop is a gorgeous new album of goo-feelin jungle from Shrubbery. Columbia is well represented with Cumbia raw and New York flavour from Uproot Andy and Doctor Stereo. New collage/concrete from Don Trust. French African electronica from Akwaaba records ... seriously upbeat looping. Some surreal darkness from Austria, France and Portugal via LA, where we might run into Andre Afram Asmar, who's on a whole other plane. Not forgetting to mention a dazzling new hard tune from The Teknoist & Scheme Boy. Collage/concrete from Don Trust, or have we been here before.
My second, seasonal offering is a one hour mix of Christmas songs, mostly of an er... unusual nature.
Coseyhead Presents: Mr Musilaginous's Unsentimental But Only Mildly Cynical 2011 Zmas Mix
Thanks to The Beatbox Saboteurs for the best seasonal album ever..."A Merry Xmas". Also featuring: The Bonzo Dog Band, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Plu, The Dickies, Jon oswald, The Pork Boys, more songs to frighten small children, and something utterly Shameless.

Prepared, soaked in brandy and ignited by Peter Nelson, exclusively for Dandelion Radio.
More mixes at wombnet.com.
Have a natty Christmas, I and I and all.

Rachael Neiman:
Rachael and Adam get into the Christmas spirit.

December's three-hour show features an exclusive new session from last year's Festive 50 number ones Standard Fare, as well as tracks from the fantastic new LP from Rita Lynch. There's also a new session track from McDowell, held over from last month.
We start the show in uncharacteristically festive mood with three new Christmas tracks, and there are also new tracks from Monster Island; Colour Me Wednesday; Evans The Death; Gold-Bears; The Carbon Manual; The Lovely Eggs; Twin Falls; The Wednesday Club; The Soft City; Bracelettes; and Silver Apples.
There's electronica from Peter van Hoesen; Pinch & Shackleton; Hartmut Kiss; and Max Cooper remixed by Mononoid. Massive Attack get the full Burial treatment with his breathtaking remix of 'Paradise Circus'. Veronica Falls cover Eurythmics, while Chris T-T takes on A A Milne. David Lynch - yes, THAT David Lynch - crops up twice, as producer on a track from Chrysta Bell, and as artist in his own right with a track from his debut LP.
Peel's Big 45 is famously a double B-side, while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is a 1966 soul oldie.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: "Lafayette Blues" was The White Stripes' second single, released in 1998 in a limited pressing of only 15 copies. In 2010 one was sold for $18,000. Sadly the copy I own is the 2001 second pressing.

Sean Hocking:
In this month's hour from the Asia Pacific region we feature UK experimental musician David Gunn of Incidental and his work with Cambodian musicians released as "Krom Monster" - great stuff.
Also some bizarre pop songs from Laos and one with an entry of 4 bars that sounds uncannily like Reward by Teardrop Explodes. Also on the show - Collarbones from Australia, Tokyo based Re Do From Start and our current Hong Kong darlings DADA BABA.

Yank Sizzler:
A merry and wonderful Yank Sizzler Show this month possibly made all that more merry by the fact that I don't have one Christmas record to play as I forgot them all
at home! But its still a great two hours of blasting tunes from Mikal Cronin, Big Black Delta, Dirty Beaches,
Cars Can Be Blue, Childish Gambino and more. So tune in, ignore your family at the holidays and spike the egg nog.
Envios aceitos
John Peel, Dandelion Radio


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