Wolves in the Throne Room at the Crocodile


Jan 19 2012, 6h14

Last night I saw Wolves in the Throne Room at the Crocodile in Seattle. Due to the heavy snow warning I was pondering skipping the show but as 8:00pm rolled around the snow hadn't shown up yet. I was going to be taking my 4WD Dodge Dakota so I figured I might as well give it a shot. Good choice because the snow didn't actually show up until this morning.

The opening act was black metal trio Druden. I thought they were very solid, especially the drumming. Next was local music collective Master Musicians of Bukkake. I'd heard a lot about them and I own their Totem One album but this was the first time I've seen them live. I was really impressed by the extreme diversity of styles they employ. I think there is some informal connection between them and Sun City Girls which isn't at all surprising. I'll be picking up another album or two by them eventually.

The Wolves' set was awesome. I love how they were able to put me in a head nodding trance by the sheer force of their musical onslaught. Several times I caught myself just closing my eyes and swaying to the drone. But I guess there wasn't much to see anyway since the stage lighting was minimal - candles, a few lights around the drums and small blue lasers mounted on the Weaver brothers' guitars. After the show I picked up a Two Hunters shirt to add to my collection.

The only minor issue for me was the crowd. They didn't seem to be as into it as much as I was. As I was waiting in line to pick up my ticket, a woman in front of me said to the guy she was with "I can't believe I have to pay fifteen bucks to see fucking Wolves in the Throne Room". I noticed quite a few people during the show had their smart phones out texting (it was hard to miss those bright white lights in the crowd). Also when the Wolves played their last song the crowd seemed more interested in getting out of the place quickly than showing their appreciation. Oh well. As I said - minor issue. Overall it was a great experience.

Duane Harkness


  • ConsumerComrade

    Thanks for the comment Ack. I know what you mean about expensive tickets. Yesterday a friend asked if I wanted to see Motörhead and Megadeth with him next month. I haven't been to an 'arena' event in years (I prefer small venues). I checked ticket prices and the cheapest are $120. That's an awful lot of money. I may go anyway because it would be fun to see Lemmy and I'm curious what a post-arm-injury and post-born-again Dave Mustaine is like.

    Jan 26 2012, 11h36
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