Last Statement


Out 27 2008, 15h05

I am sure we all have our favorite song - song that changed not only our lives, but also a view to the music in global. I have to listen to the music called Metal for like 11 years or so, to discover mine.
It all seems to be ordinary listening to one cd one day came to my slimy hands. When I was searching for some new music (not sure throughout which band, might be Amon Amarth back then) I suddenly discovered band named Insomnium. I was stone sure in my opinion, those were latvian boys playing.
It turned out to be Finnish masters.

I have to apologize for my opinion, which I´ve stated before, that Finland is mostly area for metal kids (Kalmah, Warmen, COB etc.) and man can´t find anything adult in the land of Thousand Lakes. Since I´ve started to discover thousands of bands throughout the years, I can say, you sure can.

First CD I´ve ever heard was Above The Weeping World sometime in 2006. I instantly loved Killjoy and Drawn To Black. So powerful and well-played songs, with quality I haven't heard for a long time.

When I approached 7th track of the album, called "Last Statement" I wasn ´t stunned especially. I wasn´t impressed by a first riff in the song, which seems kinda average to me. But hell how I was wrong!!

Next time I was playing some random computer game whilelistening to the ATWW in winamp, strange and great sound appeared to me in one place.. "What the f.., this is great!" was my first reaction probably. I did instantly shut down everything and just listened almost without breathing. That beauty it is!
Since then, there were times I´ve been listening to nothing but this song for an entire week. No kidding.. This is one of the best songs written ever and after so much time I´m still recovering from my stupidity...

Long Live Insomnium, you simply own.

That´s all I have to say... Try it at all costs, even if you don´t like growls.. won´t regret it!!

InsomniumLast StatementAbove the Weeping World


  • oliver-gvl

    For me, a song is not enough, I'd say Insomnium's work as a whole had a mesurable impact on my life. And seriously if your don't know finnish metal, don't talk about it. Arch Enemy is swedish, and Finland has plenty of metal masters, not kids (Diablo, Unholy, Swallow The Sun, Kiuas, etc...).

    Out 28 2008, 17h50
  • wikuk

    Dude, it's like you're reading my mind or something. This song is so freakin' beautiful. I remember some songs in which I get kinda emotional, starting to cry or something like that, but that's because something has happened in the past which I relate to those songs. This song, however, doesn't have that. The song, and the song itself just strikes me right in my chest. Whenever, wherever and whatsoever, when I listen to the last two minutes of the song, I just start crying.

    Out 28 2008, 20h05
  • DWarsong

    @oliver: firstly I said I was mistaken in that opinion about Finland 2) thx AE is truly stated as Swedish, was just in a typing berserk :)

    Out 29 2008, 10h22
  • oliver-gvl

    Ah I see. Sorry for reacting like I did. Many of my favorite bands are from Finland, so I get a little jumpy when I read criticism about the country, lol.

    Out 29 2008, 22h31
  • Republicanito

    Same happened to me. At first I loved The Killjoy and Devoid of Caring, and even skipped Last Statement wich was in the middle. But after more or less two weeks something changed... and by now Last Statement is my favourite Insomnium song. When I listen to it I have to stop whatever I'm doing and enjoy thw whole 7:32 minutes. Agreed. Long Live Insomnium!

    Nov 1 2008, 20h30
  • LeanneCZ

    Hi DWar! I got to know Insomnium because of you, a year ago or so, and I'm really glad, since they've proven to be really amazing musicians..However, in my eyes (or ears :)), nothing can surpass Daughter of the moon, which is a song I literally fell for :)

    Fev 3 2009, 17h33
  • SpinelessHD

    Mate, 100% agree with you. Last Statement and Devoid of Caring have the two most powerful endings I have EVER heard. The crying shame is, I too skipped over them once I first heard the album.

    Mai 4 2009, 1h26
  • r1Co

    pretty late comment, but I just had to say that I kind of have to agree here, Last statement, though not my favorite song ever is definitely one of the best songs out there. It's one of the songs I want to have played at my funeral

    Nov 22 2010, 12h07
  • DWarsong

    comment is never "late" when its constructive:)

    Dez 13 2010, 18h00
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