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  • TruffleDucky

    Happy 4/20 DANKCORPS

    20 Abr 22h19 Responder
  • LeftBracket

    dang man, so far away. ah well, good luck with them

    19 Abr 23h24 Responder
  • LeftBracket

    yo, any plans for live events any time soon?

    17 Abr 12h58 Responder
  • taubstumm

    dancecore still going strok

    15 Mar 10h39 Responder
  • koalabearable

    Annoying Ringtone was a very influential project for me in high school. Thanks!

    10 Mar 7h45 Responder
  • AyaneFukumi

    Thanks, it means a lot coming from you :3

    8 Jan 21h58 Responder
  • diver000

    damn. your charts are so cool... overdose psychedelic.

    28 Dez 2014 Responder
  • JFree15

    Yesss, though it may not show on my profile, I've been a big supporter and fan for quite a few years! :D

    26 Set 2014 Responder
  • Jaina999

    Yeah sure, I love that album, that's my favourite :D

    27 Ago 2014 Responder
  • naisukai

    not too bad, chief - been to italy, apart from that trying to keep busy with music/game making and shit. it's all good - no worries. not been in a great mental state for gigs and shit anyway. maybe a couple this year - we'll see. she's all good - was saying how it'd be nice for us to see you again soon, to which i concur. how about you? how's shit for you? xx.

    19 Ago 2014 Responder
  • JFree15

    Huuuge fan of you, despite not having many scrobbles at all. <3

    17 Ago 2014 Responder
  • naisukai

    19,000 tasteless idiots ^_^

    15 Ago 2014 Responder
  • Los_Bybys

    I'm almost a year late replying but thank you! :D

    25 Jun 2014 Responder
  • Genesis_Device

    hey bro!also need full full discography of Wecamewithbrokenteeth?can you help me?upload all they stuff for me on mediafire

    4 Jun 2014 Responder
  • trashycass

    Hey, I dunno how you keep track of the mailing list for new releases, but i used to be user Jack-Snow but I've changed over to this username now so if you can find a way, I'd like to get messages about new releases on this account instead. Thank you. :3

    30 Abr 2014 Responder
  • ImParched

    dude motherfucking thanx nigga C: This world needs more fucking cybergore folks around here. Anywyas nigga, you know some good ass motherfucking niggertitties cybergore that I fucking forgot to put on this motherfucking list? PLEEZE TELL ME!!!

    22 Abr 2014 Responder
  • Genesis_Device

    hello)upload please all deathcore bands that you have on your computer! Deathcore Rulz

    22 Abr 2014 Responder
  • TruffleDucky

    happy easter and happy 4/20 dancecorps

    21 Abr 2014 Responder
  • Reizikini

    Yo I was wondering if you'd like to remix some of my tracks I might be hosting a Hakai Suru Remixing Contest.

    5 Fev 2014 Responder
  • Demosthenesaru

    can't remember if I emailed back but cheers for sending the CD with the shirts, that was a pleasant surprise. I rock the shirts to uni every chance I get ;)

    5 Fev 2014 Responder
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Dance Corps (my netlabel)
Annoying Ringtone (my *core project)


We are a netlabel based in the UK with artists all over the world.


You can download all of our releases for free below.

DCRPS065 - Pink Punk Boy - What The Fuck Is Sweetcore?

Download DCRPS065!

DCRPS064 - soz.IO - Freakshow

Download DCRPS064!

DCRPS063 - odaxelagnia - Shitmusic Strong

Download DCRPS063!

DCRPS062 - Loffciamcore - Bad Touch At The Love Parade Remixes

Download DCRPS062!

DCRPS061 - AleX Tune - Ultimate Style

Download DCRPS061!

DCRPS060 - Annoying Ringtone - DIY Brain Surgery

Download DCRPS060!

DCRPS059 - Graz - The Infinite Raddness

Download DCRPS059!

DCRPS058 - IllegallyEmbezzleMp3 - Raznitsa mezhdu dlinoy krayney

Download DCRPS058!


Download DCRPS057!

DCRPS056 - Wan Bushi - My Crazy Dance Girls EP

Download DCRPS056!

DCRPS055 - Dave! - Audio Bukkake

Download DCRPS055!

DCRPS054 - AleX Tune - Remix 'Em All!

Download DCRPS054!

DCRPS053 - Fat Frumos - BORN! LIVE! FUCK! DIE!

Download DCRPS053!

DCRPS052 - Annoying Ringtone - Black Market Sound Murderer

Download DCRPS052!

DCRPS051 - 2nnt - LSD in the Wounds

Download DCRPS051!

DCRPS050 - Various Artists - Dance Corps 4 - Return To Planet Dancecore

Download DCRPS050!

