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Jul 31 2010, 22h16

Andrew Morrison:
Andy presents two shows during Dandelion Radio’s looping August schedule. His regular one marks Andy’s 50th monthly show for the station with sessions from Denmark’s Ghost Society and Scotland’s Vacuum Spasm Babies, along with an exclusive remix from Cygnus X-1. New music includes The Pony Collaboration, Sad Day For Puppets, His Electro Blue Voice, Kele, The Orch and many others. Teresa’s Tasty Tip is recorded on location in Sweden, and Scott’s Funky Five minutes comes from The Portsbridge beer garden.

Elsewhere in the schedule, the return of Andy’s Archives offers an hour of music at least ten years old, picked randomly from his sizeable record collection. Blasts from the past include tunes from The KLF, The Fatima Mansions, dEUS, Sterling Void, A Certain Ratio and many more.

Remote controls

In her August show Marcelle has the Slovakian Urbsounds Collective in session, demonstrating that the most adventurous and never-heard-it-like-this-music comes from the more remote places.
Other good news is the come-back of German avant garde electronics label Mille Plateaux, which spontaneously provided Marcelle a signature tune for her show. We learn about Shangaan music, a current dance craze in South Africa, count the numbers the musicians having a great time on the streets of New Orleans and laugh about the hilarious review about one of the Fall´s most loved singles, released and published 30 years ago.
More new challenging music comes from the likes of Hey-O-Hansen, Istari Lasterfahrer, Bong-Ra and Jazzsteppa and the prize for the worst sleeve of the month goes to ... Switzerland. Forget the UK and the USA, remote controls!

Mark Cunliffe:
It's August, the month of my birth. So, while I will be contemplating how I've gone 36 years without having eaten a Mars Bar you will, hopefully, be tucking into my show ...
... and what have we got? Jay Robinson causes the Clangers to get jiggy with it in a dubstep stylee and Stornoway are nicking ideas off big cheeses. My Name Is Ian is thinking what we all think after failing A Level General Studies and Przasnik is holding the bank holiday traffic up but not in a very Polish fashion I can tell you.
$tush is wanting a night out at Belper's premiere discotheque by the sounds of it and Bambi & The Tin Man have nicked the first Mars Bar I was ever going to eat, the scoundrels ... There's a great featured album from Swede:art and also a brilliant session mix from Scottish dubstepper Tactus. Cooler than a Curly Wurly Shake Out* :-)
*There are other quality milkshake establishments ...

Mark Whitby:
August's session guests are the excellent Crescendo, heading a stellar cast of show favourites that includes new tracks from The Coffee & tv wreck, The Pocket Gods and Whitewater Orgasm.
Summer moods are celebrated via the electro-surf of Orgone Accumulators and a track from the much anticipated [arist]Best Coast album, and there are pan-global musical escapes from Romania's Subcarpati, Venezuela's Pocz + Pacheko and more from those Greeks bearing immense gifts, My Wet Calvin.
All this, plus a bunch of musical discoveries - including Tantric Mealworm, Remora and The Venopian Solitude - that rank among the best the year's had to offer so far, a brace of cassette releases from The Men and Pipsqueak and another dollop of Brazilian guitars from fantasy festival favourites Top Surprise.

Matt Jones:
This month sees an exclusive track from Dilworth, some great demo tracks from the Jahtari label and more of the finest new tunes around including Wooden Veil, Peak, Tarran the Tailor, Technical Drawings, Mred, 22tape and Pursuit Grooves. Also featured in an accidental feature about covers by people Matt likes are a young hungry beat combo from Manchester known as 'The Fall' and Chapel Hill's swingingest hipsters, the mighty, mighty 'Archers of Loaf'
Enjoy y'all

Pete Jackson:
Despite only having a one-hour show this month, Pete still manages to pack in a global mix of US Dubstep from Rigorous Institution, Brazilian noise pop from coloração desbotada, Belgian rave from Rave Our Souls and German prog from Dino.
60 minutes of this and so much more - far tastier than another damp British bank holiday ...

A three hour show packed with treats! This month we bring you an exclusive Dandelion Radio session from Sweden's finest, Liechtenstein, and this month's featured album is the Indietracks 2010 compilation.
There are new tracks from Phil Wilson; Soda Fountain Rag; Town Bike; The Vaselines; Downdime; The Granite Shore; Edwyn Collins; Nina Nastasia; Ace Bushy Striptease; and Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern.
Crystal Stilts cover The Velvet Underground, while The Latent Hobo Orchestra take on The Wedding Present; and there's a new track from The Wedding Present themselves. Helena Sundin (Cake on Cake) collaborates with Jacob Borshard on a track for all summer lovers.
There's new electronica from Emeralds; Applescal; and Rodriguez Jr. vs. Marc Romboy. There's a new track from Mount Kimbie. This month's Peel's Big 45 is a punk classic from Bradford circa 1979; while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is a belter featuring the amazing soul voice of Lee Moses.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: The capital of Liechtenstein is Vaduz.
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John Peel, Dandelion Radio


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