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Out 27 2010, 22h01

Broadcast One 'Bonus Disc' Special:
This hour long special is a teaser to promote Dandelion Radio's new compilation 'Broadcast One'. Think of it as a bonus disc. The show features 10 of our DJs introducing songs by some of the acts appearing on the CD - but different tunes to those on the album. Listen in for music from Alisia Casper, Atomizer, The Chasms, Dilworth, the dust collectors, Hazel Winter, Jorg, Rachel & The Lawngrower, Spidersleg and The Truth About Frank. 'Broadcast One' is released 22 November on Odd Box Records for just £6, with pre-orders available before this date.

Andrew Morrison:
small crew appear in session for a second time on Andy's 2-hour November show. Other new music includes The Joy Formidable; Tender Trap; His Electro Blue Voice; Swans; Magnetic Man; The Orch; and another track from the excellent Jag label. Scott's Funky Five Minutes is inspired by the UK's Comprehensive Spending Review, and there's full details of Dandelion Radio's compilation CD and its launch party in London.
Andy also appears in this month's 'Broadcast One' "Bonus Disc" Special, featuring tunes from acts that appear on the CD.

Greg Healey:
This month I carry on with my recent live session blitz with offerings from Jay Stansfield, Sunset People and Pygmy Globetrotters.
Jay Stansfield is a singer songwriter whose delightful talent is undoubtedly in the finest tradition of the best English songsmiths - not to be missed. Sunset People brings us an etherial, reverb laden take on the darkly urban in his entrancing session, while the Pygmy Globetrotters bring us a raw and powerful dose of their idiosyncratic and engaging music. All this and there's still time for excellent tracks from two artists from the excellent SEA Records in Les Cox Sportifs and Dallas Boner.
My recent French obsession continues with tracks from former Stereo Lab frontis person Laetitia Sadier plus tracks from NLF3.

A course in Public Relations - part 1: how (not) to do it
Sounding "like someone was frying bacon in the background" is a description on a sleeve of Marcelle's favourite albums at the moment. You can't get a better recommendation than that, can you? Still we try: there's also retro-circus music from Poland as well as some exploratory sounds from the same country, some Future Bass from the UK, Greek music being played in New York almost a century ago, experimental guitary sounds from Italy and techno-going-mad from France.
With such a clever PR text, you can almost fill in the artist names for yourselves: The Upsetters, Vladimirska, Mikrokolektyw, Coki, Ramadanman, LD, Marika Papagika, Giuseppe Ielasi and Base Mobile - you know the lot.
There are exclusive 'session' tracks from Drowned UFO, including an extremely deserved strangulation of one of Phil Collins' "top" tunes. Deerhoof, Kode9 and The SpaceApe, Mr Zebre, Konono No.1, Pappy, Niang Niang, The Squire of Gothos, Jah Wobble, Reuber and Wooden Veil also make an appearance. A sad Marcelle pays tribute to one of her main inspirations, the late Ari Up from The Slits. Look Back Bore Records from November 1980 come from amongst others The Fall and Cabaret Voltaire. One of them sounds like the bacon tries to get out of the frying pan.

Mark Cunliffe:
As I chill out on the sofa listening to the Scottish folk classic, 'Sitting On A Rock On The Spey', I can let you know what is going off on my November show.
I've got Lady Saw asking you for 22 pence to get her bus home and Dillon Francis is having a Bossfight. There's some Perfect Reggae Music and Broadcast & The Focus Group have got their jumpers all wrong. A Made Up Sound is tapping his watch in an Alex Ferguson stylee which RedLight thinks he's having a laugh about. I won't go into what The History of Apple Pie are getting up to, the disgusting creatures and there is a wicked session from Ruth Bellamy. There's no flies on me as I daydream about The River Spey ...

Mark Whitby:
This month, as the dark English nights gather, our northern session guests Vert:X dish up four raging guitar winter warmers of rare quality, while sizzling tracks from the likes of Brooklyn’s Blank Dogs and Canada’s Forest City Lovers huddle closer for extra warmth.
Not that this is necessary for guests from the warmer climes of the southern hemisphere, including Indonesia’s Salman Aditya, show favourites The Venopian Solitude in Malaysia, and New Zealand’s Kitsunegari and Surf City.
Meanwhile, Gigantis Lobe offer a lament to a broken instrument, Autorotation remix Northcape with startling results and another instalment of The Peach Tree’s ‘requests’ saga salutes a music aficionado who may well find pleasure in the offerings of Crocodiles and The Necroid Project.
And, as this year’s votes roll in, Peel Back & Sniff summons up ghosts of festive fifty past with firm favourites from Spizzenergi and The Clash.

