• How I Found My Top 20 Artists

    Fev 27 2013, 0h56

    소녀시대 - My friend Amy linked me to The Boys and well the rest is history.

    Lady Gaga - I mean she kinda blew up so big everyone knew about her, and I didn't like her through The Fame but then The Fame Monster came out and I loved her.

    Madonna - Austin Powers -The Spy Who Shagged Me.

    Rihanna - On the radio I think, I dont remeber.

    Nicki Minaj - I can't remeber where, how or why, but it was when she was just getting popular, i found her mixtape and loved it.

    Glee Cast - Lets pretend this isn't here

    Perfume - I think through the K-Pop fandom.

    Lana Del Rey - Omg this is so funny because I HATED her but then I forced myself to listen to her album and omfg COLA

    Beyoncé - Beyoncé

    RuPaul - When I was getting into Androgynous things and stuff I found her.

    Azealia Banks - She blew up on Tumblr big style

    Kylie Minogue - She was one of my childhood heros

    2NE1 - After SNSD / K-Pop Fandoms

    SHINee - ^

    Mary J. Blige - My mom would play her a lot and i was like !!!!

    f(x) - kpop fandoms

    Aaliyah - My sister played her a lot and then i found her when i was a teenager and i was like !!!!

    Britney Spears - childhood hero

    Ke$ha - Everyone was taking the piss saying she was terrible so i listened to her and i was like hey this bitch is cool

    Kazaky - I think I was looking at men in heels and they came up when they didn't even have 10,000 plays on their video in the middle. perf.