• Nas is STILLmatic with "Untitled".

    Jul 6 2008, 16h48

    Nas is set to release his ninth studio album (which is untitled) on ITunes on July 15th, after his last album "Hip-Hop Is Dead". This week, we saw the album leak on the internet, which was pretty awesome for me seeing as how I'm pretty much busy all next week.

    Now, my torrent finally finishes seeding and downloading and I open the "Untitled" file and begin listening.

    (BTW, the track listing is in no particular order)

    1. Queens Get The Money- A nice simple "beat" for this one, Nas spits some dope rhymes over a piano beat, almost like an "intro-meets-freestyle". Pretty cool. 8/10

    2. You Can't Stop Us Now- When I first heard the chorus for this track, I was like 'I SWEAR I HEARD THIS BEFORE?!?!"... but Eban Thomas and The Last Poets do their thing on this track. Very jazzy, I'm feelin' it. 8/10

    3. Breathe- I LOVE THE DRUMS ON THIS! Damn... anyway Nas says 'In America, you'll never be free.' Which is kinda true, since the C.I.A spy on everyone. I give it 7/10

    4. Make The World Go Round- The backing vocals from a female singer and Chris Brown's singing on the chorus are pretty cool, The Game is SICK on this track. I'm still not sure what to think about this track. For now, I'll give it 8/10.

    5. Hero- I was expecting something a bit different, but this is a pretty good first single from "Untitled", the organ makes this track unique. Polow Da Don produced it, and Nas got a great banger for his album. Nas spits great on this one. 9/10

    6. America- I hate the chorus, vocals and keyboard backing on this track, but I like the way Nas promotes women's rights on this one when he goes 'Tell the government they need to treat women better. 6/10

    7. Sly Fox- WOW, I <3 this track. The hard hitting bassline with the drums and electric guitar. Now Nas is SICK on this track, it's really clever how he alludes to the C.I.A yet talks about FOX Network on it. 'Watch what you say, Big Brother is watching'. 10/10

    8. Testify- I love the sampling and sweet piano melody, Nas talks about racism and haters on this. He goes a little slower on this one, but he spreads his message truthfully. 9/10

    9. N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave And The Master) - The beat sounds like something from an adventure movie, Nas reminds us that 'Yeah, I'm from the ghetto, where black women talk about their sugar levels'... 8/10

    10. Louis Farrakhan- Well, Erykah Badu sung 'I salute you Farrakhan, cuz you are ME.' Now I'm not sure they should be praising a guy who called Judaism a 'ghetto religion'. I'm half Arab, but anyone who disses anyones religion does not get my respect.

    Anyway, a smooth drum pattern with a really cool morphed melody, if you want to call it that, really works well with Nas fire delivery about how people are tryin' to plot against him, like people did with Farrakhan. 9/10

    11. Fried Chicken- Busta guests on this, and I'm impressed how Nas uses chicken as a metaphor to talk about a woman, Busta is slower on this one, but his rhymes are dope too. 9/10

    12. Project Roach- The Last Poets guest on this, and Nas again is extremely creative how he links black people with cockroaches. 'You'll have to learn with them, cuz niggas don't die..' 7/10

    13. Y'All My Niggas- My favourite track on this , the beat is awesome almost like acid jazz meets blip-blop... Nas yet again spits dope on this, talking about how people are starting to act like the old colonials. YOU HAVE TO LOVE THIS TRACK! 10/10

    14. We're Not Alone- Mykel features on this, he provides a nice mellow chorus. Nas spits about the truth, and nothing but the truth. You heard me? 7/10

    15. Black President- OMG at sampling 2Pac's vocals on this. Very clever indeed how it links to Barack Obamas campaign. 9/10Nas

  • The Libacheck 1,2 Review 2

    Dez 5 2007, 16h43

  • The Libacheck 1,2 Entry Number 1

    Nov 22 2007, 19h36


    Yes, I've decided to make a little review sort of journal for all you stalkers out there ;)
    Anyways, my week in music terms hasn't been so good, due to exams, extra football training etc. Surprisingly, I've been listening to more electro than hip-hop this week :O

    My Big-Up Tracks:

    1. Theme From Vicarious Bliss (Single Version)

    2. Chop Suey

    3. Honey

    4. Lost In Love (Feat. Polow Da Don)

    5.The Truth (Feat. E-A-Ski)

    The Favourite Albums/EPs

    1. The Last 2 Walk

    2. Getback

    3. With Lasers

    4. Cross

    5. Black Boys-EP


    Well it seems Mr West has been kicked off my favourites
    by Bashy, who's song 'Black Boys' has
    been banned by radio stations amazingly. It's crazy, the one time a black artist tells other black people to
    stop acting like idiots and getting into trouble, it
    gets banned.

    I've had this track for a couple of weeks now, and it
    gets more addictive every time!


    After like 6-7 years, Erykah Badu is back with her new track 'Honey'. It's produced by 9th
    Wonder, the ex-Little Brother member. This track is so
    jazzy and sweet like honey. I love it! Watch out for the
    Kaba which is coming out in 2008.

    Much Love, DJ Libaman. [x]
  • Sunday 9th September Update.

    Set 9 2007, 14h01

    Ok, here it goes. It's a Sunday morning, and yet again people are going on about how good Kate Nash is. And to be honest, I've only heard 2 tracks from her new album which are Foundations and the so-called 'brassy' Pumpkin Soup.

    So, I decided to borrow her album from a friend. After managing to listen to the whole album, I was entirely disappointed. To be honest, I think she's just trying to be another Lily Allen. Truth hurts eh?

    So, now I've decided to listen to Soundboy Rock.Arguably one of the best albums I've heard this year!

    Try it. Peace out from yours truly...
  • Kanye West On The Friday Night Project

    Ago 30 2007, 14h13

    Did anyone see it? I wasn't sure whether Kanye enjoyed the gay-fest that is the Friday Night Project. I enjoyed it when Justin Lee Collins almost dissed his mum!