Matt Gunn:
I kept my debut show for Dandelion simple - just one hour of great music. A nice Sonic Boom mix of 'Frozen' by The Insect Guide, from The Psychedelica 3 compilation on Northern Star Records, the new single from Brighton based The Gaa Gaa's, big electronic beats from runriot and anarcho punk a-la Burnt Cross.
There are also tracks from a diverse range of bands from around the globe such as Isreal based 'karate box jazz' band Kruzenshtern & Parohod, Russian psychedelics The Amazing Talking Cave, Japan's electronic singer/songwriter Coppe and French voodoo-electro-punks Human Toys.

Matt Jones:
November's show features live music from Darwen's Jah Mission Vibes alongside the Gambian djembe player and vocalist Mbackeh Darboe live from the lovely Beatherder festival. There is new music from Black Era, Subatomic Sound System, Demdike Stare, Church of When the Shit Hits the Fan and Land Of Kush amongst others as well as a sprinkling of older stuff including a lovely blues record from 1931.

Pete Jackson:
Pete finally sees the Great Session Drought of 2010 break in November with some exclusive recordings from Rome's Sea Dweller, no doubt made while they were having a close look at their fine Italian footwear.
New tunes also from Eclier, Black Angels, Solar Bears and Sun Araw, plus some ace remixes of Psychic Ills from some less-than-predictable sources ...

Rachael Neiman:
In November's Rachael Neiman Experience, we play some amazing new tracks by Tender Trap, Shrag, Hotpants Romance, Ryan Hardy, Hug Party, Ginger Tom, Bearsuit and many more, as well as previewing three exciting festivals happening over the next couple of months - Ladyfest Ten, Glasgow Popfest, and the Bowlie 2 ATP special curated by Belle and Sebastian.

Another three hour show packed with new music!
There's tracks from a slew of recent or forthcoming LPs by The Chasms; Vic Godard & Subway Sect; Neil Young; Betty & The Werewolves; Mueran Humanos; smallgang; The Orchids; Magic Kids; Errors; Stuntcat; and Edwyn Collins.
There's also new tracks by Evans The Death; The Medusa Snare; Thunder Bunny; Peepholes; Fanzine; and Maple Leaves.
Autechre remix Anodyne; Burial remix Commix; and Luis Junior remixes Misstress Barbara. There's also new electronica from Agoria; and Wiretappeur, a collaboration between Florian Kruse and Nils Nuernberg & Stel.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is a pop-punk classic from 1978, while there's no escaping Peel favourites such as Plaid; Melt-Banana; Culture; and Robert Wyatt, who all crop up in various guises.
This month's Educating Elizabeth record is a tearjerker from 1967 by Tommy Tate.
As well as little known acts, here's two little known facts: Show closer "At Last I Am Free", a new reworking by Robert Wyatt in collaboration with saxophonist Gilad Atzmon and violinist Ros Stephen, is a Chic song, written by Nile Rogers and Bernard Edwards. The verb "Wyatting" describes the practice of playing weird tracks on a pub jukebox to annoy the other pub goers.

Ste McCabe:
November brings electro weirdness from all over Europe, including a track from "Kingdom", the debut album from Peepholes, who I think are one of the most exciting bands in the UK at the moment.
There's a freak of a track from Poland's Mass Kotki, who sadly split up this month. Also crammed in between the afternoon washing and some beans on toast is an early LoneLady track and I also shock myself and my listeners by playing something the mainstream music scene is celebrating! Goodness!

Yank Sizzler:
Holy Vacation Dandelion! The Yank Sizzler show on Dandelion is back after way too long an absence with wonderful new recordings by The War on Drugs, The Black Angels, Zola Jesus, Di Nigunim, Delta Spirit and more. There'll be sublime soul cuts by Johnnie Taylor & Arthur Alexander along with psychedelic lost recordings by Mike Burnett and Stu Mitchell. And of course a staple American Thanksgiving diet of stellar tunes by Harlem, The Cave Singers, The Oblivians, Homeboy Sandman and The Jacuzzi Boys to name a few! We also take a moment to remember the great Solomon Burke.
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