• New Computer.

    Jun 9 2007, 5h28

    At last, I've got a new computer. It's a refurbished 2006 MacBook (so I got like 25% off). It's much better than my old G3 iBook or rented Acer. And I didn't just get it because I'm dumb and Macs are shiny - I know my way around it much more than a PC (this will be my sixth Macintosh at home). But come on, Photo Booth is a nice bonus.

    So expect my stats to go up back to normal....but for now I'm leaving on a sailing trip...laterrrr.
  • In response to my weird stats...

    Out 25 2006, 3h04

    Yeah. So my stats are a little wacky, mostly because the computer where I have all my music is not my main computer. Basically all of my songs are from and others. I'm hopefully going to be able to move a lot of music over soon.