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Jul 27 2008, 7h50

I made a little songlist in Mediaplayer so come follow me down the I lane:

* Iron Maiden - Revalations

I read in the newspaper about Maidens gig in Gothenburg last night and about the crowd singing this POWERFUL track. Pure classic metal

* In Deed - Apologize

Swedish indiepopband who I got a demo from when I wrote reviews for a webmagazine. This song got song airplay later on in 99 or something and it still pops up in my head from time to time

* Ingo & Floyd - Eyes of the blind

Another classic swedish rocksong from the 90's who's stuck in my head. Members of the band continued to play with artists like Thåström, Whale and Sator.

* It's Immaterial - Driving Away From Home (Jim's tune)

Classic from the 80's when I listened to Tracks (Swedish radiochart) every saturday. I got this one track wonder (i think?) on 7" vinyl at my parents.

* Infinite Mass - Fire Fire

I'm not that much into this kind of music but this one really gets some whole lotta shakin goin on! (in my head)

* In Flames - Take This Life

Masters of the Gothenburg melodic death metal. Every album they've made have some really great tracks and this is definitely on my top 10 In flames-chart.

* Ill Niño - Unframed

A couple of year before and after 2000 I listened to nearly everything Roadrunner records released including some Ill Nino, their 'tribal-influences' is still quite cool.

* Billy Idol - Shock to the System

Oldschool-punk Billy transformed into Cyberpunk. But hey, at least he read the cover of Neuromancer! :-) Great track!

I'll be back with another letter some other day


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