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Jan 21 2007, 6h20

Been looking for an excuse to start this thing, and I found a pretty fun format to go with. Top 25 artist slots, first song of theirs I heard, favorite song & album, and does their position indicate my taste for them? Hm, good question. I'll get started on that.

1. The Beatles
First Song: Yellow Submarine
Fave Song: I'm Looking Through You
Fave Disc: Rubber Soul
Accurate? Hell yeah. Beatles are #1 in my book, always have been, probably will be for a good long time.

2. Green Day
First Song: When I Come Around
Fave Song: Minority
Fave Disc: Insomniac
Accurate? Don't get me wrong. Love these guys. But still, #2 seems a bit high. They might be closer to #5 or #6.

3. Sonic Team
First Song: Green Hill Zone
Fave Song: Flying Battery Zone act 2
Fave Disc: Sonic Adventure
Accurate? Why not? I've been listening to Sonic music as long as I've been playing Sonic games, and I got my start making up lyrics on the spot to these tunes as I played. Did it help the quality of my gameplay? No, not really. Not at all. But damn if it wasn't fun.

4. The Offspring
First Song: Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)
Fave Song: Spare Me the Details
Fave Disc: Ixnay on the Hombre
Accurate? I'm shocked these guys are as high as they are, but I shouldn't be. A strong catalogue of consistent album tracks + insanely hooky singles here & there that spawn dozens upon dozens of plays = top five.

5. Fountains of Wayne
First Song: Stacy's Mom
Fave Song: Mexican Wine
Fave Disc: Welcome Interstate Managers
Accurate? Maybe should be a smidgen higher. I got Welcome Interstate Managers as a much appreciated Christmas gift, and every time I got itchy for their next album to come out, I bought one of their older ones. I just finished acquiring their entire catalogue, and they have a new album set for release in early April. I timed that well.

6. Ben Folds
First Song: Rockin' The Suburbs
Fave Song: Hiro's Song
Fave Disc: Rockin' The Suburbs
Accurate? This guy constantly leaves me in awe. Pretty good place for him.

7. Weezer
First Song: Buddy Holly
Fave Song: Photograph
Fave Disc: Weezer (Green Album)
Accurate? I was kind of ashamed to have these guys seem to be stuck in my top ten, since the stereotypical Weezer fan tends to irritate me. I became cool with this upon realizing stereotypical Weezer fans (SWF's, for the remainder of this paragraph) seem to have pegged Cuomo's evolution from a young alt-garage-rock musician and diary-style lyricist to a majestic, witty and cunning pop songsmith between Pinkerton and the Green Album as one of music's greatest tragedies. Since this playcount borrows pretty equally from all five of their albums, I feel I have enough degrees of separation from the SWF's to comfortably offer up this slot to the boys.

8. Bowling for Soup
First Song: Girl All The Bad Guys Want
Fave Song: High School Never Ends
Fave Disc: A Hangover You Don't Deserve
Accurate? Yep, this is about right. Saccharine at best, but damn good saccharine at that.

9. Flashlight Brown
First Song: Sonia Bianchi
Fave Song: Sicker
Fave Disc: My Degeneration
Accurate? I don't like letting people know my cousin was a part of this band for three albums (Flashlight Brown, My Degeneration, Blue), since it gives the impression that he's the only reason I have any interest in these guys. Let the record show that while he was still in the band, FLB wasn't yet in my top ten. Matt Hughes is a sharp songwriter, and he just makes for some insanely fun and loud tracks. Please check them out.

10. Billy Joel
First Song: We Didn't Start the Fire
Fave Song: Captain Jack
Fave Disc: Piano Man
Accurate? He deserves to be higher, and most likely will be once I expand my collection past Piano Man and his greatest hits.

11. Barenaked Ladies
First Song: One Week
Fave Song: Falling For The First Time
Fave Disc: Stunt
Accurate? Stunt's a great album. Gordon's a good album. Maroon's an okay one. But I just don't have much of a vested interest in what these guys have done recently, so they'll probably just continue to slip unless they're able to put another awesome album together that grabs my interest.

12. DackAttac
Accurate? Good gravy, am I that much of an ego-freak?

13. Fastball
First Song: The Way
Fave Song: You're an Ocean
Fave Disc: Keep Your Wig On
Accurate? They really oughta be in my top ten, but damnation in a canoe, it can only hold ten artists.

14. Kay Hanley
First Song: Follow Me
Fave Song: Lullaby Lucky
Fave Disc: The Babydoll EP
Accurate? Yeah. As soon as her next album comes out, she could be due for a jump, though. Especially if the songs on her MySpace are any indication.

