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  • ironicide

    1. gang gang dance 2. examples from the past: - art deco architecture and fashion; - early Russian avant-garde that appropriated elements from very early Russian art and Eastern art (not for the sake of advancing a nationalist agenda but for creating a new art that's free from academic conventions of the day, the so-called Neo-primitivism) - innumerable examples of futuristic Japanese art and manga that refer to samurai

    Abr 10 2011, 3h19
  • DJ_Dim-Mak

    afro samurai could be a very good example of this in film/animation

    Abr 10 2011, 3h26
  • GPX

    so essentially you're trying to coin a name for a genre.. how is this working out so far? Did it catch on? Isn't phutoro rather not fitting for a genre where the thing that stands out are the analog/antique bits? Does future bass really feel futuristic in a way that (detroit) techno once did? I think it doesn''t..not much maybe a bit.

    Jun 8 2011, 23h13
  • DJ_Dim-Mak

    actually, I wouldn't necessarily consider future bass to be phuturo, but more any kind of futuristic music that incorporates ethnic, pre-industrial elements. I've recently found out there is already a name for this 'genre' or whatever, that is used by writers in the wire magazine. they however use the term 'fourth world.",_Vol._1:_Possible_Musics "Fourth World" is a term used by trumpeter Jon Hassell to describe a style of music employing modern technological treatments and influenced by various cultures and eras. He wanted the music in this album to be "future primitive", or "a coffee-coloured classical music".

    Jun 9 2011, 4h32
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