Another Quiz, But Different!


Nov 29 2008, 1h28

iQUIZ v2

What kind of iPod do you have?: iPod Nano
How many songs are in your iPod?: 500+
What song are you listening to right now?: Crazy In Love

Put your songs in alphabetical order:

What is the first song?: A&E
What is the last song?: 1973

Put the songs in album order:

What is the first song?: Beautiful Liar
What is the last song?: 4 Minutes

Put the songs in artist order:

What is the first song?: Chasing Pavements
What is the last song?: Heartbreaker

Put the songs in time order:

What is the first song?: Bionic woman
What is the last song?: Yes

Put the songs in genre order:

What is the first song?: Life in Technicolor
What is the last song?: All This Beauty

Put it in shuffle:

What is the first song?: Touch My Body
2nd?: I Can Be
10th?: Listen
50th?: Tiered of being sorry
100th?: The One
200th?: Girlfriend
250th?: All Dressed Up In Love

Top 10 most played songs:

1.: Womanizer
2.: Keeps Gettin' Better
3.: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
4.: The Promise
5.: 4 Minutes
6.: Shut Up and Let Me Go
7.: The Loving Kind
8.: Ray of Light
9.: If I Were A Boy
10.: Toxic

Top 10 5-Star Songs
1.: Yeah Yeah
2.: Girls
3.: 10, 000 Nights
4.: So What (Bimbo Jones Remix)
5.: Dirrty
6.: Don't Stop Movin'
7.: All Good Things (Come to an End)
8.: Broken Strings
9.: Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Greg Kurstin Remix)
10.: Miles Away

Put a song beginning with this letter.
0-9: 2 Become 1
A: About You Now
B: Beware Of The Dog
C: Come on Over
D: Don't Stop the Music
E: Easy
F: Forever
G: Greatest Day
H: Hey There Delilah
I: I Kissed a Girl
J: Just Fine
K: Kitty Kat
L: Love Is a Losing Game
M: Mercy
N: Never Miss a Beat
O: Open Your Eyes
P: Pumpkin Soup
Q: Question Existing
R: Ring The Alarm
S: Say You'll Be There
T: Tattoo
U: Underneath
V: Viva Forever
W: Walkaway
X: None
Y: You Know I'm No Good
Z: None

Random Questions

How long have you had your iPod?: 1 year
Does if have a crapload of scratches on it?: Yeah, shame
What is your most favorite song of all time?: No Air
What is your favorite foreign language song?: Sunday Girl
What's the most embarassing song that you have?: The Winners Song
Pop or Hip Hop?: Pop
Rock or Rap?: Rock
R&B or Alternative?: R&B
Classical or Jazz?: Jazz
Dance or Reggae?: Dance
New Age or Techno?: Techno
Country or Blues?: Country
Folk or Latin?: Folk
Annoying theme songs or annoying children's songs?: Theme Songs
Macarena or Chicken Dance?: Macarena
YMCA or Cha Cha Slide?: Cha Cha Slide

Artist VS. Artist (you HAVE to pick one or you're going to hell)

Ashlee or Jessica?: Ashlee Simpson
Britney or Christina?: Christina Aguilera
Hilary or Lindsay?: Hilary Duff
Avril or JoJo?: Avril Lavigne
Shakira or JLo?: Jennifer Lopez
Beyonce or Ciara?: Beyoncé
Gwen or No Doubt?: Gwen Stefani
Beyonce or Destiny's Child?: Beyonce
Eminem or 50 Cent?: Eminem
G-Unit or D12?: D12
Chris Brown or Usher?: Chris Brown
Justin Timberlake or Nick Lachey?: Justin Timberlake
Panic! At the Disco or Fall Out Boy?: Fall Out Boy
Simple Plan or The All-American Rejects?: The All-American Rejects
Black Eyed Peas or The Click Five?: Black Eyed Peas
No Doubt or The Pussycat Dolls?: The Pussycat Dolls
Blink- 182 or Green Day?: Blink-182
New Green Day or Old Green Day?: New
KISS or Beatles?: Beatles
Maroon 5 or Yellowcard?: Maroon 5

What's your favorite song of all time?: Viva Forever
Artist?: Spice Girls
Album?: Spice World
Genre?: Pop

What's your least favorite song of all time?: Don't Call This Love
Artist?: Leon Jackson
Album?: Right Now
Genre?: Pop

Isn't Panic! At the Disco the best band ever?: No
Ever been to a concert?: Yes
If so, who did you see?: Madonna
What's the difference between rock and alternative?: Rock is a lot more harder than alternative
MTV, VH1, or Fuse?: VH1
Soundtracks or Mixed Tapes?: Mixed Tapes
Pay 99 cents for a song or download illegally?: 79p
Borrow your friend's CD's, buy it yourself, or download it?: Buy It
What's wrong with downloading illegally anyway?: People lose out on money
Why did you take this survey?: Bored I Guess


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