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Jan 15 2012, 12h56

By: midrose

A month ago you could breifly find something out about new german-brazil band called PARADISE INC. on our website. Potential, brilliance, a message – those were some words I mentioned regarding them and their debut album „Time“ in my review. High rating and unflagging curiosity for background information couldn´t have resulted in any other way then making the interview. The singer Carsten Lizard Schulz brings to you - as a little "post-Christmas present" - answers to many questions based not only on my former review.

(Česká verze zde)

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you for your excellent album called „Time“! It was a real pleasure for me to cheer me up by listening to it and as a consequence of it, I had to evaluate the album with 8,5 points and then I had to make an interview with you too :) So my first question is this one: how was the response to this debut in general?

Thanx indeed, really appreciate your words. Well, most reviewers kind of liked the record, some in fact were pretty enthusiastic.

Our readers may not know how your band was formed, what is the story behind this all... Could you tell us a little bit about the birth of PARADISE INC.?

Well, more than two years ago, I received a call by my good friend Paul Logue of EDEN’S CURSE. He was to produce the debut album of a Brazilian AOR band, but they needed a singer. He sent me a few tracks to listen to, and I instantly loved it! So, I was in. That’s more or less it :)

Before talking about the album itself, I want to start by describing the cover of “Time“. I really love it. Firstly, it looks quite simple but when you look at it carefully, you start exploring all the levels, elements and symbols... and you become to be absolutely lost in it. Who is the master of it all and how are you and other members of PARADISE INC. satisfied with this work?

The album cover is absolutely awesome! Our guitarist De Grigo is a brillant graphic designer, in fact, I was working with him before. It was all his idea. The guy’s excellent. By the way, the album will have a different cover on the Brazil release, but equally killer!

While reading some information mentioned on booklet of your new album, I couldn’t believe that you all are creators of lyrics! It’s usual in all bands in the world that there is always one person who writes lyrics (or, sometimes, there is another person who occasionally helps the main composer by writing one or two songs maximum). But how is it possible that all the members of PARADISE INC. are behind this writing process?

I can only speak for myself. Most of the songs had already been written, when I joined in, but I did change a few things here and there, as well as contributing one more song to the album, „I Will Wait“, which I had written with Robby Boebel (FRONTLINE) years ago. I guess, this is what makes the album. If you only have one songwriter, some albums, not all in fact, tend to get a bit boring from all the same style, whereas in PARADISE INC, with many different guys involved, everything’s gets a bit more divers and interesting.

On your own, you wrote a song called “I Will Wait“ which I described as being exceptional especially for the guitar riffs in my review. It’s not a cliché, I really get cold shivers going down my back while listening to this piece of music. Could you tell me something about the history of this song, some “behind the scene“ facts? And maybe some of your own feelings about “I Will Wait“?

Thanx again for your kind words. „I Will Wait“ in fact is a leftover from the first EVIDENCE ONE album, which I co-wrote with Robby Boebel. As we back then decided not to take any ballads on EVIDENCE ONE records, I guess mainly because Robby from his FRONTLINE days was completely fed up with doing ballads, we skipped the song. Nevertheless, it stuck in my mind for years, and a couple years later, I presented it to my friend Steffen Seeger of MIDNITE CLUB, and he started working on it, too. When I was working with PARADISE INC, I sent the track over to Brazil, and they liked it a lot. I’m happy that it’s finally out after ten years.

I know that it’s always a hard question but, personally, which song do you like the most?

Well, difficult, but I have to say, „Set Me Free“. It was the first song, I recorded for the boys, and the one that really kicked me.

I consider “Not In Paradise“ as the best and the strongest song on the album. How would you describe the cooperation with Doogie White?

That again was an idea of Paul Logue, who was working with Doogie a couple times before. In fact, I didn’t know, he was singing, until the boys all of a sudden sent over a duet version with Doogie of the song.

My impression is that “Time“ is quite melancholic. There are about four real ballads and other songs are also quite blue; the same with already mentioned cover artwork which seems to be poetic and dreamy... Was it an intention to present your band in this light?

Again, I can only speak for myself, but that melancholic sort of overall athmosphere was, what kicked me the most, when I first listened to the band’s sound. They weren’t like the typical „happy happy“ Melodic Rockers, there was way more depths in their songs, more feel than the average AOR band.

PARADISE INC. was formed in Brazil but you’re German. Do you currently live in Brazil or how do you cope with the distance you need to reach?

Nope, I’m still living in Germany, but thanx to the allmighty internet, things are not too difficult... ;)

What about the near future of the band? Any concerts, new songs...?

We’re currently cutting and producing a documentary for a bonus DVD of the Brazil release of „Time“ out next February. ...and then start working on album #2!

The next question might seem a litttle bit strange to you but anyway... Time, what does it mean for you in general, in a philosophical point of view maybe? And how do you like to spend it?

Listen to the very first line of the lyrics:“Takes more than a second to make a dicision, because what you wish for, can change your whole life!“ There’s so much truth in this little phrase. Most times, it’s the little things in life, that change everything, not the plans, you might have made for years, so sometimes you have to be careful, what you decide in a split second.

You have the official Facebook page, the official Twitter page too, then MySpace of course etc. But the fact is that on your Twitter, there is no tweet at all :) That’s the reason why I’d like to ask you if you consider the new modern social networks and all these stuffs as important for musicians and bands? It looks like you don’t care about social networks as much when you haven’t tweeted yet so far :)

Haha, well, me personally, I’m not on Twitter, but I have to ask the boys, who’s in charge for the Twitter page. Facebook on the other hand is something, I consider to be very important. Not only do I have the chance to get in contact with my fans directly, buut also businesswise it’s a brillant thing. Especially since the band members in PARADISE INC live on two sides of the globe – with Facebook, it gets way easier to communicate.

And of course, it’s Christmas time and the end of the year: this is the reason why I have to ask you what this period of year means to you, how and with whom or where you spend those days?

I always spend Christmas with my wife and family. That’s absolutely important for me – and it’s been wonderful as usual.

What did you get as Christmas presents?

Wine, tea and underwear ;)

What would you wish yourself and PARADISE INC. for the next year? And what would you wish all your new fans and readers of Volumemax?

I hope to start working on the second album pretty soon and get it out more quickly than the first one. In fact, I recorded my parts in late 2009, so it took two years to get „Time“ out. Hopefully, we’ll be quicker with the next one.
Nothing but a rocking 2012! And: Like I always say, don’t believe the critics, listen by yourselves. ...and if you you like, what you hear, don’t download on torrents, buy an album. It might not make a huge difference for the big bands, but for small bands, it’s hugely important.

Thank you very much for your time and for your “Time“! ;) And of course, with all the reviewers and editors of Volumemax, I wish you Happy New Year 2012 and good luck to you and all the members of PARADISE INC.!

Thank you very much – God bless you.
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