DCRPS049 - Drobochёs - Raving Dead

Download DCRPS049!

DCRPS048 - DJKurara - Bashful Geek Dance Party

Download DCRPS048!

DCRPS047 - Onichomp - TORU DIE!

Download DCRPS047!

DCRPS046 - Annoying Ringtone - 5 Years of Ringtone (Dancecore Special)

Download DCRPS046!

DCRPS045 - Audiotist - Music Obsession

Download DCRPS045!

DCRPS044 - Reizoko Cj - Dark Side

Download DCRPS044!

DCRPS043 - Fed. & Annoying Ringtone - The 90s Never Died!

Download DCRPS043!

DCRPS042 - goreshit - wake up, painful sister!

Download DCRPS042!


Download DCRPS041!

DCRPS040 - Casketkrusher - レイヴの力

Download DCRPS040!

DCRPS039 - Fat Frumos - WTF?!

Download DCRPS039!

DCRPS038 - Onichomp - Kzch

Download DCRPS038!


Download DCRPS037!

DCRPS036 - Negrobeat - Absolute Rave Vol. 2: What's Wrong With My Dancecore (Swag)?

Download DCRPS036!

DCRPS035 - Dumb Fix - Invaders

Download DCRPS035!

DCRPS034 - 2nnt - Deadly Chemistry

Download DCRPS034!

DCRPS033 - Kanista - The Sunlight Channel

Download DCRPS033!

DCRPS032 - Drunk Optimus - Remixes For Butthurt

Download DCRPS032!

DCRPS031 - Limited toss - NINJA RAVE

Download DCRPS031!

DCRPS030 - goreshit & Annoying Ringtone - goreshit / Annoying Ringtone Split

Download DCRPS030!

DCRPS029 - Kanista - Wire Therapy

Download DCRPS029!

DCRPS028 - Imil - A Speedcore State Of Mind

Download DCRPS028!

DCRPS027 - AleX Tune - Hyper Ravecore Party

Download DCRPS027!

DCRPS026 - Various Artists - Dance Corps 3 - What Is Dancecore?

Download DCRPS026!

DCRPS025 - Annoying Ringtone & Audiotist - Apocalypse Afterparty

Download DCRPS025!

DCRPS024 - Fat Frumos& Kojan - Masters of dubSTEB

Download DCRPS024!

DCRPS023 - 2nnt - Deadly Nightshade

Download DCRPS023!

DCRPS022 - Drunk Optimus & BOB The Builder! - BISTRO & HUEVO

Download DCRPS022!

DCRPS021 - Ecchi-chan - Seizure Rave !!

Download DCRPS021!


Download DCRPS020!

DCRPS019 - 2nnt - Deadly Odd

Download DCRPS019!

DCRPS018 - Various Artists - odaxelagnia/Akamushi/Reizoko Cj/goreshit split

Download DCRPS018!

DCRPS017 - Omyigacore - 'Potlahe!

Download DCRPS017!

DCRPS016 - The Captain Kirk on LSD Experience - Eternal Sauerkraut Warmachine

Download DCRPS016!

DCRPS015 - Annoying Ringtone & Distonn - Nightclub Annihilator

Download DCRPS015!

DCRPS014 - Various Artists - Dance Corps 2 - Hyperhappyhardcore

Download DCRPS014!

DCRPS013 - odaxelagnia - PARTYCORE

Download DCRPS013!

DCRPS012 - Various Artists - Dancegore Warriors

Download DCRPS012!

DCRPS011 - Audiotist - Going Sane In A Crazy World

Download DCRPS011!

DCRPS010 - goreshit - dancefloor degrader

Download DCRPS010!

DCRPS009 - Kaktus Ice - PEAS

Download DCRPS009!

DCRPS008 - Loffciamcore & odaxelagnia - Party Warfare!!!

Download DCRPS008!

DCRPS007 - Annoying Ringtone - Party Killer

Download DCRPS007!

DCRPS006 - The Captain Kirk on LSD Experience - Dancecore From Outer Space

Download DCRPS006!

DCRPS005 - Huysman - Metaphonic Glitch And Green Notes In The Wonderland Of Shit

Download DCRPS005!

DCRPS004 - Sinead O'Connick Jr. - Non-Stop Zapping

Download DCRPS004!

DCRPS003 - DJ GAY'S ANATOMY - Nu E D Dax För Litta Romance Up In Dis Mthrfckr

Download DCRPS003!

DCRPS002 - Annoying Ringtone - Granite City Dancecore

Download DCRPS002!

DCRPS001 - Various Artists - Dance Corps

Download DCRPS001!

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