15. Smash Mouth
First Song: Walkin' On The Sun
Fave Song: I Just Wanna See
Fave Disc: Astro Lounge
Accurate? If AudioScrobbler had the supernatural ability to count all the tracks I played on CD back before I used the computer for audio, these guys would be in my top five, hands down. I listened the hell out of Astro Lounge, and their self-titled got some play, too. Of course, Summer Girl's such a great record, top five status might not be out of the question for these guys quite yet.

16. Tom Petty
First Song: Don't Do Me Like That
Fave Song: Saving Grace
Fave Disc: Full Moon Fever
Accurate? I'm really kind of a Johnny-come-lately to all things Petty and/or Heartbreakers, but nonetheless—this is really rock 'n' roll at its purist.

17. Aerosmith
First Song: Livin' on the Edge
Fave Song: Just Push Play
Fave Disc: Just Push Play
Accurate? Speaking of rock 'n' roll at its purist... I really should have more of their songs, but I really couldn't figure out where to start with these guys. Usually when bands have inconsistent careers, they peak and decline. Aerosmith has had, like, six comeback albums.

18. Crush 40
First Song: Open Your Heart
Fave Song: Live & Learn
Fave Disc: I'm leaving this blank, since their soundtrack contributions just run circles around their lone album.
Accurate? More or less, I'd say so. Jun's a master of melodies, and Johnny's the king of the overdub. Really. Here's a guy who probably heard Billy Joel did all four parts of the barbershop quartet on The Longest Time and thought, "Shit, I could top that!"

19. The High Speed Scene
First Song: The Iroc-Z Song
Fave Song: Assingear
Fave Disc: The High Speed Scene
Accurate? I sadly completely forgot about these guys until now. But I must have loved this album for it to be this high, but the truth is I didn't love the album as much as the tracks on it. Which is fine, in my book. You need a few artists who you think of like that in your library.

20. Matchbox Twenty
First Song: Real World
Fave Song: Bright Lights
Fave Disc: More Than You Think You Are
Accurate? Really? MB20's this low? Shocker. OK, these guys might sing with their poker faces on a bit too often, but they're just excellent songwriters. I'll never understand how MtYTYA got lampooned by the critics.

21. OK Go
First Song: Get Over It
Fave Song: Don't Ask Me
Fave Disc: Oh No
Accurate? Feel free to lump me in with the fans who only liked them when they saw the Here it Goes Again video if you want. In fact, in a way I'm worse since I had been listening to the three singles from their eponymous since it came out and never got an album from them until I saw the video. To be fair, I was scared off by the abrasive production, but the melodies are just too bright to be subdued that easily.

22. U2
First Song: With or Without You
Fave Song: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Fave Disc: The Joshua Tree
Accurate? I'm not a rabid U2 fan, but I do like them. I have a ton of these guys' albums (or rather, my dad does, and I have a CD drive) and they fit into shuffle so tranquilly they can get a lot of plays.

23. Garbage
First Song: Androgyny
Fave Song: Why Do You Love Me?
Fave Disc: Beautiful Garbage
Accurate? Huh. I'm looking at some artists that I'm not going to get to (Pink, Butch Walker, Buckcherry, Bon Jovi, Eminem, Jimmy Eat World, Brad Paisley, Bad Religion, etc.) and can't believe I listened to Garbage more often than them. It's not that I don't like Garbage, it's just that I have no memory of listening to them that much.

24. The Lovin' Spoonful
First Song: Summer in the City
Fave Song: Pow!
Fave Disc: I just have this nice "best of" my uncle burned me. It's pretty complete, though.
Accurate? Love the Spoonful. In my heart, they did to folk-pop what Dylan did to folk-rock. Maybe they should be a little higher. In turn, I also should listen to them more.

25. Reel Big Fish
First Song: Take On Me
Fave Song: A-W-E-S-O-M-E
Fave Disc: Why Do They Rock So Hard?
Accurate? Sure. I don't know what else I can say about these guys, they're so outspoken there's really no point.

Well, that was delightfully time-consuming. I'll probably do another one of these things in the near future. Peace!


  • Tominas

    Hey man, it's too bad that you didn't write any description of this bands (like genre etc). 'Cause I know many of them and it seems that you have pretty good taste.. But.. I'm too lazy to check every artist which you've put here :) If there were descrition of this artists, I would choose any of them and try it :)

    Out 8 2008, 17h12
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