Mar 8 2012, 10h00

My recommendations are
32Crash :Wumpscut: ASP Absurd Minds Accessory Agonoize And One Angels & Agony Armageddon Dildos Assemblage 23 C-Tec Cat Rapes Dog Cephalgy Cobalt 60 Code 64 Colony 5 Covenant Decoded Feedback Destroid Die Krupps Dismantled Down Below Edge of Dawn Eisbrecher Frozen Plasma Funker Vogt Haujobb Heimataerde Hocico Icon of Coil In Strict Confidence KMFDM Leæther Strip Mind.In.A.Box Nachtmahr Namnambulu Neuroticfish Noise Unit Painbastard Pride and Fall Seabound Skinny Puppy Solitary Experiments Spetsnaz Staubkind Stromkern Terminal Choice Tyske Ludder Unheilig & Project Pitchfork X-Marks the Pedwalk


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