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Mai 31 2011, 21h43

Birthday Special:
A special show to celebrate the first five years of Dandelion Radio. Our DJs select tunes - and session tracks recorded just for us - that have been important to them over their time at the station, including Block 45, Paul Rooney, Lord Numb, Broadcast and The Focus Group, Cobson, 2 Hot 2 Sweat, Sleaford Mods, DJ Roc and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart.
Also, over on Mark Whitby's Unwashed Territories netlabel you can download a free 34-track compilation including artists who collectively recorded over forty John Peel sessions; eleven tunes from Dandelion Radio sessions; and a further ten tracks exclusive to the release. Happy Birthday to us!

Andrew Morrison:
There are two shows from Andy in June. His regular show features 3 hours of fresh and exciting music including Napoleon IIIrd, Guillemots, Trembling Blue Stars, The Joy Formidable, Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat, PJ Harvey, Niki & the Dove, Team Ghost, Low, Burial and Laura Cantrell. Andy marks the fifth anniversary of Dandelion Radio’s first broadcast by playing some past session tracks from Decoration, Epic45, Davey MacManus and Autons. There’s a classic squelchy Andy’s Old Chestnut, Scott's Funky Five Minutes, Teresa's Tasty Tip and a competition to win a selection of CDs.

His other June show is Andy’s Session Archives, featuring some of the very best tracks recorded exclusively for his shows over the last five years. In this hour long look-back, you’ll have the chance to hear some very special tunes again from the likes of Errors, Raw Milk, Atomizer, The Horn the Hunt, Alex Canasta, Before You Die… and many more.

Also listen out for even more classic Dandelion Radio session tracks from Andy’s shows in our 2-hour, co-hosted Birthday Special elsewhere in June’s schedule.

Greg Healey:
Lots of candles, streamers and jelly all mixed in together to make a jolly nice party for Dandelion Radio on the occasion of its fifth birthday. Thanks to the kindness and benevolence of Jay Stansfield and Ooti Skulf we have two tracks specially recorded to mark this momentous event. Also our good friend Ed Askew pops in to sing us a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday , complete with warm greetings.
But the festivities don't stop there. Just as the free glass of Dandelion Radio punch starts to hit the spot, the party gets really going with a live session from Tiny Concept. Tracks from LeeDVD, Schmoe, Ben et Béné, Goto80, Mr Sneaky, SINA, Ruby My Dear, The Peach Tree, Lafi, Conner, Autorotation, and Entertainment for the Braindead, add to the celebratory atmosphere, before a big cake arrives in the shape of a live session from David Shane Smith. Surprise!

Jeff Grainger:
For Dandelion's 5th Birthday, Jeff presents the first of a two part reminisce, of his time here at Dandelion Radio. In June's one hour 'Mancunian Special' there are replays from Humanizer, J Hughes, Dognoize, Drink and Drive, Miami Bum Machine, dihedral and WU LYF.
He's unearthed an exclusive gem by A Middle Sex and gives us a Dandelion Radio début spin from Manchester latest noisy buggers The Dead Sea Apes.

'Breaking news: vinyl alert!'
The recording of her June show was an exciting happening for our Dutch DJ because new vinyl kept arriving during the recording. That made Marcelle even more alert and both listener and Marcelle together hear for the first time some of this months fresh vinylistic tunes, from the likes of Four Tet, Beardyman, Addison Groove, Blaman, Ill Blu and Pangea. More vinyl surprise comes from The Excepter, whose record has to be played from the inside to the outside! French poet Anne James Chaton brings us, together with Ex guitarist Andy Moor, all details of the last hours in the life of Princess Diana and Chrissy Murderbot uses dancehall's most famous riddim for his new, juke-inspired, 12".
There are lots of numbers in this months show, like 7, 101, 8, 280 and, believe it or not, 325!!
On a sad note Marcelle pays tribute to one of her inspirations in life, the late Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex, without whom ...

Mark Cunliffe:
It's June! I could talk about the fact that Iceland's independence day is on 17th June OR it's Primož Trubar Day in Slovenia (look it up) OR it's bike month in the Lower mainland in British Columbia, Canada - but what I prefer to talk about it the fact that Bath is holding a number of Quilting Bee groups throughout June and with a name like that you must surely get yourself along ... I've never seen a bee quilting ...
Enough of that Cunliffe ... what of the show??? Well, S-X and Ramadanman are trying to seduce a pie eater but Lady Chann thinks they're being to well mannered about it. Eleanor Williams is thinking what Liam Gallagher is thinking while Papas Fritas has rented Debbie Does Dallas. Bibio only has what Avram Grant had at the end of the season while every West Ham fan is thinking what 2562 is thinking ... in a bad way.
There is a featured album from the wonderful Tamikrest and a superb session mix from Swarvy who also goes by the name of murky in his spare time.

