3 am a girl that i once knew ass kicker badass beautiful depressive songs beto born bad borrachera butterflies in stomach camila depressing songs to dance to at one in the morning distrito federal drugs early days el cuadro favourite songs of all time feelgood for a cigarette fuck off fuck the disco fuck the world fuck yeah fuck you fucking awesome fun god says smoke great song played at the right time groovy guille guillerainbow happy heroin i love you im so fukin high its drive me mad kick ass killer riff killer riffs from hell late night summer driving love love songs makes me cry makes me want to move my feet man i love this song marihuana melancholic melancholy melancholy days music that feels like an old friend must be played at full volume my love nostalgia nostalgic oldies party psychedelic rainbow rawk renata romantic sad saturday party music secundaria sexy shes a rainbow sing like a man no like a fag sleepless nights so beautiful it hurts so sensual solo en el puto mundo songs i never get sick of songs i would have sex to songs that define me songs that make me cry songs that you wanna listen to over and over again songs to drink whisky to songs to get drunk to songs to hear before you die songs to play after a breakup songs to play at my funeral soy una cucaracha stoned and heavy as fuck stoned-as-hell stoner stuff suicide tania temazo de tres pares de cojones the soundtrack to my wasted life this is how guitars are supposed to sound this is so me this song breaks my heart title is a full sentence tracks i would put on a movie soundtrack triste true rock n roll tsssss turn it up loud when im sad whisky swamp and cigar smoke yes-i-think-i-can-dance