Demoncy - Enthroned is the Night


Mar 9 2012, 4h25

This punchy CD is a lot like Empire of the Fallen Angel done up in Joined in Darkness style. It attempts to be more "musical" and less pure chromatic than JID, which is probably Demoncy's peak, and its lengthier single-string riffs call to mind what Profanatica did with Profanatita de Domonatia. Its weakness is that its patterns are sometimes too obvious, being built on basic harmony and two-part riffs in which the second is an obvious complement to the first. However, over repeated listens these deficiencies fade to the background. There's a lot more classic death metal in this as well, giving it a voice of its own that is pure dark evil stuff that rushes at you and then melody comes out of it. As a result, it's ahead of the pure rhythm department bands like Angelcorpse or Grave, although many of its riffs resemble those as well. Drumming may be slightly overstated. Vocals are evil as always and production seems good, capturing the spacious emptiness and yet filling it with roaring sound. Better than almost anything released over these last two years, and while not perhaps on par with JID, very little is and JID II would make us all feel queasy like hookers given free blow in exchange for a buddy hook-up. I look forward to listening to this even more, which for me is a total rarity with any metal discs at this late date for the moribund and decomposing genre.,15544.0.html

This requires more listens but so far quite impressed as you can see. It joins the new Impiety and most recent Apocalypse Command in my recent listening stack.

Of interest to fans of:

* Demoncy
* Profanatica
* Havohej
* Incantation
* Revenant


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