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Abr 18 2006, 13h32

To distract myself from doing work today, I have been exploring my roots a bit and checking out some Filipino indie bands!

So far i've listened to:

Sheila And The Insects - suprisingly a very British sounding band, but if you read up about them, they reject trying to sound British, must just be coincidence - Likin' their sound anyway!

Parokya Ni Edgar - this band covers a diverse set of styles, from relaxing acoustic seranades, Indie rock, to punk and even a funk song (Parokya Ni Edgar - First Day Funk)! Ace!

Up Dharma Down - relaxing, soulful, upbeat, jazzy - the lead singer has a beautiful voice.

My only issue now is that they sound great, but I've no idea what the lyrics mean as my mom never taught me Tagalog (grr).

So, I think my next task should be to learn Tagalog!


  • smartsimpleton

    good idea. curses are always a fun area to start with. =p

    Abr 28 2006, 3h36
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