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Sobre mim

I really don't like writing about myself, I think it's hard to put into words exactly what your personality is like so it's best just to talk to me and find out for yourself, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Just call me DJ Croft™, I'm 29 years old. I'm sensitive and caring. I'm probably not the coolest or the best looking guy, but I am probably the most honest , loyal, and respectful. (haha, I sound like a pet.)

I think A LOT and I don't really talk much unless I know you or am comfortable around you. But once I am comfortable with you and I like you I've been told that I am a pretty nice and funny person. I'm not religious and often question how we came to be, but I have faith in GOD and I do have morals that I feel very strongly about.

If I like you and consider you a friend I will basically do anything to help you and I am there for you till the end. On the other hand, if you get on my bad side it's best just to stay away from me.

I might be quiet sometimes, but I speak my mind when I want/need to.

I don't drink or do drugs and in my ideal world, no one else would either. It's just stupid and doesn't have any upsides to it. You can have plenty of fun without screwing yourself up. I'm proud of the fact that I can say I've never taken drugs.

I love music. Music is the one thing I am passionate about.

I graduated in Batangas State University, Philippines as a Bachelor in Science in Architecture.

Right now I am working in Hong Kong as a Landscape Designer/Architect.

When I was a kid, i like to draw, mostly scenery and superheroes.

I am very interested in different cultures especially Japanese,Korean & Chinese cultures, and I like (some) Japanese, Korean & Chinese music and bands. Some people think that's weird because I don't speak/know their languages (aside from a few words), but I think if a song can traverse the language barrier and still make you feel something it has to be pretty awesome. Plus, there's always translations.

I also like taking pictures, but I don't really get the time to do it.

I hate public restrooms and I avoid them like the plague. I don't really like eating at restaurants that much and I hate fast food. I'd much rather cook something for myself.

I often feel like there's not enough time to do the things I enjoy, even simple things like laying on my bed and thinking, looking up at the clouds on a nice day, or looking to my fishes and african lovebirds. Sometimes it really sucks that you have to put off the things you really want to do and enjoy just to make it in this world. You keep saying "maybe another time or day" but I don't want to look back one day when I am old and think "I never got the chance." I think that's one of my fears.

I'm usually not very good with large crowds of people and sometimes I think I might have some type of social anxiety, but others I am fine.

I don't like it too hot or cold, so fall and spring are usually my favorite seasons.

I love the ocean and it would be nice to live near it someday.

I don't have many friends here and the ones I do have, sometimes I am not sure they would even notice if I disappeared.

In a relationship, I am a very devoted person, when I am with you, I'm with you completely. I'll do anything for you and protect you with everything I've got. I'm a big believer in honesty in relationships (hell, even in friendships and life in general) and I think lying and cheating are just completely unacceptable. If you lie to me I will probably never trust, or completely forgive you.

All in all I am very approachable and easy to talk to and if you're good to me I'll be good to you.

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