Mark Whitby:
We're taking the five year anniversary party right across the globe in this month's show, with tunes from French favourites Llamatron and Julien Auroux, Brazil's duplodeck, Dávila 666 from Puerto Rico, Mexicans Ritualz, Iraq's DJ Foundation, a brace of Swedish bands - The Rain Kings (on a UK label) and The Movements (on an Italian label) - and a remix from Malta's MANWEL T.
We've got new tracks from JD Meatyard (Darwen, now based in Holland) and Extradition Order (Warrington, now based in London), both of whom also feature in our 'Five Years' birthday compilation, a free release that also includes tracks from two members of the Hefner line-up that contribute one of this month's Peel Back & Sniff tracks, alongside a tribute to the late, great Poly Styrene.
And throughout the show we make regular visits to Rawlinson End, courtesy of an exclusive re-creation of Vivian Stanshall's "Sir Henry" Peel sessions from Mike Livesley. To finish with my favourite Sir Henry quote: "If I could have all the money I've spent on drink ... I'd spend it on drink." Quite so.

Matt Jones:
Music from Australia, Ghana, India, Scotland, Russia and Brazil in an hour long show. It's music. Listen to it, lets not dance about the architecture eh?

Neil Jenkins:
Founder member DJ Neil Jenkins returns to the Dandelion Radio schedule after a 2 1/2 year absence to celebrate the 5th birthday of the acclaimed internal radio station he helped to set up.
Taking a well-earned look back over his shows going back to Dandelion Radio's very first day of broadcast, Neil picks some of the tracks that have meant the most to him and represent some of the fine talent he's championed on his programme.

Paul Ackroyd:
Three label features this month for you. First up Blackest Ever Black, so a load of street goth nonsense from the likes of Raime, Regis, and Tropic of Cancer; then Pan Recordings, so loads of experimental gubbins from Hecker, Joseph Hammer, Keith Fullerton Whitmann, and Frieder Butzmann; and Daddy Tank Records, featuring dark electronics, shoegaze and hip hop from Pang, Hangin Freud, Social Studies and Twiggy And The K-Mesons. All dead good.
That stuff aside, though, tune in to hear brand new bits from Applehead, Prefuse 73, Cyclo., Chrissy Murderbot, The's, Nguuni Lovers Lovers, 2562, Downliners Sekt, plus loads more, and a load of classic hits from Melt-Banana, David Jahson, Bo Diddley, The Kon Tikis, a couple of Mississippi bits, some reissues from Conrad Schnitzler and Zdenek Liska, and a very special track from Dandelion's birthday compilation ...

Pete Jackson:
Birthday fever runs amuck in Pete's show this month, and helping out with the celebrations are The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, donating a brand new session of sci-fi garage gems. Shiny new gifts come in the shape of albums from White Hills, Battles, MAMUTHONES and BeMyDelay, plus there's a brand new track from The Chasms. Elsewhere, there's the opportunity to cast a glance back over Dandelion Radio's influence on your listening habits as Pete plays some tracks he first heard on shows by Neil Jenkins, Mark Whitby and Jeff Grainger and, just to put Dandelion's five years into perspective, there's a scorcher of a track from 1957.

This month's three hour show includes a featured LP by Dublin's Girls Names, plus new tracks from Evans The Death; A Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen; Laura Cantrell; Ste McCabe; The Wendy Darlings; The Whatevers; Chapter 24; Pete Giaconda; SockPuppets; The Wave Pictures; Pocketbooks; The Metatrons; Terry Malts; and chimneyheart.
We are celebrating five years of Dandelion Radio, so listen out for exclusive birthday messages from some select artists.
There's new electronica from Marc Romboy; Solee; Solarstone; Wonkap and James Blake. There are reissued tracks from The Groove Farm; The Radio Dept; and Talulah Gosh.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is a 1961 release from the king of the Hawaian steel guitar, co-written by Roy Orbison, while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is a storming Northern Soul floorfiller from 1966.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: David Bowie wrote the song "Five Years", in which the world was predicted to end in five years, after giving himself five years to make a living from his music, presumably before getting a proper job if he failed.

Sean Hocking:
Things have been going from bad to worse for artists in China over the last few months as the Jasmine revolution swept through the middle east and north Africa. The word "Jasmine" has been banned ... Yes banned by the PRC authorities. Artists of all stripes are being arrested and left incommunicado and the music festivals so supported by the authorities last year are coming under increasing stress to be so mindless as to be completely pointless. And remember, they've arrested Wei Wei in 2011. That's like arresting Warhol in 1974, Damien Hirst in 1996 or Picasso in the 1930s.
These are scary times so it is almost beyond comprehension that in Shanghai we're hearing new bands like The Black Atlantic, Rainbow Danger Club and The Besnard Lakes all of whom are featured in this radio show. Great names, interesting music and to be supported simply for the fact of their existence. I'm especially fond of the Rainbow Danger Club and my other great Shanghai discovery this past month The Horses (Acid Pony Club) who are a pair of French / China backroom producers putting out new and interesting re-makes and remixes to charge up those Shanghai dancefloors.
Away from politics we've got My Little Airport back with a new song celebrating the joys of the Kowloon Public Swimming baths and something from their alter ego side project Forever Takvorsky Club which caused a fuss with the HK police a couple of years back when they decided to do a one off gig which they advertised as an orgy. The police excitedly raided the venue only to find a few louche students in stripy tops. We also feature from Macau, new duo, Turtle Giant, famous indonesian punk band Punkasila and the debut single from Bangkok's Pussy & The Learjets.
Always happy to help anyone wanting to find out more about these acts and music in the region. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. In our July show we'll be doing a feature on the Khmer Surin genre ... Quite odd pop with rural rhythms and feel.
Envios aceitos
John Peel, Dandelion Radio


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