• Top 15 Meme

    Jul 23 2006, 17h20

    This is the thing where I list my top 15 artists along with the song I heard first by them, and the song I love by them. Yay, so here we go:

    1. The Receiving End of Sirens:
    First: "Planning a Prison Break"
    Love: "...Then I Defy You, Stars"

    2. Thrice:
    First: "Artist in the Ambulance"
    Love: "For Miles"

    3. Cartel:
    First: "Honestly"
    Love: "City Never Sleeps"

    4. Somerset:
    First: "House of Knives"
    Love: "The Tragedy of Christopher Needs"

    5. Incubus:
    First: "Stellar"
    Love: "Echo"

    6. Gatsby's American Dream:
    First: "Theatre"
    Love: "Speaker for the Dead"

    7. Circa Survive:
    First: "Handshakes at Sunrise"
    Love: "Stop the (Fuckin') Car"

    8. The Dear Hunter:
    First: "Where the Road Parts"
    Love: "Black Sandy Beaches"

    9. The Fall of Troy:
    Love: "Mouths Like Sidewinder Missles"

    10. Hot Hot Heat:
    First: "Talk to Me, Dance With Me"
    Love: "Jingle Jangle"

    11. Dropping Daylight:
    First: "Brace Yourself"
    Love: "Tell Me"

    12. Gorillaz:
    First: "Clint Eastwood"
    Love: "DARE"

    13. 30 Seconds to Mars:
    First: "Capricorn (A Brand New Name)"
    Love: "Attack"

    14. Look What I Did:
    First: "The Soiree"
    Love: "Cupid Full of Eros"

    15. Acceptance:
    First: "This Conversation is Over"
    Love: "So Contagious"
  • Lyrics game

    Jul 5 2006, 18h39

    Post the first line from 20 randomized songs from your music player, no matter how embarassing. Then people guess the artist and blah blah blahhh... Songs in bold have been guessed correctly

    1. I’ve had more than my share of girlfriends
    2. Please don't mind what I'm trying to say cause I'm, I'm being honest
    3. The heat here makes me want to leave
    4. Wake, stand and feel your worth
    5. Set against the mountainside
    6. I've tried, I've tried so hard to keep this alive
    7. You are my only girl, but you're not my owner girl
    8. Dont say a word
    9. To get up and walk away would be too easy
    10. I heard a word from "on high"
    11. Lady picture show, she hides behind the bedroom door
    12. How long before I get in
    13. Underneath the gun infront of waiting eyes
    14. Yeah, I've been to Jupiter
    15. Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
    16. Beaches make the sand white
    17. Interrupt this call
    18. We move for all mankind, a million miles from everything we've ever known
    19. One hoped they’d break the patent when they die cast me in stride
    20. Was it you who spoke the words that things would happen but not to me

    Jason Mraz (2), Thrice (2), Gatsby's American Dream (2), The Receiving End of Sirens, Hot Hot Heat, Circa Survive, The Fall of Troy, Incubus (2), Cartel, Stone Temple Pilots, Coldplay, Element Eighty, Story of the Year, Dropping Daylight (2), 30 Seconds to Mars