Imprecation - Jehovah Denied


Abr 21 2012, 21h59

Imprecation - Jehovah Denied

Much like spinoff bands Blaspherian and Morbus 666, and fellow old school death metal worshippers War Master, Imprecation makes violent death metal that is not especially fast so much as it is varied in dynamic and tempo. These songs approach like a vaporous ghost, then enclose the listener and then clench them into tight sequences of dark cadence. Simple power chord riffs fit together like an apocalyptic Jenga puzzle and bring the listener through labyrinthine contortions to a place of inner clarity and, quite honestly, Satanic hatred.

  1. Imprecation - Jehovah Denied (Examiner)
  2. Imprecation - Jehovah Denied (


  • ultramarine12

    But IMPRECATION predates all said bands, and BLASPHERIAN stems from IMPRECATION actually... but anyways, their new stuff fucking rules and so does the old stuff

    Out 23 2012, 10h01
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