• 100 Live Bands

    Fev 21 2007, 4h05

    After this weekend I will have surpassed the mark of having seen 100 different bands live. If all goes to plan, whatever band opens for Chin Up Chin Up on Saturday should be #100. The openers still haven't been announced, which is actually pretty funny. If there are no openers or if I've already seen them, then Kimya Dawson's show the next day should do the trick. I'm very much looking forward to that one, since Kimya is rad and probably the absolutely coolest individual currently living today.

    Anyway, I just wanted to reflect on some items concerning the bands that I've seen.

    My favorite concert was seeing Gary Jules and Jim Bianco in Minneapolis in August. It was cool to begin with because it was so far from where I'm from and because it was such a coincidence that he happened to be playing there during the short time I was in the area. Secondly, being pretty drunk also helped. And third, the fact that he played Greetings from the Side, at my request was awesome. And fourth, the fact that he and I chatted for awhile after the show and then he signed my copy of his self-titled "To Dean - Much Respect".. awesome night....

    The best opening band I've ever seen is a difficult one. It's split between two bands. The Redwalls are right up there. Such a tight set and perfectly chosen songs that emphasized all of their great southern rockingness.

    The Winks opened for Akron/Family when I saw them recently and really blew me away. Just the presence of a cello in a rock band is somewhat reminiscent of Rasputina but the dynamic of the band is totally different. Tyr was just adorable, first playing and singing, then tap dancing in the crowd. Also, the band asked the crowd to tape the performance using a digital camcorder. I had the distinct pleasure and honor of being the one to tape Tyr during her foray in the crowd.

    The most intense live track I've ever seen was Little House of Savages. I've heard recordings of them doing it live and none of them sounds even half as crazy as it was at the time. I'm not even that big of a fan of their albums but they are a band that shouldn't be missed live.

    The best live cover I've seen is probably The Spirit of the Radio (Ted Leo covering Rush). Contrary to a critical review of it, I think it's a genius choice of cover because of the relevence of the lyrics and the kinda pretentious nature of Rush.

    The worst headliner I've ever gone to see was probably Hot Hot Heat. I won't link it so that HHH fans don't rape me, but they were just dreadful. It just was such a good oppurtunity for them to play an intimate show, but they simply had no talent whatsoever. Thankfully the Redwalls had already made it a good night.

    The most intimate show I've seen was probably Cast Iron Filter in my friend's backyard. Even though they were a decently small time band, playing private shows like that was definitely a generous step on their part and was much appreciated.

    Some other highlights were meeting Ben Folds in Elmira, seeing Arcade Fire only a couple weeks before they started hitting it huge, trekking to Montreal to see The White Stripes (who certainly didn't disappoint) and seeing Ted Leo and the Pharmacists five times. Ted has never let me down and I sure hope I can see his pharmacist show at least fifteen more times.

    I could go on and on... of Montreal and Apollo Sunshine at the McCarren Pool this summer were magical and I'll always remember the White Stripes playing in Camden New Jersey at my first real concert.

    Well anyway, that's all the rambling I'll do but I just wanted to reflect on an awesome three and half musical years of live music.

  • bee charmer lyrics

    Fev 24 2006, 22h13

    So "Bee Charmer" is the song that I have been listening to the most lately. I definately like "Pretty Little Head" better than Nellie's first album.. kinda ironic that such a cool album is all held up in record company/artist arguments..

    anyway.. Bee CharmerbyNellie McKay.. and it also has Cyndi Lauper singing..

    so i decided that I wanted to write out the lyrics of this song since I can't find them anywhere.. if you can figure out any of the spots where I have ?? then please contribute or if I heard completely wrong at any point please correct.

    So Cyndi's parts are in bold and nellie's parts are in italics with unknown or both just in normal text

    *phone ringing and woman saying "hello"*

    Sewed everything they said, together in a thread
    Repeating in my mind each word like a rhyme
    Like a penny seranade, looking through his song
    He said the record's .. (??)

    You never stayed at first, could never commit the time
    Ignored all the quirks, but he still did the crime
    And when he goes away i know you'll call and cry

    And when he calls up to tell, now i'm gonna cry

    But i know you're mine when you're on the line

    Is it something i said?

    Would you let him walk away?

    Got it stuck in my head!

    Don't you hear a word i say?

    Is it something i said?

    Every night the same old moan,
    It's AAAHHH, and waiting 'til my joe comes home

    "Everytime he asks me how i feel, when i tell him, the phone goes dead"

    I'm the queen of qvc
    You're leaning on my ear
    Me and the world and me, though the connection isn't clear
    Like my ink sputs 78's (??), convenient when you're low

    Feel like an antelope on a nature show, guess i gotta go

    .. chorus

    Everytime we're on the phone, it's AAAHHH

    Cast away romance

    What's it gonna take?

    No knights with shiny armor
    Try a different dance

    Oh, i'm a real bee charmer

    Well i schooled (??) and scratched to make him stay
    But he don't want to know from me
    Why that old alley cat, he runs away

    Lock the door and lose the key


    Every night the same trombone


    Let's forget (???) romance, with knights in shiny armor

    comment on the idea of the song, lyrics, whatever